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Reflections: Jin's POV

"For my entire life, I've chosen to fight for no one but myself. My dedication and my study of the sword was for no one but myself . . . until now."

It was no use, no matter how much I attempted to exorcise those two from my mind I could not. The time that I spent in their company was. . . to put it mildly. . . interesting. I am uncertain if, in the end, I realized my purpose in life but perhaps I did come away with somewhat more. Afterall for a man such as I who has lived without constant companionship for the majority of my life, those two were a begrudging breath of fresh air.

Never have I known two such aggravating individuals. One with no sense at all and the other with no discipline. And yet. . . and yet when I think of them now. . . it is with a heart much lighter than before.

Sitting under the sakura tree and letting my feet rest is doing nothing for my train of thought. But still they bring a smile to my face. I have been on my own for two months now but I know that I will never again be truly alone. Our hearts traverse strange paths and one may never know what awaits on the journey. I hope that those two find each other again, they were created to irritate each other for the rest of their lives. I saw it that night though it should have been obvious much sooner.

For myself I wish only one thing, Shino's smile and beautiful face. And now I know that we can live in peace. Another thing that has left my heart lighter is the knowledge that Kariya is dead. And the Shogunate has no one else to send after me.

Kariya. The man who indirectly led to Shishou's death by my hand, my ultimate demise and my subsequent shame. Truly the man had no equal in skill.I regret that I will never again fight with another such as him. We are a dying breed, our professions left in the tomes of history in preference for more modern machines of death. There is no honor in killing a faceless foe. I saw his face clearly, the desire to kill seeping from every pore. He was a phantom fighter with the very power of God in his sword. But he fell victim to the most mortal of sins, pride. Pride in himself and his ability, pride in his dominance and pride in his understanding of the human heart. And yet it was in this very understanding that he met his end. He did not foresee the force of human instinct, the very facet of humanity that makes us all as unpredictable as the wind.

There are few things in this world worth protecting with one's life, but for one such as myself who has known the sting of loneliness and the bitterness of self doubt, friendship is such a thing. And on the cliff I saw the answer. I knew what I had to do to protect the friendships that I had made on this journey. The final move that Shishou taught me. One which must not be used unless defeat is imminent and unacceptable. To fall upon the enemy's sword to create an opening for my own. My own death should have been guaranteed but She was there, as she always was. She was there to heal my wounds.

She was there for both of us because she loved us both, although I noticed that she always gave him more rice. Those two will find each other again, afterall we have never managed to be apart for long since we met. Especially if Fuu finds herself in a brothel again and Mugen needs to rescue her with every bad word he's ever heard.


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