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The last and final chapter, extra long just for you.

Silk Leashes

By: Myself

Invasion of a Toy Box

"Oh god yes, right there...Now a little to the left, that's it…oh you hit right the spot!" cried a soft sounding voice, filled with held back desire and need. The guard at the gate blinked, turning his head rather slowly toward the source of the sound and where he believed it was coming from.


"What, Henry," Mumbled his partner, who seemed to be distracted with his newspaper, which hid behind it a rather inappropriate novel about cowboys and mountains.

"Did you hear that?" Henry asked, moving away from his post to approach the source of the noise.

"Nope." Joe replied, smirking behind his newspaper as he licked a finger and turned the page of what was held within it.

Meanwhile, Betty coughed, listening with her narrowed eye as Shego howled in false pleasure from some invisible lover and yelled about tongues and where they could be stuck. "Could you stop that? When Kimberly Ann asked for a distraction I don't think she meant this."

Shego paused, snorting as she rolled her eyes, hands finding themselves placed upon her hips. "I don't see you making an effort. Come on and do somethin'."

Betty scowled, who did Shego think she was?

"And reduce myself to that? I think not."

With a sniff, Shego shook her head, pretending to be hurt by Director's cruel comment before suddenly lunging at the tiger woman, who yelped in surprise.

"What are you doing?! Cease! Gawd you make me so uncomfortable! Stop humping me, and get your finger out of -YAH!"

Henry shook his head, was he hearing shit? "Joe… I swear to Mamoru and back...there is somethin' over there..."

Joe only mumbled incoherently, turning a page in his book without care. Henry frowned then and steeled his resolve to continue on without him. Carefully he slid around the corner only to stand shocked at the state of the two women he found there, one of which seemed to be being restrained and half naked while the other looked busy with accomplishing this task removing the rest of her clothes.

"Oh, now look what you've done!"

"Whatever, if the results are the same the Princess doesn't have to know."

Henry, who was much to busy dealing with his nose bleed and wondering vaguely who this 'princess' was, didn't see the fist that rocketed out to his face.

Adjusting her clothing Betty stepped around the corner in the unconscious agent's uniform, snorting and mumbling about indecently, and how she should keep up her appearances in front of her own organization. Shego only cackled, rubbing her knuckles as she kicked the limp leg of the agent and relished in the sensation of flesh bending under her power. Joe, who was too occupied with his book, didn't notice when the two 'bestial' women slipped within GJ, nor did he ever notice his partner was missing.

"I hope they know what their doing KP." Ron mumbled, scratching nervously beneath the chin of his best friend and pet. Rufus only mumbled an agreement, had it been wise to send the very things GJ had been hunting for the past few weeks into their grasp?

"Don't worry about it," Kim whispered, clutching the Kimmunicator in her grasp, "They'll call when it's all set for us to follow, and then we complete this just like any other mission, no biggie."

"If you say so, KP." Though Ron knew Kim wouldn't say it outwardly, but he knew his best friend was worried about her 'pets' even if they were capable of handling themselves.

"You're right, KP! There isn't much of anything Shego can't bust her way through and with Betty there to keep her under control there shouldn't be any problems right?"



"Could you be any louder…?" Betty asked, her tone of voice deadpan as she cautiously stepped over a rather large hole in the wall placed there by none other then Shego, "And do be careful, I have to repair everything you damage and I'm not sure how well that bastard is handling my funds."

Shego snorted, humming along to the blare of the loud 'intruder' alarm that blazed over their heads. Its whine was like music, something familiar. It reminded her of her old job, and she missed it…

Not enough to trade it for the excitement she was experiencing now though.

"I wouldn't be worrying about any of the walls, Director," Shego smirked, cracking her knuckles, "Where the hell is the offense? I wanna dance, the wolf is me in howling damnit."

Betty quirked a brow, but stopped herself before she took Shego's statement literally. Of course her talisman wasn't…howling inside her, the hell, why would she say something like that? "Do calm down…" But Shego's question did raise some concerns.

Quickly Betty moved to jog past Shego, frowning at the lack of personal within the hallways. "This has 'trap' written all over it."

Shego grinned, "No shit Sherlock, now where are they? I wanna get some ass kicking in before dinner time."

