After two years since my first crash and burn attempt at a fanfiction, I have returned with this diddy.


Sonic and characters are copyright of Sega, Archy, DIC, whoever else has a share of the ownership. (though I think it should be the artists behind the game/cartoon/comic 's that should have rights to it ;D)

It was early morning in the Great Forest, the morning dew on all the wildlife and vegetation. It would have stayed peaceful, if not for a loud rumble of machinery.

Julian Ivo Robotnik felt good, he had just concocted the perfect idea in the past 24 hours in his home in Robotropolis. He was pondering over the schematics of a new gun design for his Swatbots, a new small light gun that functioned by propelled gaseous ballistics instead of the usual laser, when he stumbled and fell to the floor. After many a curse and threats at his lackey of a nephew, Snively, he managed to get up on his and his blood relatives support. He then noticed that he knocked over a syringe of fluid that he was also working on that would eventually enslave the infernal hedgehogs mind if he ever managed to inject him with it. Enraged that the delicate project almost got destroyed, he grabbed his innocent nephew by the scruff of his workshirt and told him to get the syringe. After numerous gulps or nervousness from Snively, he made a comply and got down and retrieved the syringe. Robotnik then got a heinous idea while his nephew was picking up the syringe. He would implant nanobots into that fluid with the ability to swim up and enslave the hedgehogs mind, but do to the fast metabolism rate of the creature, they would not have very long to live. But if he were to give them a simple command, one that would be executed and completed before they were washed from the vermin's body, then he would finally be able to rule Mobius once and for all!

"Master Robotnik"

"Huh! What is it Swatbot J03-6?" Robotnik answered feverishly as he was awoken from his musings and daydream. Swatbot J03-6 responded "Coordinates located, north western sector of the Great Forest, latitude 32, longitude 24, altitude 15 of sector 17, area 3 has been achieved, we are setting up as to your orders when we landed," "Good Swatbot J03-6, are all the radio links disabled? We don't want the freedom fighters catching wind of this." Robotnik replied. "Affirmative Master Robotnik." "Good, you may continue with your work." Robotnik replied as the Swatbot saluted and started to leave. "Oh and Swatbot J03-6? Your orders upon immediate arrival to Robotropolis are to erase yours and every swatbot under your controls hard rive memories." "Affirmative Master Robotnik." The robot saluted one last time and left the hover craft that Robotnik was in. "Oh yes" thought Robotnik, " This will go down in history as the day of the hedgehogs betrayal without a hitch or bit of evidence left behind…"

Evil laughter could be heard in the Great Forest as Overlord set up his most brilliant plan ever.