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I am running.

I don't want to hear them
I don't want to hear the questions.
I don't want to be so unsure.

My memories – do I want to have them back?

I have no idea. Will I be a jerk again?

I can trust nobody, that's the problem.

The say that they love me, but my little 'flashbacks' show different things.

They say that I had been a stupid idiot sometimes (most times).

I don't want to be an idiot.

But I can't trust them. I even can't trust myself!
How can I life without being able to trust in my memories??? many questions.

And no answers.


In the classroom of Davis' school, TK and Kari are watching the park -They watch the small shadow of Davis which disappears behind some trees.
"I feel so sorry for him.", TK says in a worried tone. "Have you seen his eyes? They aren't the same...When he smiled at me, it was like having the old Davis back. I think he doesn't realise how we all miss him."
"It makes me so sad that we can't help him.", Kari responses, "It seems to me that he avoids us. Maybe he doesn't believe us when we tell him that he's our friend. I don't know..."
"I feel the same. Perhaps I'll should go after him and talk to him."

"No, that won't help him – but...TK!" The girl gets pale and looks at her friend with horror. "What?"

"It is just that...I think I know the reason why he can't remember...why he won't find his memories. TK, maybe it is our fault!"

"How did you get that stupid idea?"

" know, we often made fun of him. We called him stupid. And I loved to play with him a little, cause his huge crush on me was really nerving. We never thought that that might hurt him...he is such a thick-skinned guy. But if it hurt him...what then?
When he doesn't want to come back because he is frightened that we will make fun of him again? That we won't accept him fully? That I will ignore him??"

TK's face got longer and longer. "I never thought of that possibility...but now, when you point it out, I feel that it could be true."

"What shall we do? What shall we only do???"


I don't know how long I have been here.



I watch the sun.

Who am I ?

Footsteps are coming nearer, and a shadow darkens the light. I look up.
There is a boy, a boy at my age. I know him. He visited me in the hospital – I think his name was Ken. He is my friend.

Is he?

"Why are you here, Davis?", his voice is full of concern.

I don't answer.

"Can I talk with you?"

"What - do you want to tell me something about the Daisuke I used to be? You can stop that. I am not this Daisuke anymore. I am someone different."

"I didn't want to talk with you about that!"

"What then?"

"It's just that – well, Davis, I can understand how you feel. But please listen to me, okay? It is really important!"

I watch this eyes, this worried, friendly eyes and finally, I nod.

"I am your friend, Davis. You can't remember me, but I do. You are confused because you don't know what you can believe. Several people tell you several things....and you cannot trust them.
It is true that you have been a jerk sometimes.
But it is also true that you have the most loveable character on this planet.
You've been the first one who was nice to me, without thinking for any use to yourself.
You liked me – and you had no reason why you did so, and that impressed me.
The first time when I met (that was the time when I was the 'Kaizer'), I looked down on you. I was full of contempt; you had no skills which I had – no, you had bad marks in school and your soccer skills weren't very fascinating, either.
In my eyes, you didn't earn it being able to visit such a great dimension like the digiworld. But you defeated me more times than I can count, and that surprised me: how could someone who was a lot of stupider than me be such a great fighter???
Later, when we had become friends, I realised it.
It isn't your brain – it is your heart. You would never give up; you risk your life for your friends and you never loose your happiness.
Davis, what I want to say is that you have to accept both sides of you:

You are Davis, the stupid, brainless, nerving jerk who quarrels around with his sister and runs after Kari; who forgets the time and comes too late; who doesn't recognise the importance and seriousness of a situation.

And you are Davis, the brave, friendly guy with a heart bigger than the ocean; the guy who rescued his friends a million times; they boy who forgave the Digimon Kaizer; the boy who loves living and enjoys every day full of happiness; they boy who earned the Crests of Friendship and Courage.

This two different sides make you special; they make you to the one you are.
And only when you accept both sides, you'll be able to find your memories."

He turned away and let me there, confused.

His words impressed me. I think that he is right. There is more than one side of me; and they all belong to me. Darkness can't exist without the light, that's it.
If I only accept one side of myself, I am only a half human.

Thank you, Ken.

You've been the first one who really helped me.


My steps are easier when I walk into our flat.
With a light smile on my face, I open the door.

"DAVIS!", the worried voice of my mother brings me back to earth. "Where have you been! I was so worried..." – "Huh...W-what?", I stammer.
"What the hell do you think, running away from school and staying away from home for hours!!! We thought you may have been hitten by a car or so!"

"Oh, I- I am sorry, but I had to talk some really important things."

I am thinking of a way to get me free from this hugging-mother-monster.

"Mom, stop that! I can't breathe..."

She looks at me with a first surprised, then happy expression.
"Oh Davis!"

"What?", she is really going on my nerves.

"You called me Mom! YOU CALLED ME MOM! The first time since this don't know how good it is to hear this familiar words again from your mouth..."

She hugs me again, this time with tears of Joy.

"Okay, Mom, but I don't have my full memory now, so could you please stop that? I definitely don't like this!"

I sigh relieved when I finally managed it to enter my room – without a hugging Mom.
Somehow I am really happy about her reaction. That shows me how much my parents care about me. And that gives me the strong will to keep searching.
I won't accept it to be nameless anymore!


I jump in horror when a tiny creature crashes into me, hugging me to death. Boy, this day must be a hugging day! Do I look like a doll or what?

