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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

...but not as far away as you thought.

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Episode III.V


The Galactic Empire has taken over the Republic. Darth Sidious and Darth Vader begin their rule with a dark, iron fist.

Meanwhile, in the depths of Coruscant, below the very noses of the two Dark Lords of the Sith, Jedi Master Mace Windu survived his fall from Darth Sidious's personal chambers.

As Master Windu heads for a section of space well outside the Outer Rim, he sets his sights to train new Jedi Padawans. Little does he know that his wish would be granted, and that it would bring a war to a planet known as Earth...

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Author's Note: This an Alternate reality version of the Star Wars Universe. Those who don't understand that, label yourselves as baka and move on. I kept Yoda alive to further create an alternate version of SW universe.

Chapter 1 (now edited by Xtor49)

Mace Windu stirred at the bottom of a crevice on Coruscant. He had been knocked down there by a combination of Anakin Skywalker pushing him with the Force, and Darth Sidious blasting him with Force Lightning. Gradually, the Jedi Master pulled himself out of the crevice. He had managed to slow his fall with the Force before hitting the bottom, enough so that he was still alive. His right hand was gone, and the pain from the remaining stump was intense. He chose to use the Force to place himself into a trance, until the pain had faded and he could have his hand replaced.

But the greatest pain was the disappointment in his heart. Anakin had turned on him, and the rest of the galaxy, at a very crucial point. Looking upward, Windu could see the Jedi Temple in flames. He knew exactly the cause, due to the Force prodding his thoughts.

It had been months since he was trapped below the deepest reaches of Coruscant, healing and acquiring new hands while trying to keep a low profile. The Clone Wars are over, but at a high cost. The Jedi are all but extinct now, he thought.

Windu looked around the area, about 25,000 feet below the brighter sectors of the Republic Center. In front of him was a long forgotten shipyard, and the Force was leading him towards it. With the guidance of the Force, he quickly found a ship inside that was still fully functional. He siphoned fuel from the other nearby ships to fill up its tanks, so that he could use it at any time. But before he could leave Coruscant, he needed to collect his things from his private quarters.

It took him days to sneak his way up the levels of the city, until he finally reached the ruins of the Jedi Temple. A silent tear was shed for those that had perished inside, as he moved quickly through the burnt out rooms. Once he reached his own, he gathered up what few belongings he had, including a set of portable lightsaber building equipment.

Mace returned to the abandoned shipyard, placed his gear in the storage compartment of the ship, and started up the engines. As the ship was leaving Coruscant's atmosphere, he could see several platforms were being built. Those are defense platforms, no doubt. Yet another way for Sidious to oppress the people and make his presence felt, he thought.

The Republic is in for very dark times ahead. Windu sighed heavily, setting coordinates at random, determined to gain as much distance from Sidious and Skywalker as possible. Until one day, he could return to face them on even footing, with a new Jedi Order. "Anakin, you were right, I should have taken him alive. Maybe then you wouldn't have been given the final push into the Dark Side. Someday, I will make it up to you," he said softly as his ship entered hyperspace.

After several hyperspace jumps, the spacecraft ran out of fuel. Mace made a preliminary check of the system he was in, hoping to find a nearby uninhabited planet. The scans quickly found one, just below him. Switching to the ship's secondary fuel cell, intended only for use outside of hyperspace, he maneuvered the ship for planet fall.

The planet's atmosphere was dense, but easy enough for him to pass through. Once that was done, Mace focused on the Force to guide him to a safe landing spot. The Force led him toward a large group of islands, where he landed in the hills near the area the Force was urging him to.

There was a cave in the hills that served as a decent hiding place for the ship. After disembarking, Windu walked quietly until he came to a clearing. He could hear the sound of faint crying. Following the sound, he discovered a young boy, no more than five or six, kneeling next to a man. The man had several deep slash marks, including one that was along the throat. That slash was fatal, evident by the amount of blood oozing from the hole. The boy was vainly trying to stop the bleeding with his hands, but it was useless.

Mace walked up to them, and the boy jumped to defend the dying man, "Easy there, son. I will not hurt you," he said kindly, and the boy lowered his guard a bit. After closer inspection the boy and the man were dressed in outfits much like the ones Jedi used when beginning their training. He crouched down next to the man, who weakly opened his eyes. "What happened here?" he softly asked the man.

The man winced slightly, his face expressing both pain from his injuries and a great inner pain. "I tried to teach my son a powerful fighting technique, it backfired a bit," the dying man laughed bitterly. "It worked but at a high price, my son is instilled with a great fear of cats now. I thought he was over it after the initial training I was wrong, today we came across an alley full of cats. He reacted in fear for a few moments before slipping into the Nekoken. I tried to calm him, but he lost trust in me after what I did, and he…" the man trailed off, gasping weakly.

Windu stared at the boy, seeing an untold amount of remorse in the boy's eyes. He turned to the dying man and frowned slightly. "You must know by instilling fear into the boy, you've started him down a dark path," he stated to the man.

