Chapter 9 - Epilogue (Now edited by Xtor49)

Pre-Author's Note: Here's a timeline, to better understand the changes to the original Star Wars timeline.

Mace spent five years traveling through hyperspace to get to Earth, ten years to train Ranma and Akane, and though it was rushed, the Earth Wars took two years to finish. Which puts Ranma and Akane at age 18. In the Star Wars Universe, Luke and Leia were both 19 or 20 in Episode IV. As Ranma, Mace Windu, and Akane leave Earth, the events in the Star Wars galaxy are happening. When they enter the Star Wars galaxy, it'll be just after the Rogue Squadron Novel: Krtyos Trap. So the next story will take place after The Bacta War and during The Thrawn Trilogy that will undergo major rechanging.

Mace had gone to retrieve his ship, while Ranma and Akane quietly packed their belongings. Nodoka and Kimiko quietly watched their children as they packed. It had been hard enough to watch their children leave home to train. But now Nodoka's only son and Kimiko's youngest daughter weren't just leaving home, they were leaving the planet. A few moments later, a dull sound of a strange engine could be heard landing in the backyard. Ranma and Akane looked up to see a sleek ship with down curving wings land, the back ramp slowly dropping to the ground.

Mace stepped out of the ship and looked up at the two Jedi Knights. "It's time," he said simply.

Ranma and Akane heaved their packs on to their shoulders and turned to their mothers. The two older women were crying silently, as were their children. Hugs were given. "Remember you two, try to visit every decade or so. I know it'll be a long trip," Nodoka said.

Ranma nodded, "You must know Mom, in a Jedi's life there is no try, we either do or we do not. So we'll do what we can to see you at least once a decade," he smiled, kissing his mother on the cheek. Akane nodded her sentiments, hugging her mother tightly. The two Jedi Knights stepped into the backyard, to be greeted not only by Master Windu but nine Sailor Senshi. Ranma gave Sailor Moon a light smirk as he approached. Though their glamour spells can confuse normal people, they couldn't confuse a Jedi. "Come to see us off, cousin?"

Sailor Moon blushed slightly but didn't say anything. In the two years the Earth War had been fought, she had gotten close to her cousin. He had become like a older brother to her, and she loved him very much. She tried to ask Pluto if Ranma and Akane would get the same immortality treatment as they would get, but Pluto was being stubbornly tight lipped about it. She stepped closer to her cousin and pulled him into a tight hug. "I'm going to miss you, Ranchan," she whispered softly.

Ranma smiled tenderly, hugging his cousin just as tightly, "I'm going to miss you too, bunny ears." As they broke apart, Ami and Akane were giving each other the same kind of hug. The Senshi gathered, either giving friendly hugs or high fives, until they were at the ramp. They looked at Sailor Pluto for a moment. "So is it true Crystal Tokyo was changed slightly?"

Pluto did a double take. "You Jedi shouldn't pry," she sighed, looking annoyed. "Yes, the Governments of the world will sign a world wide peace treaty and their top scientists will take apart ships that are in orbit, what's left of the bunker here, and of course the weaponry and droids. In less than five years, the first Hyperdrive engine will be tested. In the following years, the Earth Defense Forces will be founded by a Dr. Emil Lang. The freeze will never take place now, but I don't think it'll be needed."

Ranma smiled slightly as Akane stepped aboard, "Sounds like the Earth is catching up with the rest of the Universe. Don't be ashamed at what you've accomplished, Sailor Pluto; for once, taking a direct hand in changing the future had a benefit."

Pluto, for only the second time in her extremely long life, smiled, "You are a unique one Ranma Saotome. Farewell, and hopefully you'll live a long and prosperous life."

The pigtailed Jedi Knight's smile widened as he stepped aboard the ship. The ramp retracted, and the ship slowly began to lift into the air. The Sailor Senshi and the two mothers watched as the two engines brightened. The ship rapidly climbed out of the atmosphere and into space. A few short minutes later, Mace typed in the coordinates for Coruscant, and the stars in front of them streaked as they entered hyperspace.

They watched Mace sit back a bit. "Time to go into hibernation. This will keep us from needing food and things until we arrive in the Outer Rim. From there, we can refuel," he said. He closed his eyes and went into his hibernation trance. Akane and Ranma slowly followed suit.