"We should stay put," Betty warned, frowning when Shego disregarded her orders and continued to step further down the hall, opening up the first door to peek inside and find some sort of 'prey', "And do you know the meaning of discreet? What was the point of having me dress like the guard if you weren't going to or if you were just going to make a lot of noise and blow our cover anyway?"

Shego paused as she opened the door, glancing over her shoulder with a look that made Director blush and wish she hadn't asked, "Oooh…if I said because I wanted to see you change…"

Director opened her mouth to yell a few choice words, but before she could a fist flew from the open door. It headed right for Shego's mouth once her head was turned and Director winced, waiting for the sound of impact that never came.

"Oh you gotta be kidding me," Shego mumbled, her clawed fingertips (Courtesy of her newly made gloves, a lovely present from Wade, though it was a shame he'd only made one for her left hand, apparently the material was expensive) clutching the twitching and shaking fist in her grasp. It belonged to some skinny male who snarled and wiggled in his red Latin letter marked outfit.

"Gemini's here."

"I don't give a damn whose here," Shego growled, narrowing her eyes as she made her grip tighter, the little whelp yelping in pain and whimpering as he tried to tug his hand and arm free, "Who said this kid could attack me? He doesn't even have any muscle."

"Well don't hurt him to much," Betty said, glancing around the empty hallway, the only sound being that of the alarm and that of the man and his whining, "We've got things to do and there's bound to be more of them around here."

Shego chuckled as if Betty was naïve and rolled her eyes, "Oh my child, do turn around then so Big Sister Shego can punish Little Johnny."

Director didn't ask any questions, merely turned around and crossed her arms, sighing at the sounds of pain and satisfaction that began to echo behind her.

"Oh you've been a bad boy, Johnny, trying to hit a girl were we? Such a naughty boy!"

"You know...they're taking an awfully long time."

Ron nodded in agreement, "What could they be doing? I can hear the alarm, it's gone off."

Kim gnawed on her bottom lip and shook her head, "We'll give them 10 more minutes to find Mamoru, and then we go in."


Shego moved with purpose, massaging the space between her fingers and frowning from annoyance.

"Can't you turn that damn alarm off?"

"No can do. It gets turned off from the office."

"Can I blow it up then?"

"Are you insane? Do you know how much that would cost me?"

"Then can't we go to the office?"

"It's at the core."

"Are we headed there?"

Director was silent for a moment before she bit her lip.

"I'm not certain."

Shego halted, staring at her partner with a look of disbelief.

"You're kidding right?"

Director sighed, lacing her arms at the small of her back, "I apologize, but it seems as if things have been moved and placed around, like someone took the entire building and turned everything counter clockwise. Things look foreign, or else I just can't remember."

"You are getting old, huh?"

"You are most certainly pushing your luck, Miss Shego."

"Hault!" Cried a voice, it was another man; however this blond haired fellow sported a blue uniform this time, the colors of GJ. Within his grasp was a gun of some sort, steadily held pointed at the two women, shifting back and forth between the pair.

"Isn't that one of your slaves, Director?" Shego whispered, slowly, as she grinned, lifting her hands to show she was unarmed, though she felt the dull pulse of the talisman against her chest, "Can't trust a dog that'll bite you in the ass when you need their help though."

Director snarled, lifting her hands as well, this was what they got for not paying attention. "What are you doing? Do you know who I am?"

"Nothing but a bitch," Replied the male, calmly and slowly putting pressure on the trigger of the gun.

Shego whistled, "Oh, cold blooded."

Director narrowed her eye in thought as she tried to remember the name of the agent that was getting ready to shoot at her. She knew that some of her agents would be under Mamoru's lies and power, which was to be expected because she did abandon them after all.

That didn't make her prepared for this scenario however.

"Ruptert…put the gun down."

"I will," Ruptert casually replied, "When I'm done taking you two out. Think of the reward eh? Mamoru is going to promote me for this one. No more scrubbing toilets!"

"I see. Then, say goodnight Ruptert."


Shego jerked, her body tense, ready and expecting the sound of the trigger so that she could rocket into action, but it never came. Instead, the male hit the floor on his knees, sparkles of lighting still dancing around his body, his eyes dull before he fell forward to his belly and face. The gun spiraled out of his hands to bump under the lifted toe of Director's shoe.

"Welcome back, Doctor Director."

