Hi ya. Yes, this is ANOTHER one-shot from me. Have fun.

Disclaimer: Not mine.


I always wonder whether we'll last or not. Whether we'll be 'we' forever. If we would always be 'us' of if we wouldn't. Absurd, really. The idea of us together.

Hermione Jane Granger, teacher's pet, muggleborn. Draco Malfoy, resident bad boy, pureblood. We could never make it. But I wanted to make it. I stay up for hours at night, writing about him. Every little detail of his face. Every describable emotion I felt when I was with him. I truly do love him.

When I was a little girl, my mother bought me a magic 8 ball. I had so much fun with it. I asked it every yes or no question in the book. But I came up with another one. I ask it the one question I've been wanting to know.

Will Draco and I make it?

I shake up the ball, the die floating around inside the blue water. I stop shaking it,and read the answer.

"Ask again later."


Lol, you probably won't get it, but it's a real experience that I had with a magic 8 ball... R&R!