Five Years Later…

Admiral Ackbar sat in his control chair on the Republic flagship. The Lusenkya, a Super Star Destroyer, had blasted out of Coruscant and was rapidly climbing to obtain an escape vector. He sighed as he watched, Ysanne Isard slipped from their grasp. He slammed his fingers down on the console and sat back. "We almost had her," he stated, frowning.

"Slippery she is, gone to Thyferra no doubt," a voice off to the side had stated. Ackbar looked down at the little green elf. It had been nearly twenty years since he last saw the old Jedi Master, that was before Luke brought him onto Home One before the attack on the Death Star II. It was a joy to the old Mon-Calamari's heart to see Yoda again.

"Yeah, I kind of guessed that's where Iceheart would be heading," Ackbar pursed his lips.

"Admiral," a bridge tech approached. The woman looked very puzzled about something.

"What is it, Lieutenant?" Ackbar asked.

"Sir, were picking up a ship on approach. It's got Imperial markings, but something is odd about it?"

Yoda blinked, "Odd you say, how so?"

"Well Master Yoda, the ship's markings are at least twenty years old, I can't explain it any better than that. I say it was a second generation Coruscant class freighter. Not very big, it can hold a compliment of six people. Does this mean anything to you?" the lieutenant asked.

Yoda looked up as he watched the ship as drew nearer, sensing something he hadn't felt in over twenty two years. "Possible it is not, but it can be no other."

Ackbar looked confused, "What are you talking about, do you sense something?"

"Three some things, I feel," Yoda stated looking genuinely surprised. "One I recognize," he turned to the lieutenant, "Ask the ship to land in hanger, greet them I will."

Ackbar puzzlement increased, "Who are they?"

"Master Windu, it is. He survived somehow, and trained two Jedi in his exile," Yoda stated, hopping into his hover chair and flying toward the hanger bay.

Yoda came to a halt, floating as two New Republic troops stood beside him. He observed the twenty-two year old ship come to a stop in the hanger. The ship finished its landing, and the ramp dropped, Yoda watched as the first set of boots could be seen coming down the ramp. He smiled brightly, seeing Mace Windu depart the old ship. The man didn't look much different, except for a graying goatee and a mechanical right hand. He was flanked by a young man with jet black hair in a pigtail, and a young woman with a short pageboy-style haircut.

"Busy you've been, I see, Master Windu," Yoda was still smiling.

Mace smiled back lightly, seeing his old friend, "You could say that, Master Yoda. I would like you to meet Jedi Knights Ranma Saotome, and his wife Akane Saotome."

Yoda gave Mace a sharp look for a second, "Much to discuss we have, on the Code we do, Master Windu."

Mace sighed and chuckled, "This came about by honoring a dying man's last request, Master Yoda. I went by the old code, training them young and together like what they did before the Sith War."

Yoda pursed his lips, looking first to Ranma and then to Akane, sensing the strong bond between them. "Acceptable," his smile returned, "Given same argument from Leia I did. Skywalker's children, head strong as their parents, they are."

Mace walked alongside Yoda's hover chair, while Ranma and Akane walked behind them. The young couple was looking around the interior of the huge ship in awe. "So what about Sidious and Vader?"

"Gone they are, dead. Palpatine try to kill Luke Skywalker, surprised I was to find that is was Vader that killed Sidious," Yoda stated noting the shock expression on Mace's face. "Back to his old self, Anakin did. Freed himself from the veil of the Dark Side, truly love for a son it was."

Mace nodded, "How many are left now, Master Yoda?"

Yoda's ears drooped, "For along time I thought only two of us there were, didn't know escape you did. Now Obi-Wan is dead. Only you, me, and our young padawans survived."

Mace closed his eyes issuing a silent prayer to Obi-Wan. "So how can we rebuild the Jedi Order with only five of us?"

Yoda closed his eyes, "Master Skywalker has thought of this, he plans to combine new and old codes, he has."

Mace smiled slightly, "Think it will work?"

"Difficult to say, always in motion is the future, but come Master Windu tell me your adventures," Yoda smiled slightly. "Intrigued I am of your students."

Mace smiled broadened, "I understand it took place shortly after Anakin and Sidious knocked me out of his council room…"

Author's Note: It's done, and man was it hard. Keeping Yoda from sounding like a normal person is extremely rough on a guy. The rewrite is done and I thank Xtor greatly for his help.