Kim rounded the corner, Ron at her side as she narrowed her eyes in curious suspicion.

"KP," Ron whispered, Rufus balanced on his shoulder. "There's nobody out here."

Kim nodded. This seemed unreal; there should have been a guard or something in front of the wide open doors, anything to keep off further intruders. Surely there were…people here right? They wouldn't have relocated to another building or anything in such a short time would they?

"Rufus, go check it out," Kim whispered.

The small naked mole rat gave a salute before he was off, speeding across the ground and leaping over a disregarded newspaper.

It wasn't long before the mole rat returned. He shrugged his shoulders when Kim reached to pick him up.

"See anything, buddy," Ron asked.


Ron swallowed nervously as he followed Kim from around the corner, carelessly stepping over Betty's earlier dropped clothing but paying them no mind. "You don't think Shego…killed them all do you?"

Kim rolled her eyes, "Don't be ridicules, Ron, Shego's strong but not strong enough to take on the entire Global Justice force."

"Well I'm just saying, KP," Ron stuttered, peeking into the darkness of the rubble littered GJ entrance, "She's a beast and all, what if she turned into a werewolf or something and started slaughtering innocents left and right?"

Stepping through a hole in the wall Kim sighed, "Does that mean you can turn into a monkey then, Ron?"

"WHAT?" The sidekick screamed, clutching the talisman under his mission shirt, "No way!"

Kim smirked slightly, "Come on." She mumbled, glad she'd left the other ones back with Bonnie and Monique, even the one that had called out to her.

She didn't have time to come into 'power' while on this mission. She wanted her wits about her.

"Look, claw marks. Let's go Ron, they're around here somewhere."

Shego smirked, arms crossed beneath her chest at the site before her.

"Well, least someone hasn't abandoned you and if you smile any harder your mouth might fall off."

"You're always one to ruin a moment," Betty mumbled, but even Shego barely put a dent in her mood, "Good to see you again Will."

The agent in question smirked devilishly, a hand coming up in a salute. "I knew you would return, the Resistance is holding off Gemini and Mamoru's forces."

Director nodded with understanding, "And where are those fools by the way?"

"Hiding of course."

"I'd expect no less from rats."

Will gave a nod before his expression shifted from one of content to one of seriousness. "Gemini's forces outnumber us with 3 to 1, it's not much and we should be able to handle it, however I don't want to stretch our luck so it's best if this situation get handled as quickly as possible."

Then there was silence as Will's gaze shifted to Shego as if he was noticing her for the first time.

"What are you doing here?"

Shego refrained from sending her balled fist out to his face, "What the hell do you mean what am I doing here? I'm obviously helping your boss you-"

Will held up his palm, effectively silencing the fuming green woman by shocking her that he'd dared to do such a thing. "Why is she with you?"

"Did he just not hear-"

"Shego is a good person, don't mind her for now, she's assisting me."

"I'm assisting who now?"

"Ah," Will nodded, understanding and hiding his smirk as the ex-villain grew pissed, "How did you keep hidden all this time?"

Director opened her mouth to give Will an answer, a very vague and without detail one that would save her from embarrassment. Unfortunately Shego beat her to it.

"She's been up with me at Kimmie's place posing as her pet."

Shego inwardly grinned with glee at the panicked expression that crossed Director's face and the uncomfortable one on Will's.


"No detail or anything of that sort need be said-"

"We took baths together-"

"Miss Shego!" Betty hissed.

"We made love! How could you throw this all away?"

"We did no such thing!"

Will held a hand up to his nose, pinching the entrance to stop the flow of blood before slowly turning his gaze elsewhere and tuning out the arguing women. Well, despite this predicament…he was glad to have his leader back.

"Watch it, KP!" Ron hissed, throwing out an arm to stop the teenage hero from moving further.

Kim almost stumbled, frowning at the arm in her path, "Quit it Ron, and don't play around at a time like this." She was agitated; it felt as if they'd been moving in circles and she swore she'd seen that picture of the half naked man about five times now and it was disturbingly beginning to look like her father.

Ron didn't budge; instead he continued to frown into the darkness of the hallway. The alarm had been busted, and nothing but a dull soft wheeze came from the speaker attached in the corner. The red lights had shut off completely. "Don't doubt the power of the Monkey Mojo, Kim! There's someone out there, show yourself or I'll have to get rough!"