The man nodded, his eyes darkening, "I know. And if I were to do it over again, I would not have taught him that wretched technique." Tears fell down the man's cheeks, as his eyes continued to darken. "My life will be forfeit, to insure he cannot learn any more of the master's dark techniques," he smiled weakly, gazing at Mace for the first time, seemingly gauging his capabilities. Mace had to smile at this, the dying man wasn't a Jedi but he had remarkable Jedi traits. "I ask of you three dying requests," he spoke weakly, more light fading from his eyes.

Mace gave a nod, "What are they? I will try to carry them out."

"Train the boy in your art. He was going to be the best of his generation in the martial arts; at least, that was what I was hoping. I can sense you're a great fighter, but contain a strong sense of peace that I have never known," he closed his eyes, "I also want him to see his mother again, the contract I gave her has been fulfilled...to a degree."

"And...Lastly... I...have...a friend," he gasped slightly, blood flowing out of his mouth. The dying man grimaced a bit at the taste of blood in his mouth before continuing, "Before my son was born, I made pact with him to unite our dojo's. One of his daughters was to marry my son. I still want that pledge honored," he said softly his breathing really shallow now.

Mace winced slightly at the last request. The first two he did not see any problem, especially considering the amount of potential in the boy. He could sense that the child was on par with Anakin in the Force. The only thing he would need to worry about was to exercise the Nekoken out of the boy's system before he began training. With such a fear in the boy, he could be easily susceptible to the Dark Side of the Force.

One look at a cat, and the boy would no doubt kill the cat out of fear. Then he would have a Sith Lord on his hands. The second proposal would be no problem, matter of fact he probably encourage it, after what Yoda explained to him about Anakin. He should have gone with his first instincts and rescued Shimi Skywalker soon as Anakin had his first vision.

After her death at the hands of the Tusken Raiders, the boy got fool notions in his head about trying to stop people from dying. It was Anakin's fears of losing his mother and Padme that led him down the dark path. The third request was very hard to accomplish, the code of the Jedi stated that Jedi could love people and places in order to protect them, but never grow attachments. That was the new code at least; the old code was a little more lenient in terms of love and marriage.

He looked down at the man, whose breaths were growing steadily weaker with each exhale. The man was waiting for an answer to his requests, and Mace was doing his quickest thinking about what to do concerning the third one. He asked the Force to guide him towards the right solution. A few seconds later, true to its divine guidance, "I will do what you ask of me," he said softly.

The dying man nods, a faint smile on his face. "Ranma, this man will take over your training, listen to him," he paused as the boy nodded, tears still falling from his cheeks. Genma smiled broadly at his son, "I know you'll do me proud, son." With those words, Genma Saotome's life ended.

Mace Windu and Ranma quietly buried Genma on a hill overlooking a grass valley, just as the sun had set. Mace looked down at the boy who was wiping away his tears. "It's okay to cry," he said softly. The boy nodded, bowing his head and clapping his hands together, muttering a silent prayer. Ranma guided them back to the camp, packing up his things. Meanwhile, Mace went though Genma's blongings, looking for clues of the whereabouts of Genma's wife and the Tendos.

After a few minutes of searching, he came to two addresses, both located in Tokyo. He pulled out his echo locator and pointed it towards the sky. The small device immediately tapped into the planets satellite system and gave him a detailed map of the entire planet, including cities, countries, and other various kinds of information he would need while staying. He turned back to Ranma, who was giving him this huge round eyed look. He smiled slightly, "I'll explain in detail what this is, and what training you'll be undergoing on our way to find your mother." Ranma nodded to the Jedi Master. After a few minutes, the camp was packed up and the two were underway.

True to his word, Mace Windu began explaining everything in detail. The boy seemed to absorb the information and took it in stride. Mace smiled slightly, and decided to start giving Ranma some fundamental training while they were walking; this would prepare him for what he would have to do later on. He knew eventually, in order for Ranma to become a full Jedi, Ranma would have to confront his worst fear. This would be his final trial. But Windu needed to finish the last two tasks, before could begin the first.

Reuniting Ranma with his mother was easy enough, but the reunion was bittersweet, due to Genma's death. Mace told her the details and the final requests Genma had made. She simply nodded, agreeing to them, only asking that she be able to see her son periodically during his training. Mace accepted.

Soon after, they left for the Tendos. This, however, was the sticking point for Mace Windu. The newer code of the Jedi Order forbids a Jedi to take a spouse. Yet I gave Ranma's father my word...

He looked up the old code to see how he could go about honoring the last request. The Jedi Master found out that, during the time of the last war against the Sith Lords, Jedi Knights were often betrothed early in their lives. They underwent training together, to build the bonds of love and companionship. It also was to keep them from falling to the Dark Side, building pacts with each other that, in case of murder or death at the hands of an enemy, they would not seek revenge. It was his best bet, but it would be left up to Ranma to choose his fiancée.

They arrived at the doorstep of the Tendo training hall the next morning. Mace knocked on the door and was greeted by a young woman looking at him in a very confused state. "Mrs. Tendo, my name is Mace Windu. I have brought along Ranma Saotome to honor his father's final request," he said softly. Ranma bowed once, looking at the ground nervously. Mace had told Ranma at length why they were there. The boy wasn't sure what it meant, but agreed to honor his father's wish.

