The Night the Stars Fell



Conquest was exciting. It caused the blood in his veins to boil and spark. He watched as the humans ran for their lives. A technician punched in a code and they released their newest weapon. He wanted to kill them all, slowly that is. It wouldn't do any good to kill them fast. Red needed to show to the Irkens that he was still leader. Hiscrimson eyes glowered at the beings below. He would show them that no one humiliated him and lived to tell. Red chuckled as the chemicals entered earth's atmosphere. He could see the animals already dying.

His eyes strayed to a screen and he noted the status. Earth was slowly dying because of his weapon. The humans would have no sun because it would not penetrate the darkness he would cast. There would be no water because he would defile it. He would rape the planet of everything. His grin fell when he noticed a barrier go up around a certain area. Red's confidence returned and he laughed at their pathetic attempt for survival. The armada had already disabled their communications. It was only a matter of time before his plans would come true.

"Why don't we just blow them up?" Purple questioned with a bored gaze.

"Because," Red coldly began, "I want them to suffer."

"Someone's being petty," Purple snorted.

"If I am to have absolute power then I will be petty if I have to," Red sternly said.

"This is boring," Purple yawned.

"Then perhaps the labs will amuse you," Red darkly spoke.

"Labs? What are you planning?" Purple suspiciously questioned.

"Perfection, I am planning perfection," Red whispered.

"That's stupid, we're already perfect," Purple mumbled.

"You don't see it, but I do," Red growled.

"See what?" Purple questioned as he raised an antenna in confusion.

"The imperfection of our race," Red stated as he glared out the window.

"I think you're paranoid," Purple grumbled.

"There's still defects in our Paks. We can't survive on earth because of the human's water and food." Red growled. "How can we expect to conquer the universe if we are weak against such little things?"

"You're just being dramatic," Purple sighed.

"No, I am going to make us perfect. If I can do this then no one will question my power," Red fervently spoke as his fingers curled in and he fisted his hands.

"What are you planning to do?" Purple warily questioned.

"We need to make our race stronger…we need new DNA," Red replied.

"You've never been one for science," Purple mumbled.

"If we can add new DNA, then we will evolve into perfection. Imagine having no weaknesses," Red sighed.

"And the humans?" Purple questioned.

"They are nothing, but the test subjects," Red carelessly replied.

"Idon't likeDNA," Purple stated.

"I will take the best of every race and create our perfect Irken," Red finished.

"Then it won't be Irken," Purple pointed out.

"You're right, it will be a perfect Irken," Red said as he looked to Purple.

Purple sighed and floated away from Red. He decided that Red was too caught up in his idea of 'perfection.' Purple rolled his eyes at the thought. Red was just going to screw up their race more then what it was. Purple left the room and scowled, it seemed he would have to work harder. Purple didn't like work; he despised it because he had to work his way up to scientist. When he had gained the position of Tallest he had never wanted to work again. Purple moved his arm back and scratched the area around his Pak. He hated his Pak; it reminded him that he was trapped in this life.

Purple floated back to his quarters and locked the door. His violet eyes searched the room for any transmitters. When he was sure no one was watching he reached behind his back. His hands gripped the Pak and he pulled it off. He tossed it to the bed and gazed down at it. In ten minutes, he was supposed to die. He waited and soon the death that all Irkens expected never came. Purple glared at the Pak and sat on his bed. The time to act was coming soon; he could taste it.

'Stupid Pak,' Purple thought as he flicked it.

He couldn't remember much, but he did remember the night he received his Pak. It wasn't normal like most Irkens. They received theirs at birth, but he had received his a few years after. All he remembered was Tallest Miyuki explaining to the scientists to have a Pak commissioned. He was about one when the Pak was first placed upon him. It didn't do anything serious to him. Purple remembered the pain that pulsed in his head from all the information that was downloaded into him. Tallest Miyuki had warned him to never remove the Pak. He was then sent to train with the other Irkens in Irk.

Purple floated over to the small window. All of earth was covered in flames. Bodies littered the streets as Invaders marched to the beat of destruction. It would be more beautiful if he cared, but he didn't. Purple had spent his time thinking about perfection and he found the idea to be just that, an idea. There was no reality in it. His eyes strayed back to the Pak and he found his reality. He wondered how Irkens would react if they no longer needed the Paks. Purple sighed and flattened his antennae. He wondered about the possibilities.