The slap of wood against the cement wall was loud with the absence of the blaring red alarm, and the soft voice low accented voice that accompanied that sound was also heard.


Kim jumped, she honestly hadn't known anyone else was with them and soon enough she shifted to crime fighting mode.

"Who are you?" Kim yelled, hands balled into fists, "What's going on?"

The owner of the voice gave a cruel laugh, "I should be asking you that…Look at this mess you made."

Ron narrowed his eyes, getting ready to step back in order to let Kim handle the situation but when the owner of the voice came out he only blinked in surprise.

"It's a kid."

"I am not a kid," The woman sneered, lifting a pale hand to push back strands of dark raven hair from her face.

Kim relaxed slightly, noticing the cleaning attire of the girl not much taller then her when she came out from the shadows sporting a broom. The wood of the handle was what must have hit the cement when she told them to promptly be quiet.

The female of Roman decent soon took the handle of her broom and began to clean it with the edge of her staff shirt, the tag around her neck reading in large black bold letters Juno Ivanka, Chief Sanitation Engineer.

"It's a janitor." Ron said breathing a sigh of relief and not noticing the twitch that took place in the corner of the woman's eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Kim asked, checking the woman over for any weapons she might have been carrying on here, she wasn't a fool, she wouldn't let anyone, no matter how old or young they looked, get the best of her. Maybe this girl stole the tag from the real chief and was working for Gemini?

The woman sighed, lifting a hand to push a piece of her hair behind her ear so that the sleeve of her jacket rolled up enough to flash the purple beaded rosary wrapped around her wrist, "I work here, child."

Ron put his hands on his hips, Rufus on his shoulder mirroring the motion, "Who are you calling a child? You don't look that much older then me and KP."

The woman only pressed her lips together, taking the end of her broom as she began to sweep in a manner that seemed entirely to nonchalant for the what was really going on.

"I'm twenty-seven, child."

"Twenty-seven?" Kim whispered with disbelief, giving Ron a look before staring back at the woman.

"Well, Junen."


"Yeah, June-oh," Ron began, squinting his eyes at the tag around her neck, "We didn't make this mess."

"You're standing here, in it aren't you?" The woman said, glaring daggers at Kim's sidekick with her deep ocean blues, "If not you, who?"

"Our friend…and your boss."

"That fool is no master of mine," Juno scowled, swinging the handle of the broom around until it was stationed beneath Kim's chin.

Kim frowned, lifting her hands to show she was unarmed to this strange woman. She had barely seen the handle swing, let alone knew it was coming her way. She'd have to be more careful around here; Betty obviously knew how to hire her personal, down to even the cleaning staff.


"You work for Scar?" Juno growled, narrowing those eyes until slits stared back at Kim without emotion or care, it was scary.


Juno blinked, slowly lowering the broom, "Ah…Elizabeth?"

Kim opened her mouth to confirm Juno's thoughts, but once again the broom was back under her chin. It felt really strange to feel so threatened by a blunt part of a tree.


Three pairs of feet pounded down the dent covered hallway, passing the sounds of combat and commotion between Director's loyal agents, and those who weren't.

Will grunted when he skidded to a halt, having nearly gotten blown over by a flying agent who quickly leapt back to their feet and rushed back to the fray screaming Viva la Revolution!

Betty shook her head, shoving Will back into action as Shego cackled behind them.

"Are you sure we just can't take a peek inside? I promise not to join in."


"You never let me have any fun."

The trio entered a long hallway, the carpeting reflecting the organizations' colors. There was no other doors expect for the very last one at the end of the hall, and there was only one room it could have lead to.

"There, we're here."

Shego wrinkled her nose in suspicion, "Now why the hell would they hide in such an obvious place?"

"The most obvious places tend to be overlooked by a complex mind."

"I wouldn't call your mind very complex, Betaroo."

"Please, I'm begging you; don't call me that in public."

Will grunted, gaining the distracted attention of the two females in his party. He hoped he would be able to survive this.

"It's right down the hallway, shall we commence with the operation?"

With a crack Director's belt was released, the long slender piece of leather snapping harshly at the wall beside next to her, creating a dent where the strike had hit. Flowing with the motion, the belt was brought back to her front, then grasped with her other hand, held firmly and stretched tight within her grasp.

