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Chapter 1

The sun is shining.

I watch it. Silent.

In a room I don't know. I've never seen it before...or?

It's strange to me.

The sun is beautiful...warm...and peaceful.

A little animal is sitting in a tree, outside of the window.

It starts singing. The melody is nice, but I don't recognise it.

This animal...this bird...yeah, that is a bird, I remember the name.

I have seen them before.


I raise my hands. They are strange to me; I move them, they are definitely my hands, but...


Sometimes a man in a white jacket comes in and asks me how I feel.

He's a doctor. I am happy that I knew this

But I don't know many things. For example, I don't know where I am.

I don't remember my birthday.

I don't even know my name.

That frightens me. I feel so helpless!

I have lost my memory.

The doctor says that it will come back with the time.

But I want my memories back right now!!!

They tell me things about me...many things...

I want to cry, but I can't.


They visited me again. Two people, man and woman, and a girl.

They are supposed to be my parents.

Parents....I remember this word, but I don't remember the people. They are strangers to me. The woman cried all the time, and the mans said things in a worried tone.

The girl, who seemed to be my sister, called me a stupid idiot – but in her eyes I saw tears.

When I asked her why she was crying, she only sobbed louder.

I didn't know what to say. I wished they would stay away- they don't help me, they even make me more confused.

I asked them why they visit me. The woman only said: "We are your parents – we love you."
I am wondering if I am the wrong person. Because I don't remember anyone who said to me: "I love you."

But I remember nothing, so maybe that's okay.


The days are boring – in the morning I have to wake up, then there is breakfast. I eat in a room with other children...


Another word I remember. I am a child, too. I am eleven years old – they told me.

And my name...Daisuke...

That's my name...really?

They call me Davis. Maybe because it is shorter. No idea.

But I am nameless.

Since I can't remember my name, I am nameless.

I am a nobody without memory.

You are nothing without memory! You don't know who you are...
What are the things I like?
I will find out, of course – I hope so. But it is so depressing.

Being a nobody.

Having no Family.

No friends.

I know, I have a Family, but I don't have it. I don't remember them.

I know that they are hurt because I won't recognise them. Because their son only forget his parents and his sister. I feel worried about it, but I can't change it.

I wish I could...


Yesterday some kids visited me.
They called themselves my friends. So I have friends.

I was really surprised about this fact.

They told me many things which I didn't understand. Then the blonde boy gave me his backpack. Inside of it, there was blue, puppy like creature.

It jumped outside and hugged me wildly "DAVIS!!"

I only watched and asked: "Who are you?"

Then there was silence. It seemed that everybody was shocked – and then the creature started crying like a baby: "B-But Davis...It's me, DemiVeemon. I am your friend, don't you remember me? How could you forget me??"

I got even more confused than before. This strange thing was my friend? I couldn't believe that. It was a doll, or?

"It's really bad, huh?", the blond boy said with a worried expression. "You don't remember anything? Nothing about the Digidestined? About the digital world?
About Tai, you idol?"

I only shook my head. This words were unknown for me...Digital World?

They tried to tell me, but I didn't listen anymore.

They could tell me only facts.

They couldn't tell me who I was!

"I have never seen him so serious", a girls with glasses remarked. They called her Yolei.

"In fact, I have never seen Davis serious. This is really bad!"

"He isn't very talkative, either.", the other girl spoke. "And he didn't even notice me when I entered. Poor Davis!"

Her name was Kari, I think. They told me that I had a huge crush on her. But when I see her I don't feel anything.

Have I lost my feelings, too?


My parents told me how it happened.

Because I don't remember it, how everybody knows.

I had soccer practise (so I play soccer, that's another fact which is totally new to me) and managed it to shot the ball into a big tree. When I climbed the tree, I slipped and fell down.
My head hit very badly on the ground, and I was unconscious for several hours. They brought me to the hospital.
But my memory was gone.

That's it, they stupid reason. Because I can't climb properly!

Maybe I am a failure.

But I can't stand it.

Being nobody....


How many days has it been since I woke up in this bed? How many hours which I spent thinking and reflecting about myself??
I don't know it.

But tomorrow, I'll come home. My parents will fetch me up.

I haven't found my memory yet, but my body is well, so I can go home.

Even if I don't know where this home is or how it looks.

Everybody looks as me with so...worried glances. They wanna help me and tell me details of my life.

For me it seems that I've been a real jerk sometimes. They don't tell it, but you can hear it at their voices...When they tell me that I always broke windows with my ball – or had bad marks at school – or always fought with my sister. I am not stupid.

I know that somebody who breaks windows and fights all the time isn't very popular. I wonder how I managed to find friends.

Maybe it wasn't so bad. Maybe I had my good sides, too.

One boy told me about them. His name is Ken. I think this guy likes me really and respects me as a friend. But why? He is very intelligent, nice, friendly and has a good heart.
He told me that I was his first friend ever – and that he was/is very proud to have me and the others as a friend.

Funny. Someone is happy to have me as a friend.

Perhaps I am a good friend...?


I am at home.


This word sounds just so warmly. Having a home.
But it isn't my home. I don't know where the things are.

When I entered it, I couldn't find my room.
I am in my room, but I don't know the things which are there in the cupboard – which belong to me!

The soccer ball which is rolling around on the ground. It's mine.
Soccer is a game and I don't know the rules. I would be a lousy soccer player right now.
It's better not to try it out.
The blue creature is there, too.
What was its name? DemiVeemon?
What a stupid name...nearly as stupid as Davis. I don't like them both.

DemiVeemon asks me all five minutes if I could remember him now. This guy is nerving me. I wish he would stay outside of my room.

He only eats icecream. I don't see any use in such a.....digimon.

He is very talkative and happy. I should think more positive of him. He is my friend, so I liked him.

I feel so tired, and the only thing I want to do is sleeping...

Dream...I was dreaming.
There was green.
Everything was green around me. Only one thing which shined white-black through the green leaves.
The next I saw was the ground.
It came nearer and nearer in a high speed. Then a noise: THUMB!


Voices were yelling around me. Someone shook me and screamed words into my ear.
I opened my eyes and saw shadows moving around me. Then a face who shouted something – I could see the lips moving. A boy with brown hair and eyes.
Then everything got dizzy and dark.

Again, I open my eyes. What a weird dream...
But I think it wasn't a dream. It was a memory!

"DemiVeemon?", I look for the blue creature. It is sleeping on the ground. I shake it carefully. It moans and yawns. "I have to ask you a question." "Sure, Davis, all you want", he answers sleepily and rubs his eyes.
"Do I know a tall boy with brown hair and brown eyes?" - "You mean Tai?" – "I don't know, I have only dreamed of him."
"Tai is your idol. He plays soccer and is the leader of the old Digidestined. And he gave you his goggles." - "What goggles?" "You know, the one he wear when he was in the digital World....You don't remember?" I shake my head and sigh.

But I remembered a little thing. It is only a very small piece of the memory which is hidden somewhere in my head, but it's a beginning – and it makes me feel more relieved.

Laying down, the sleep catches me again.


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