Hello, my name is Espio, I am a chameleon and am currently in Robotropolis, the evil fuck-center of Mobius. Up to recently I was a carefree person, well I kept to myself mostly, but I was still happy with my boarding life. I was a snowboarder, first class. My body is genetically built for the needed reflexes in this harsh job. It was enjoyable, I did something that I enjoyed and gave me a rush and I got money for it, which beat my previous job as a professional thief. The one thing that was better was that I earned the money, and didn't steal it. Though the heart of a thief still lies within me, I only steal from Robotropolis now; like I'm doing currently. I'm searching for anything useful against Robotnik and might just have stumbled across something important in one of the look out towers. And….yes I don't believe it! One other thing that no one knows about besides the thieving past, I have told no-one about that and the one person who did know is long dead, is my love and ability for firearms. And I sure did find a firearm! Its some sort of high range rifle, a snipers gun. Its of no make I have ever seen nor heard of before.

One thing you must know is the only person who ever knew about my arms and stealing life was a man by the name of Manic. He had a sister named Sonia who died a while back in some sort of conspiracy, the old geezer claimed to be a long distanced relative of the Royal hedgehog family, who at the time I was told this, had their firstborn. I would later meet their firstborn and become good friend with him and his freedom fighter group. But none the less the coup de etát started and the Acorn empire was usurped by Julian Ivo Robotnik, who was previously the war general at the time. He and his secret army of robots took the city and changed Mobotropolis into Robotropolis within a week. In a month, the skies around the rotted city were unrecognizable. Only a handful including the hedgehog boy and royal princess were safely ushered into the Great Forest to a little known outpost by the name of Knothole, only a few minute amounts of people knew of the place; the king and queen, the hedgehogs themselves, their other more trusted war general DeCoolett, and a other assorted amount who lived at the outpost itself. They had managed to change it into a village and lived in it under the guidance of a few teachers and other adults who escaped. Over time they had gained more members and so on. Including a two tailed fox boy who Knuckles believes is the one that the master emerald and the Walkers speak of. And some relation or something of a Merlin character. Well by now I have the whole gun set up and have tested it. It is a beauty and since its in Robotropolis left so unguarded, I'm sure no-one will miss it.

So where was I? Ah, Manic the hedgehog, he was a green guy, green quills, green attitude, the works. You tick him off, he'd chew you out. I was his prime pupil who he later apprenticed. I apparently showed the most promise out of us rag-tag group of kids and that didn't earn me much credit to my peers. I was subjected to abuse from them most of the time, it forced me to teach myself to go invisible then wait for it to naturally come to me when I was ready, maybe for that I have honed my skill beyond a normal chameleon's, who knows. Anyways I managed to hid and that even got more of an eye on my from Manic, our teacher. So he took me under his wing and taught me personally. The others had left in jealously, some getting killed by the other gangs and some joining forces; Manic didn't care, he had the gold of the crop, me. He taught me and trained me all he knew about thieving until at a point on a mission with him, I surpassed him. With that achieved, he decided that I would also do excellent in firearms. So he taught me at the pistol and his thirty ought six, all stolen from Over Landers bases. I became a professional at them, so he continued to teach me in one last field before he died, demolitions. He taught me how to make, plant, arm, diffuse, and de-plant bombs. He had done this with every section. I learned from him how to take apart both the pistol and thirty ought and put back together within 20 seconds, seperatly. Accuracy to him was more important then speed. But I have speed, and I have speed up my abilities to within 10 seconds when I get the chance to use one of the weapons, his last and only physical gifts to me.

The man died on a rainy day, one of the gangs caught him on a food run through town, he game a damn good chase for a man pushing his seventies, but they caught up to him and gunned him down. I wasn't quick enough to save him, but I was quick enough to shoot down every rat bastard there who did him in. The ticked off the gangs so much that war started within days and I decided to leave. But before that when I held Manic's head in my lap, his face bloody and full of gray wiskers from his old street life age, he looked up to me and said: "Take the guns boy, you have earned them. Get out of here also, this is no good life to get caught up in and…and take care Espio." And like that, the man who was my family, the parent that I never had. Had died. In respectable fashan as Manic taught me and as he would want, I searched him for any items he might have been carrying remembering him telling me one time in the warehouse we lived in that: "If you leave a body lay, then you might as well give all your goods to them, cause they, the enemy, will search most certainly and they will be all the richer over you." I found a necklace chain that I still wear today in his memory. And a few miniscule items. I searched all the other bodies and found only a few items. I then brought all their guns together and but them in one of the shopping bags that could fit them. The whole way, the man never set down the bags and forgot them, kept them to him even to the very end. He knew how to finish a mission, I hope if I am to go like that, that I get the balls that he had to see mine through also.