"Da, let us commence."

Mamoru didn't know why this was happening. In fact, he wasn't even sure what was happening; only that it wasn't good and it wasn't in his favor. This was not what he had planned. First the Scientific Research Department goes nuts and alerts the Mechanical Division over a little test run of they're damn prototype bowling ball and everything falls to pieces in the course of a few hours. Where had he gone wrong? He was sure to be a strong ruling tyrant, the fear of many and all, and yet he stilled found himself locked up in a damn office seeking protection.

"What do we do?" Mamoru scowled, glaring daggers at the other man in the room who had rather rudely taken his chair for himself and his damn big eyed mutt.

"What do you mean?" Gemini replied, quirking an eyebrow as a broad grin spread across his face, "We?"

"What?" Mamoru stuttered, stalking over to the one eyed male who seemed so calm and nonchalant about the situation. If those fools broke in here, his health was on the line, "What do you mean? We're a team damnit!"

"Now when did I say that," Gemini replied, smoothly rising from the chair to turn towards the bookcase against the wall, "You screwed up you know, and you must have misunderstood our last discussion. I told you not to disappointment, and you did!"

"Not purposely!" Mamoru cried, watching as Gemini removed a blue and black covered book, the bookcase sliding to the left from the action before Gemini moved to disappear down the newly opened passage.

"When and if you fix this mess you've made, you know who to call."

Snarling Mamoru ran toward the open passage, but he was too late. The bookcase slid closed without halting, locking him within the room by himself with possible injury just outside the door. Quickly he reached up, feeling in the spot where the blue book had once been, but his so called boss had taken it with him.

He had the key to his freedom.

Resting his head against the bookcase he took a moment to breathe deeply. He would not start crying, he was a man after all, and besides, who would find him here with all the commotion going on outside? What's the worse that could possibly happen?

The door exploded, literally right to this left, and door pieces flew behind him to crash into the chair where Gemini had just been sitting moments ago. Smoke filled the room from the explosion and Mamoru clutched the bookcase as he bent over coughing, eyes watering as they turned to the only entrance into the room.

What stepped over the threshold were all his fears reincarnated in the form of a female.

A green skinned female.

Shego smiled maliciously as she stepped onto a broken piece of door holding in her grasp that pulsing blade of plasma fire, the inferno licking up and down the length of her arm as she held it leveled toward Scar's chest, "Heeeeeeere's Shego."

Stepping over the debris behind Shego came Will and Director though the both of them looked rather pale as they surveyed the damage.

"My chair…" Betty squeaked, reaching out a hand toward the broken twisted rubble that was now impaled with wood and on the floor.

"The expenses…" Will whimpered, noticing how flying wood shards had impaled various walls and priceless decorations.

Shego slouched, her eye twitching, "Oh gimmie a damn break…"

Scowling Mamoru dove to the floor, crawling toward the desk where he kept his weapon hidden, but by the time he'd reached his salvation the wood hissed before splitting in two, Shego's blade slicing it in half.

"Where is you going, eh?"

After getting over the mild shock of watching her desk be sliced in half Director began to step forward, her expression rather blank and indifferent, as if she wasn't boiling with rage at the destruction of her office or her fingers didn't twitch to choke this pathetic man at her feet to death. Instead, her fingers interlocked with one another and rested still at the small of her back with the comfort of the leather of her belt to calm her.

"Good evening, Mr. Scar. You and I must talk."

"I have nothing to say to the likes of you, Miss Director." Mamoru hissed, rising to his feet as if to muster some sort of dignity.

He hadn't seen when the tight leather of Betty's belt had had time to wrap tightly around his throat, nor had he enough time to prepare himself for the hard tug that sent him to his knees. He also didn't budge once he felt the searing heat of Shego's blade at the back of his neck.

"Now now, Scar, let's be reasonable here." Director said with her belt semi-wrapped around her hand as she slowly pulled upward on her end to cause the end around his neck to elevate his head. Maybe if this man caught his hair on fire he'd feel the danger of his current situation. "Miss Shego and I are not pleased with your current leadership of this organization and we feel you've made some poor judgment on certain issues involving our characters."

Shego only grinned wickedly, her hand twitching as a flame reached out to lick the side of Mamoru's face, "Yeah, what she said."