"Davis, you are finally back!", sobs DemiVeemon, with tears in his eyes.

"What do you mean 'I am back' – I haven't found my memories yet. So it's no party time...not yet."

"I didn't mean this...your eyes!"

"Huh? What's wrong with them?"

"They are the eyes I've known for a long time – the eyes of the old Davis. You've came back Davis, you have found yourself! Perhaps your memories are still missing, but you are Davis, and that is the really important thing."

"Maybe you are right, DemiVeemon."

I set my little partner on the ground and walk towards the desk. They have to be somewhere...

"What are you searching?"

...where did I put them...ah, yes!

"My goggles!", I turn around to my friend and present them proudly.
"I told you that I would wear them when I have found myself. Well, I did it, with your help and the help of all my friends."

I see the small smile in his eyes, which grows bigger and bigger.

"And finally you said that they suit me – well, I must impress the girls, mustn't I?"

"Of course!", is the prompt reply, and we both start giggling. It feels so good...I didn't I notice it...I didn't laugh since that accident....and that's nearly two months away.


This night I am dreaming some weird stuff.

The room is warm and nice. There is a window and a big, black door. I look through the window.
Outside, there are many children. I recognise my friends – Kari, TK, Cody, Yolei and Ken.
The are running around in the warm sunshine, laughing. My parents are there, too, and Jun who runs after an older, blond boy. This must be TK's brother, Matt. And Tai is there, too, I recognise him from my dream.
I wanna be with them, so I try to open the window.
But it is locked, and I am not strong enough to break the glass. They all look so happy; I want to play with them, talk, laugh with them.
It is so lonely inside this room.
"Why do you want to break the window?", a voice sounds from the door. "I think all you wanted was your peace? Now you have it. You can stay here alone, where it is warm and safe. The others won't nerve or hurt you. They won't call you stupid and brainless."
I search for the owner of this voice, but the only thing I see is the dark door.
"It is right that that were my wishes.", I turn around, "but my wishes have changed.
I have accepted myself, and I don't want to be alone. I am not the person who can live alone. I need the others. I need my parents and my sister, even when she is always fighting me. I need my friends, even when they call me stupid sometimes. I need soccer, even if I am not the best player – it's just that I love it. And I need DemiVeemon as the best friend I have ever had. I want to live with them!"
"I am glad that you've finally found your way.", The shadow disappears and DemiVeemon steps through the door. "I am proud of you, Davis. You have managed to find the old 'Daisuke' without help!"
"No, not without help!", I smile, "EVERYBODY helped me!"
He smiles back and points towards the window: "Then let us open this window now. Let us open the port to your memories."
"But I can't open it!"
"You alone can't, but I am helping you! Together we can defeat everyone, don't you remember?"

"No big deal."
With all our power, we try to break the window.
I and my friend.
The best and most loyal partner under all digimons.
And finally, the window breaks, broken pieces flying around us, glittering in the sun.
I climb out and run towards my friends and my family.
They are all there, waving to me, waiting for me.

I am back!

The next day:

When I wake up, I notice that all my memories had come back.

Every single detail.

My childhood with Jun(always fighting)

My first journey in the digiworld

My crush on Kari

My fights with TK

My soccer experiences

My parents....Mom and Dad

My life.

I'm not nameless anymore!

I have found my name. It is Davis, and it reflects the two very different sides of me.
I will accept both of them, it will be difficult, but I know that I can be strong enough to handle this.
I am Davis! World, be prepared, the goggles-boy is back!

This experience was really hard. But I have learned many things.


In such a good mood, I enter the room where my parents an my sister eat breakfast.

"Hey, you wear this stupid goggles again!", Jun shouts totally surprised.

"They aren't stupid!", is my quick response, "I know a much more stupid person who is totally crazy after a boy named Matt!"

"Don't say anything against....oh! OH! Davis...tell me the truth!", she looks at me with widened eyes: "You've found your memory, or?"

Everybody is silent.

I think properly before I give my answer: "Well, you could say so. Yes!"

"WOW!!!", she jumps high in the air and hugs me wildly. Then my parents come and join it, too. We are standing there, everybody sobbing like mad – surely a funny thing to watch.
This is the first time I like being hugged by my Family.

Of course I would like being hugged by other people, too – for example Kari. Maybe she'll do it one day?
I'll have to find out!

I am looking forward to the moment I tell them that my memory is back. They will be all so surprised!


I think it is the first time I have ever ran to school. Normally I slow down the nearer the school building is. But not today.
I have to see the others! I have to tell them that I found my memories.

And I have to say sorry that I pushed them away.

Running as fast as I can, I reach the classroom and enter it.
Kari and TK are already there (boy, I ran like this and they are still earlier than me...)

They both look up when I stop in front of their table.

"Morning Davis."

"MORNING!!!", I yell at them, waving my hands, "BIG NEWS! You won't believe it, but my memory is back! Isn't that great?!"

After a silent minute,Kari begins to smile, so TK.
"Is that true?", she nearly whispers, a single tear rolling down her face, "Oh Davis!"

With this words, she hugs me: "I have missed you so much!"
TK pats on my shoulder: "We all missed you, guy!"

Hugging day isn't over yet, huh? Well, but this hug is more comfortable than the one this morning. I am so happy.

Even if the world would explode, that wouldn't make the happiness away.

I feel like laughing all the time.

I am so lucky.

I – that's me, Davis, not a nobody, but somebody.

Love me or hate me!

But I am back!


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