Eternity love

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Chapter 2: Song tress of peace, Hikaru Shido's duties and Jealously grow…Part 1

The days went past fast for Lantis who was staying over at the Shido's mansion. He woke up in the guest room of the Shido's mansion. He got dressed up and was on the way to the dining room. While walking towards the dining room, the maids who were tidying up the mansion would turn and look at Lantis. Then they would go blushing like a tomato.

'Sigh. It's the same everywhere I go.' Thought Lantis.

"I think lord Lantis just looked at me!" commented a maid.

"No! I'm the one!" another maid commented.

"Oh! Lord Lantis just look to charming with his black hair and eyes. Anyone would melt in those charming eyes."


'Again?' thought Lantis, as he could no longer take it anymore. He walked in a faster pace towards the dining room.

A butler was assigned to stand at the door to open the door. The butler opened the door for Lantis once he sees him coming.

"Good morning to you, lord Lantis." The butler said as he bowed.

"Good morning to you too." Replied Lantis showing his manners that Clef had reminded thousands of times when they were coming to Earth.

Inside the dining room was a huge, long pine table that can seat about 20 people. (Wow. So long!) Kazuma was sitting at the 'man of the family' seat, reading the newspaper and enjoying his coffee. He looked up after hearing the butler had opened the door for someone.

"Lantis! Good morning to you!" said Kazuma as he smiled.

"Good morning to you too, sir Kazuma." Said Lantis as he sat down next to Kazuma.

"Ma! Don't call me sir. Just call me uncle. Or even better father!" said Kazuma as he laughed.

Lantis just smiled at the comment. He knew that Kazuma had the wrong idea of him and Hikaru but he could not put himself to explain for some reason.

"Where's Hikaru?" asked Lantis as a maid got him a cup of coffee.

"She's working currently." Said Kazuma as he put his papers now.


"Yes. She's the song tress of peace after all. She had to sing and give some speech to the people. Mind you, she's a really well-loved idol though she loves kendo more than anything." Said Kazuma as he sighed that Hikaru is not so lady-like.

"haha!" Lantis just laughed.

'I see…that's why I haven't seen Hikaru as carefree as she is when I met her the first time. She's sure busy. I wonder if she had eaten or taken care of her health well.' Thought Lantis.

"Sorry to interrupted, Kazuma sama and lord Lantis." A maid said as she stood beside Lantis.


"Lord Lantis. What would you like to have for breakfast?"

"Oh! Just toast please." Said Lantis as Kazuma just smiled at him.

"What! Toast?" Kazuma exclaimed. "No! No! not just toast! Get some egg, bacon for lord Lantis."


"No but! Lantis you've got to eat more. After all, you're still growing up." Said Kazuma as the maid walked off.

"Huh…? Erm…"

"So would you like to see Hikaru working later?" Kazuma asked as he sipped in his coffee.

"Are you sure it's okay?" Lantis asked.

"Of course. Hikaru would love to have someone she knows to see her singing." Said Kazuma.

"I'll just get one of my butlers to drive you there." Said Kazuma.

"Thank you then, erm…Uncle Kazuma."

Meanwhile, Hikaru is currently at the studio, in her personal resting room, getting ready to record one of her new songs. She was nervous though her maid, Caldina is besides her, trying to calm Hikaru down. It's not the first time she doing recording. It's just that this song, she had lots of problems with it. She did not know why too.

"Am I okay? Do I sound okay?" asked Hikaru.

"Yes, miss Hikaru. Don't worry." Said Caldina.


"you're going to be all right." Said Caldina.

"You sure?"


"But I'm really nervous." Said Hikaru.

Just then, the door opened. And in came a silver-haired man with golden eyes.


"Miss Hikaru. It's about time to head for the recording room."

"But! I'm nervous." Said Hikaru.

"You're going to be fine." Said Eagle as he reassures her.

"You sure?"

"Yes." Said eagle as he smiled at Hikaru. Then he and Caldina pulled Hikaru out of the resting room and into the recording room.

Lantis had just arrived at the building where Hikaru was supposed to be recording her songs. He walked in to the building with the butler leading the way.

"It's sure is a big building." Said Lantis as he surveys the place.

"Yes. Lord Lantis." Said the butler pressing the lift button.

The both of them stood there waiting for the lift to arrive.

"Are you sure Hikaru is here?"


The lift door opened. Lantis and the butler headed in.

There was complete silence between both men till they had reached the certain floor, which Hikaru is said to be, with the butler leading the way.

"It's not that I don't want to sing…" a voice was heard. Lantis, finding it familiar, looked and saw a red headed girl.

"Hikaru!" Lantis called and walked towards her while the butler followed behind.

"Lantis!" called Hikaru as soon as she heard and saw Lantis. Eagle was not happy about it. He was clenching his fists.

"Lantis, I don't know what to do." Said Hikaru as she turned chibi.


"I know that this is just singing but…I'm…just nervous singing this song."


"Miss Hikaru felt that this song is more to a love song than a peace song therefore she had no confidence in singing it." Explained Eagle as he approached the two and bowed to Lantis.

"Oh…" Lantis sighed. "Hikaru. Just think about this song is a peace song instead of a love song."


"Don't worry. I'll accompany you." Said Lantis as he smiled trying to calm Hikaru down.

"You promise?"


"Miss Hikaru!" a blue haired girl called.

"Ah! I'm coming!" said Hikaru as she waved back.


"My manager. Her name is Umi Ryuzaki." Said Hikaru as she was pushed by Caldina to move towards the recording room.

Lantis sighed and followed them. Eagle looked at Lantis and Hikaru.

'man! They're getting better already! Lantis just said something and Hikaru take it and promise to sing! How come she never did that for me?' thought Eagle as he got angry. His eyes was enraged with fire. The butler just stood there and looked at the scene and chuckled to himself.

'look like things is going for the worst.' Thought the butler as he followed.

In the recording room…

"Now Hikaru! You've got to relax." Said Umi.

"Umi! I really can't! you wouldn't mind if I go off for a little while?"

"Huh?" Umi was really not happy about it.

"with Lantis! Just a little while!" Hikaru demanded.

"Hai! Hai. It's okay…go ahead first." Said Umi as she sighed giving in to Hikaru.

Hikaru immediately ran out of the recording room and dragged the confused Lantis out of the room and to the…

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