"The staff at Global Justice feels its time for a change; because of this development we're demoting you."

"To ashes," Shego finished.

"Not yet."

The man was between a rock and a hard place, and he wished desperately to have had the power to wipe the smug look right off Will's face at his situation.

Then he got his wish.

Director and Shego both jerked when a rather loud thud shook the tiny room. Slowly, Director turned her one eyed gaze toward the book case, watching as several of them fell off the shelves and onto the ground to scatter around their feet. The ground beneath them vibrated, sending tiny shards of wood dancing about the carpet.

"What the hell?" Shego hissed, staring with venom toward the book case wall.

"Something is coming up from the basement."

"You have a basement behind your bookcase?"

Will grew tense, preparing himself for whatever decided to emerge from that case, "It's an emergency exit, incase of emergencies."

Shego withdrew her blade from Mamoru's neck, giving the male a swift kick to the ass before Director gave a aggressive tug of her belt, regaining the strip of leather and sending Mamoru twisting onto his back with a grunt. "So why didn't our little friend here take it? I think an invasion of a building is a pretty big ass emergency."

"Someone else must have taken it before him." Director answered, giving her belt a swift snap before the leather shifted, becoming that long slender whip as her talisman glowed beneath her shirt.

Will didn't ask any questions about where his boss and an ex-thief had gained the weapons they held, questions could be asked later; right now they had larger problems.

Larger indeed, what exploded from the bookcase was a mechanical giant.

"Another bowling ball? You have more then one of these things?"

Director grinded her teeth, not noticing when Mamoru began to slowly drag his body toward the door behind them.

"Of course we have more then one, we need backups and such."

"This one looks larger then the first friggin one."

Shego drew back her sword, tense. She knew her plasma fire would do nothing against this beast. Director wasn't sure if her own power would work, and she knew she didn't have time to think about it either, the round chicken legged robot was already beginning to charge up.

"We must retreat!" Will shouted over the growing hum before he began to look around himself, noticing their enemy was missing, "Where's Scar?"

"Shit," Shego cursed. They'd lost his slimly butt already?

"Don't worry about it!" Cried a voice, one Shego was relieved to hear.


There was her Kimmie, standing in the doorway with her sidekick who crackled his knuckles with glee, his own talisman glowing beneath his shirt, and…some other woman about Kim's height holding onto Mamoru's neck like he was some sort of mutt.

The roman faced woman also looked very pissed.

"You, you Betty Sol Director, always leave trash…everywhere! There is such a mess in the hallway…Caused by...by you and your friends. So much work." Juno tossed the whimper man to Betty's feet while Ron leapt over the group to land hard upon the robot's head, effectively taking it out with some well placed punches to the center of its skull.

"Ah, nice to see you too, Miss Ivanka." Director said sheepishly, lifting a foot to place it on the top of Mamoru's skull. He wasn't going anywhere.

Immediately the young seeming woman swung down her broom and began to sweep up wood shrapnel and books, cursing in Italian and going about her business.

"Who…?" Shego began, staring at the back of the short woman's neck before Director waved a hand to draw away any sort of suspicion.

"She's the Chief of Sanitation, pay her no mind. You just made more work for her."

"I did?" Shego growled.

"Yes, remember? When you blew open the door…and sliced my desk in half…and put holes in my walls and plasma fired the alarm system?" Director said, forcing a bright cheery smile that had the opposite effect. Betty did not look happy.

Kim shook her head, moving to stand at Will's side as the bowling ball robot gave a whine as it shut down, Ron flipping from its head to land on the other side of Kim doing some sort of embarrassing victory dance Kim tried not to watch from the corner of her eye.

"Who activated that thing?"

Will stared toward the blown open entrance and the dark stairs that lead down to the basement. "Whoever's down there."

Kicking Mamoru suddenly toward the sweeping maid Director turned toward the hallway, rolling up the sleeves of Henry's baggy uniform jacket, "Miss Ivanka, do keep an eye on him for me."

Juno only gave Director's retreating backside a look of cold agitation before she continued to try and make a dent in the destruction about the room.

Kim followed after the retreating leader, along with Ron, Will, and Shego who still stared at Juno as if it was something about the short woman she couldn't quite put her finger on.

"If she's just a maid, how the hell-"

"Don't worry about it," Kim interrupted, chewing lightly on her bottom lip.