'So many wonders,' Purple mused.

He picked up the Pak and grimaced as it attached to him. The wires wrapped around his spine and connected to his brain. He would just have to go out and play stupid for just a bit more, at least until he could get his plan in action. He wanted the Irkens to be perfect, mindless drones seemed to be boring. A leader could not have a proper empire if all cowered in fear and hid in terror. The people of the empire would be to fearful to work.He wondered if Red knew this. Purple figured not and floated off.

Nighttime is supposed to be a time where you rest, where your mind can wander away from the horrors of reality. The monsters in the night used to be those of myth and legends. They were never real…or supposed to be real. In the night, thousands gathered in the streets to watch. The stars blinked as if shedding their tears. Thousands of ships entered the atmosphere and they all stared in awe. The message they had received had not been the one they expected.

A green light illuminated the sky and quickly cut off any power. Weapons were disabled and communication was lost. The ships sent out another laser that quickly cleansed the world of all government. Screams erupted as thousands ran for cover. Many just stood out in the streets as they watched the inevitable. Thousands of Invaders were beamed to earth. When they arrived on earth that's when the rest of the human race ran away screaming. Their anguished cries could be heard throughout the night. Many rethought their way thinking.

Questions were raised as they ran for their lives. Most asked why god had let this happen. Another group questioned what had humans done to deserve this. All were in disbelief; they had believed themselves to be the most intelligent. There wasn't supposed to be anything out in the universe that was smarter then them. Humans were on the top of the food chain. If humans were so great, then why were they running for their lives?

"Let's get to the underground base," Zim growled as he grabbed Gaz.

Her amber eyes watched the destruction in slight awe and fear. Fire exploded from one of the Invaders and she wondered if Red had taken her advice. Gir ran into the base with Mini-moose. Zim tightly gripped her arm and pulled her into the house. The door slammed shut and blocked her view from the destruction.

"My father…" Gaz mumbled.

"Is probably dead," Zim finished as he activated the elevator.

He pushed her onto the elevator and held onto her. Zim didn't want to chance her running away from him. Gaz watched at the front door was blown off the hinges as they descended. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as they made it safely underground.

"What's up?" Skoodge questioned as he watched Gaz angrily pull away from Zim. She stomped away and took a seat at a small table.

"The Armada has come, " Zim simply answered.

"What are your orders?" Skoodge questioned as he stood up on his chair and saluted.

"Try to contact the Dib-beast on Zeta," Zim ordered in confusion.

"Yes sir!" Skoodge said as he began to get to work.

Zim frowned and turned his gaze to Gaz. Mini-Moose squeaked and she ignored him. Gir was sitting next her staring at her, and she ignored them all. Zim hoped that she wasn't going into another dark stage. She had just begun to open up a bit. Zim deeply frowned and marched over to her. He reached up and tilted her head so she could squint at him.

"Everything…will be alright," Zim awkwardly said.

"No it won't," Gaz stated.

"All transmissions are being blocked," Skoodge announced.

"Lock onto the Membrane residence!" Zim demanded.

"The power's out because my house isn't there anymore," Gaz calmly stated.

Zim gritted his teeth in anger. He wasn't good at human emotions; sympathy was one thing he was still learning. Gaz's emotions were another thing that confused him too. Her emotions were a bit stranger then human emotions. She really didn't show that many which made it even harder for Zim to comfort her.

"There is no Membrane residence," Skoodge softly said as an image appeared on the screen.

Gaz looked over Zim's shoulder and gazed at the screen. Her house no longer existed. Fire blazed over the ruins that were once her house. She felt her hand squeeze the chair in anger. Zim let his hand fall to her shoulder and he squeezed it in support. Gaz didn't know whether to cry or scream. She continued to gaze at the screen and found her hatred for the Irkens grow. She usually hated everyone equally, but now they were on her top priority. There would be no mercy or toying with them.

On this night, all humans would mark this as the night the stars fell and destroyed everything. It would be the night forever loathed, a night where everything changed.

Author's Note:
Xenocide means the destruction of a foregin or alien race
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