Author: evansentranced

Disclaimer: I'm not JK Rowling. I wonder what she'd say in these if she had a fanfiction username? "I am JKRowling, All of you revere me as a god." I'd like to see someone try and sue her!

Summary: 'Tis a prolouge. For Giantus Pratus. That way I'll actually find the first chappie and get it typed up already. Horrah!

It was third year. Draco Malfoy was standing in his room, practicing his Evil Glare O' Doom. He stopped suddenly, and looked around sharply at the door. He could've sworn it had just opened. He stared at the immoblie door for a few moments longer, and cautiously took out his wand. He inched toward it carefully, and, flinging it open, cast the most vicious spell he could think of.

"Locomotor Mortis!" he cried dramatically.

No one was there.

He ducked his head out of the door and whipped it from side to side, looking for an intruder. The hallway was empty.

"Hmp," he grumbled. He dissapeared into his room for a few moments, and returned with his bag, deciding to get some fresh air. A creaking noise had him spinning around, a no doubt deadly curse on the tip of his tongue, but the hallway was just as empty as it had been three seconds ago. He made his way down to the common and out the solid wall that served as the entrance to the Slytherin dungeons.

Pansy, who was seated by the fire, glanced up from her book and remarked, "Draco sure is paranoid latley, don't you think, Blaise?"

Blaise, a tall dark boy, nodded slightly and replied, "Its all down to those Weasley twins. Ever since they threatened him with 'Giantus Pratus' in second year, he's been going insane."

"Mmm," Pansy muttered, looking back at her book. "You'd think he would realize that he's just giving them more to work with."

Blaise just smirked and stared into the fire, looking dark and broody.

Draco was in the Entrance Hall now, staring around haughtily, as if daring anyone to mess with him. It was just past dinner, and although he'd missed it himself, he knew Vince and Greg would still be in the Great Hall, stuffing themselves. Didn't do good to go around by yourself, just inviting insane clones to chase you with strange muggle devices that recorded everything you did...every move you made...

Draco whipped around, eyes wide, searching the Hall for said muggle devices. Harry Potter and his friends passed by, and while Granger and Weasley ignored him, Potter watched him in amusement.

"Now you know how I felt!" he mouthed to Draco with a big grin on his face. Evil, evil Potter. Draco just knew he was behind it all. Never mind the fact that he was the last victim. Or that he never did get all those negatives back, regardless of what the evil red clones said. Draco had seen copies circulating through the school, had even confiscated a couple from some Slytherin girls. He'd sold them afterward, of course, for a hefty sum to a couple of Hufflepuff bints. Just because other houses were into that kind of perverted, potter-esque stuff didn't mean his should be. They were above that kind of thing. And it was Potter, for godsake! Draco shuddered very slightly, and entered the Great Hall. He caught sight of Vince and Greg stuffing their faces and shuddered again.

He saw a flash of red out of the corner of his eye, and immediatley spun around so the Gryffindor table was in plain sight. It had been stupid of him to lose focus like that. They might catch him. Indeed, the Red Twins were staring at him, grinning cheekily. So they were up to something...Draco glared, and walked to his table in a dignified, I'm-better-than-you-and-don't-forget-it sort of way.

Let's see them make a movie out of that.