So Shego didn't.

His precious little puppy began barking, immediately alerting him to the visitors that were coming down the stairs. My, how he loved his puppy, it was so useful, more useful then any of his other goons. Send them to do a task and they failed…if you want something done, he supposed you had to do it yourself. With his back to the wall as he rocked in another one of his LITTLE sisters rather comfortable chairs he gave a dark chuckle.

"Well, took you long enough…"

When Director hit the last step, emerging into the light with a snarl on her face Sheldon only grinned, turning in his chair as he stoked his shivering dog.

"But you always like to take your time don't you?"

"Sheldon…" Director whispered before she gave him a rather twisted smile, "So nice to see you again, what, didn't get your ass kicked enough from our last meeting?"

Immediately her sibling left to his feet, grasping his dog tightly in his hands until it appeared those ratty little eyes would explode from its skull, " I DID NOT GET MY ASS KICKED." However, he calmed himself, shaking his head with a laugh and relaxing his hands so his dog could breathe again, "Trying to get me mad are you?"

"Of course not, after all, I should be the one mad!"

Kim and Shego hit the basement next, Shego's blade in her hand as she slowly began to lift it, however Betty rose her arm.

"He's mine."

Shego could understand that, after all, this was Betty's flesh and blood,. If it was Hugo's ass she was kicking she wouldn't want help.

So the blade disappeared.

Betty's whip disappeared as well, when she was wringing her brothers fat neck she wanted to feel herself do it.

Kim however, had a question to ask before the fireworks got underway.

"Gemini," Kim yelled, causing the evil villain to shift his attention between his sister and the teenage hero.

"Oh, Kim Possible! What can I do for you?"

"What do you want with the talismans?" After all, Kim assumed he had been the cause behind the poor lodge keepers behaviors when they'd found them.

However, Sheldon looked rather confused, "Huh? Talismans…?"

Kim didn't want to believe it, but the pure utter stupid look of Sheldon's lack of knowledge in the subject meant he didn't know anything about them.

Then who was after them?

"What about these talismans…?"

"Ah!" Ron squealed, tumbling down the rest of the stairway to land beside Kim's feet, Rufus clutching his head, "Ah, forget it, KP didn't say anything! Talismans? What's a talismans, is that a food?" Ron laughed nervously, rubbing his backside and his head.

Will gave a bob of his head as he rushed down the stairs after Ron. "Sorry Mr. Stoppable."

Kim leaned down to help Ron to his feet and saw Will shift from foot to foot nervously. He'd tripped Ron, she knew it, but she knew why. Ron was good at distractions, and it was best that Sheldon not ask anymore about the talismans. They didn't need two enemies on their tail.

Sheldon snorted, he knew better then to listen to anything a child would sputter and turning his attention back to Betty he scowled, dropping his dog as his sisters hands were suddenly balled in the neck of his shirt, yanking him forward rather close to her face.

"You've got some nerve sticking your hand in my toy box, Sheldon."

"Oh all you do is cry, Betty and maybe if your little toy box had a lock I wouldn't go in it."

"How about I pound you into a lock, huh?"

"Now now, little sister-"

"I am not younger then you! We're the same age!"

"Lies and tribulations!"

A loud boom interrupted the twin's argument however, and smoke blew through the basement as stone and rocks fell from the wall that had been blown in.

"Now what?" Director scowled, still keeping her tight hold on Sheldon as he turned his head to the source of the destruction, "Whoever did that is paying for that wall…"

Kim narrowed her eyes at the smoke as she saw several black suited men leap over the debris and post themselves at the wall, dark glasses covered their eyes and their arms were held behind their back. They stood like military personal, but were dressed in what looked like black business suits with ear pieces attached to them.

Will hissed, "It's the CSI."

"The CSI!" Shego repeated, leaping behind Kim and shoving her forward and ahead of her, "Hide me!"

"Shego!" Kim said.

"What are they doing here?"

Slowly, as the smoke cleared a woman emerged from the smoke, holding an air of elegance and pose, stepping lightly over the rubble as if it wasn't there with the assistance of a long black cane; a dragon's head with two white gems was the handle. The woman was dressed to match the CSI agents, though she looked more important and her presence demanded attention.

