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NOTE: I have no idea how old Goku was when he fought Piccolo Jr. at the 23rd Budokai, but I'm guessing he was definitely high school age, so I'm making him 16 in this story.


Goku gasped for air under the crushing grip of his nemesis Piccolo Jr. The fight was not turning out as well as he'd hoped. His SuperKamehameha had failed to make contact with the green warrior who was currently strangling him with both hands. Piccolo had been unbelievably fast and evaded the blast repeatedly, forcing Goku to use more energy than he'd wanted to to manipulate it's direction and maintain it's strength, thus dragging his endurance far beyond it's limits. By the time he realized what he had done, he was already drained and Piccolo had caught him in a death grip around his neck.

"This is the end!" Piccolo laughed menacingly, while enjoying the feeling of Goku's struggling begin to weaken.

'If only I could move my body...' Goku thought as his lungs began to sting. 'If I hit him at point blank range, there's no way he could avoid it! But I can't perform the Kamehameha without moving my hands...' Goku's thoughts became clouded in a dark haze as unconsciosness knocked at the door. Just as he was about to let it in, he was struck with an idea that he'd tossed away as a last resort and forgotten.

Piccolo's laughter was stifled as Goku breathed his last words.

"Goodbye everyone...live...long" He said, his voice barely audible.

Piccolo sensed that something strange was afoot but didn't release his grip on the noble Saiyan. He suddenly noticed that Goku's skin had become very translucent and was glowing brightly. He spaced out for a second as he thought he recognized what was about to happen. 'OH SHIT!'

Goku, with a sudden surge of energy, was able to feel his body somewhat and managed to wrap his legs around the green demons torso to prevent escape. 'I wish I had more time...there was still so much more for me to experience...even things that didn't involve martial arts...' With the passing of his final thoughts, Goku closed his eyes and self destructed.


The universe was not about to let a mistake of galactic proportion go unchecked. It didn't matter how he lived, as long as he was alive...


The feeling of weightlessness was pleasant. It was the ultimate freedom. The cool breeze. The faint mist of passing through the clouds. The insects that impacted his face at ultra high speed. Wait a second...

Goku opened his eyes and was surprised to see that he was not dead or in pieces. He was 100 percent alive although it didn't seem as though he was going to stay that way for he was currently plummeting toward the earth at an increasingly alarming rate. Without hesitation, he twisted his body in an attempt to control his descent and gain control of his flight. Summoning his ki, he attempted to form a Kamehameha and shoot it toward the ground to slow his fall. However, shortly after the blue orb of energy was gathered, it fizzled out.

'Just my luck...' he thought as he fell through the final layer of clouds.

With his view of the ground now unobstructed, he was able to see and evaluate the terrain that lay in his path. He spotted water and immediately used his remaining ki to alter his trajectory in an attempt at an aqua landing in one of the many springs below him.

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