Two days later I rounded up all I needed and could carry and set charges to the place. I then set up laser triggers. The only Mobians coming through these doors were rival gang members, and they would have a helluva sight when the place goes sky high around their asses. Sure as shit, when I was not even 4 miles out, a large explosion was created, I didn't look back, didn't need to. The place I called home for the past sixteen years and final resting place for Manic the hedgehog went up in flaming glory, the night sky that was previously orange filled orange again from the flames. I paused then, looked up in the blazing sky, and did a salute. That point on I was a new man. And I was.

Six months after that I arrived at the mountains far north. I had with the little money I had rented an apartment and set up camp. I stole during the day and night to provide pay and became very famous as the Martinville Knifer. How the villagers of the mountain village names Martinville ever came to the conclusion that I cam outright in the night and stole their money, Ill never know, but the ones who I did silently steal from made it into a bug publicity for the town saying that they were held at knife point in the cold night while walking home. As much as this raised me ego at the title handed to me, it increased my annoyance even more so. For because of the blessed few who told the tale the way they did, everyone began to the fear the night and ceased to travel after dark. Seeing that it was pointless to travel out anymore at night except for to have a moon walk, I stayed in and got many a good nights rest. All of this had a enormous effect on my financial state and the landlady saw so too. She then confronted me and told me that I needed to shape up, or she would have to evict me. She then quickly told me about the snowboard resort at the top of the mountain only a half a mile up. She said apart from it being about an hours journey, I could possibly find employment there as they were looking for new men in the tournaments of theirs. I traveled up to the resort within 15 minuets on the winding road built in the mountain and ran up to the first desk I saw in the building and took a seat regaining my breath. It wasn't a easy feat, even for myself at the time. I then asked the person behind the desk about the snowboarding and she told me that they were indeed looking for contestants. I was eager to do something so I gave it a shot. Turned out that I was a natural snowboarder. The man who issued my the trainer board was skeptical at first from the background information I gave him, but was soon jumping with joy and amazement as he saw me glide perfectly down the trail. When I reached the bottom I my self was amazed and excited. I rode the ferry cart back to the top and as I got off, the man ran up to me and told me that he would be my new trainer and with little time, I would be a star.

A year or so after that I was indeed very famous, I still lived in the apartment in Martinville and everyday ran up the road to the resort for my early morning run, cutting my time from 15 minuets to 7. The 'Martinville Knifer' legend soon came to pass and the people came out at night again. With my money I earned, I payed back everyone I stole from in full, and then some. This had no doubt helped the villagers fears and the city became a booming town with many lights and attractions for their hometown champion. I am still amused to this day when I think back unto them how I wasn't native there, but accepted it. For that place had become my home, regardless if they saw a way from my fame to bring people in. It brought more life there and more people to the resort and the championships. Among these people came Mighty the armadillo. Him and me became good friends and when he set up permanent residence in the same apartment as mine, the room across from mine, me and him soon became the top two snowboarders there and always won the championships. We became Martinville's two champions which brought in even more attractions and people and we always tied or got 1st or second every other time from each other, It didn't mind us any though. Mighty became sorta like the brother or cousin I never had and me vice versa to him, as he told me one night. Tuesday nights we would have parties with the women and consume alcoholic beverages. For the age limit receded down to sixteen, Mighty's current age at the time, after Robotnik took hold of the empire on the other side of the planet. But that was pretty much all that had changed, for Robotnik didn't have the time nor resources to come out here and smother us out.

As I was saying Mighty and me had good old time's and we merely partied, we had no sex of any sort and we came in clean on the days of the championships. And while racing down the hill in one of our mock races one sunny day, we came across that hedgehog that Manic had told me about all those years ago. And from that point on we got aquinted and went to Knuckles island and became the chaotix. It was hard leaving but we told the villagers and resort people that we needed to and would visit again, which we did. I had a trouble of time smuggling in my extra 'luggage', but I did so before when I first rented the apartment, and I did so again when I took up to this day, residence on the floating island.

And here I am at me temporary home away from home. My little hideout in Robotropolis. I have a bad feeling about tomorrow though, something is going to go down.

And as Espio the chameleon was right, as he fell into slumber, with that thought about the coming day.