Strawberry Ice Cream

It pissed Roy off greatly, the way the Ed sat there with his legs crossed carelessly, acting so laid-back. The way he sat so relaxed, too relaxed, and the way his face formed a blissful – and Roy noticed, slightly smug – expression. The way he held the ice cream cone, the way he ate the ice cream, and most importantly, the way his tongue moved.

And Roy watched, oh so painfully, as the pink tongue darted out to lap up the sides of the cone, where the ice cream was starting to fall. He watched it pull back, only to come out once again to lick at the sweet taste of strawberry.

He watched it circle the treat, watched it lap over the top, before it retreated, then reappeared to lick at its owner's lips.

Roy shifted, crossing one leg over the other tightly as he shook his head with a scowl. If he didn't finish this report now, he was in for a demotion. Blame a certain blonde-haired boy in the same room who delayed the completion of his other reports. But try as he might, his eyes stayed glued to the other occupant of the room.

The tongue darted out once again, lapping up the sides once again, before slowly going over the sides. Roy watched – gritting his teeth to muffle a moan – and nearly lost it then and there when Ed swallowed everything in a quick dive, before pulling back with a satisfied sigh, not really eating anything, and Roy shivered as a shiny trickle of saliva rolled down the ice cream.


Roy jumped, blinking twice, before he looked at the blonde stiffly, "Yes?"

Then there was that smirk, that coy smirk on Ed's face, "Done with your report?"

And Roy Mustang stood up, stomped his way to the blonde, grabbed the other by the collar, threw him across his desk, and slammed their lips together.

With the strawberry ice cream and the report both forgotten, Edward grinned. Works every time.

KK: ahem... eating ice cream will never be the same again. -scurries off quietly- Ah, well, I'm happy with this. :3 Please review!