Mrs. Tendo quickly ushered them in, her face pale at the mention of "final request". They quietly sat down across from the Tendo family, the three young girls looking at Ranma in various degrees of confusion. Mace then proceeded to tell the Tendo's about Genma Saotome's death, and his final requests. In the end, Soun's eyes closed. Tears were falling silently from his cheeks, while his wife was consoling him the best she could.

"You mentioned the arrangement of joining our schools?" Soun asked weakly.

Mace nodded, "Yes, Genma wished that Ranma be engaged to one of your daughters. Although he didn't know the criteria your daughters would have to face in order for this to work, since Ranma will be getting training from me."

Kimiko Tendo looked up, a sense of dread entering her stomach, "You mean to take one of our daughters, to train with him," she stated, going with the prodding's she felt.

Mace nodded, "Engaged couples haven't been trained as Jedi in over two millennia where I come from." He paused earning astonished looks. "But when it was done, the engaged couple were taken together at a fairly young age to undergo joint training," he glanced at each daughter; all of them were strong in the Force, no doubt inheriting it from their mother.

Soun looked puzzled, "Jedi training...That's not an art I know, what kind is it?"

"It is an art form much like a mixture of Shaolin and Samurai," Mace stated he looked up the various fighting arts on the planet and was amazed at how many mirrored the Jedi ways, but the closest were Samurai and Shaolin. He looked up at Soun who seemed to beam a bit at that. "It would be better to give you a full explanation, before going further," he said and begun explaining everything from the Jedi codes old and new, to the various skills that Ranma and his fiancée would be learning. Needless to say Soun Tendo was very impressed by this. Kimiko though picked up on the hidden dangers.

"What about this Dark Side of the Force you talk about, how dangerous can it be?" she asked.

Mace looked down at his gloved hands. "The Force is used by the Jedi for knowledge and defense; we never use it for attack. The Dark Side warps the student's mind, and eventually degrades their body. It gives them power, true. But they use the powers for anger and hatred, turning them evil. The history of this planet is marked by those who've delved in the Dark Side. Your country's own ally in World War II was led by a man that was very much like a Sith," Mace stated remembering Palpatine. "One of our greatest students in the Jedi Order fell to its sway, and I'm afraid there may only three Jedi left."

Soun gaped for a moment before looking at Ranma, who had his eyes closed. Mace had prepared the boy for this moment, and he was utilizing his fledgling Force abilities to sense the girl that would be his fiancée. The oldest, though kind, had a disliking to him because of what Master Windu had said. The second girl felt cold and distant to him, like what his new teacher said about the Dark Side. The last girl puzzled him; she was both intrigued and fearful of the prospect of training in the mystical Jedi arts. The fear part he knew she could overcome, like he wanted to over come his fear of the furry felines. He tugged at Master Windu's robe sleeve, "Master?"

Mace blinked, looking down at his young Padawan. "Yes Ranma?"

"She's like me," Ranma said pointing to the youngest daughter. Mace looked up at the girl he pointed to, and after a few seconds agreed to Ranma's assessment.

"Very good Ranma, yes she's very much like you. I take it you've made your choice then?" Mace asked. Ranma shyly looked over at the girl he pointed to and blushed deeply.

I can sense the bonding process already beginning. It is merely a trickle right now, but in two years they will be hard to separate, Mace thought.

Kimiko frowned slightly. "Akane, why choose her?" she asked.

"It is difficult to explain, most Jedi marriages during the time of the old code were almost seamless in their bonding," Mace said softly. "During the time of the old code, Jedi's married to those they love and bonded to on a level that none of us could possibly imagine, even to a point they could talk to each in their minds."

Kimiko got this far away look when thinking about something like that. "That would be wondrous," she said softly then looked to her daughter who was blushing softly. She shook her head slightly, "Would she be allowed to visit us, if she went to train with you in the Jedi arts?" she asked.

Mace nodded. "I have already agreed to do the same for Ranma, we will visit at least twice a month," he said softly.

"The schools must be joined, it is a matter of honor," Soun muttered solemnly.

Kimiko glared at him slightly, then turned to her youngest daughter, "Would you like to train with them, Akane?"

Akane seemed to think about it for a few moments, before she said, "Uh-huh."

"Then...she has my permission," Kimiko declared quietly, with some reluctance.

By morning, Akane was given a pack filled with two spare training Gi's. She gave tearful hugs to each of her siblings and her parents before waving goodbye to them.

Author's Note: This a revision of my Ranma/Star Wars/Sailor Moon crossover Fan Fiction Xtor69 had a big hand in helping with most of plot points and I'm glad for the help. In case anyone hasn't figured it out, this story will have a Ranma/Akane pairing. If you don't like the True Fiancée, now is the time to leave before getting attached. Ukyou, Shampoo, Mousse, and the Kunos will not be in this fic. That's because Ranma and Akane will be going to Juuban instead. What will the Jedi Padawan's do when they meet the Sailor Senshi? Wait and find out. Ryoga will be in this fic more as a running gag later.