Slowly, the older woman lifted her hand, and hooked the cane on her arm before removing from her freckled nose square framed glasses that were brought down to a white expensive looking handkerchief with the initials ID in the corner and slowly the glasses were cleaned with it.

"You guys and your tree houses," The woman spoke, holding a light Russian accent to her tone that one had to focus to hear, "Sheldon and Elizabeth, you two have been causing some trouble for me."

Sheldon began to visibly shake, while Betty just looked pale and shocked. Immediately she released her brother and Sheldon backed up a few steps to make sure he kept some space between them.

Clearing his throat Sheldon spoke, though his voice still sounded small and whispy, "Uh….Mama…hi…"

The woman did not look amused.

Kim was amazed; did this big bad villain just call this woman mother? Well, she supposed she did see a resemblance in the eyes and the highlights in her shoulder length hair.

Shego quirked a brow…so if this was Sheldon's mother…

Betty didn't say anything at first, instead finding some point on the wall suddenly very interesting and rocking back and forth on the heels of her feet. It wasn't until the woman looked her way and frowned that she cleared her throat and spoke.

"Ah, yes, good evening Mother."

The woman's frown deepened until she was growling.

"I-I mean, hello Mommy."

Immediately the older woman smiled, shifting her stormy grey eyes between the both of them before places her glasses back on the bridge of her nose. "Explain yourself."

The both of them began talking at once, each louder then the other, like two fighting children trying to get the last word in. Ms. Director held up her hand, and like a switch was flipped there was silence. Only Shego's faint snickering was heard.

"Kimme…she called her…Mommy…"

"Shhh, Shego!"

"He took my organization!" Betty yelled, pointing at her brother like he was some sort of rat.

"Sheldon, what have I told you about taking over your sister's organization? You have your own to play with."

Betty stuck out her tongue, crossing her arms over her chest and Sheldon fumed.

"She made me do it! She sent me a cat for my birthday and she knows how much I hate them!" Sheldon's dog barked in agreement.

"Betty, what have I told you about agitating your brother."

Director only snorted, looking smug and angry.

"He put out a law to have me slaughtered, Mommy."

At this the woman sighed, "Sheldon…what have I told you about putting out laws decreeing your sisters an animal and that she should be shot and killed on site?"

"Well she is…" Sheldon responded.

"Is that all you have to say for yourself?" The woman said, sounding angry and disappointed as she approached, swiftly grabbing a hold of Sheldon's ear as he squealed like a pig.

Without another word she began to drag her son off and toward the hole, the adult male whining about life not being fair. The other CSI agents that had filled the room left just as swiftly as they had entered, following after their boss.

Director chuckled darkly, taking pleasure in Sheldon's misery just like any sibling would, "Heh, you got in trouble…"

"Elizabeth!" Yelled Ms. Director's voice, "I'm not done with you either, get in here! Don't make me call your father!"

With hesitation or looking back to her stunned companions Director took off like a rocket, leaping over the rubble in front of the hole and disappearing within without looking back, "C-coming!"

Silence…it lasted for about as long as Shego could hold her breath.

Which was for about 20 seconds.

She fell to the ground with a roar of laughter, holding her stomach and crying with tears.

Kim slowly lifted a hand to scratch at her cheek, listening to a rock fall from the hole where her pet had just ran off.

Will only cleared his throat nervously and Ron pounded on his chest.

"The day is saved!"

Ignoring Shego's laughter, Kim gave Will a sympathetic look.

"Sorry, if it's one person who can control Doctor Director without breaking a sweat, it's Ivivian Director." Will explained.

"Yeah, no kidding." Kim hoped she didn't look so submissive in front of her own mother.

Shego couldn't catch her breath fast enough to add commentary.

"So now what?" Kim asked, still staring at the hole, "Is she coming back?"

Will nodded, "She'll be back when her mother is done. The law will get pulled, so Shego and my boss can go back to being human…but not for awhile."

"What do you mean?" Shego asked, sobering up pretty quick and flipping to her feet.

"What I mean is, it could take years to get this pulled. We aren't sure how deep of a mess Mamoru has made with this gibberish. The government could actually be taking it seriously, which might be why Ms. Director was so…upset with her children."

"So your telling me…I'm still stuck with taking walks and sleeping in dog beds?"

"For just a year or two…or three…or five longer, Miss Shego."

Ron smirked, "The twins will be happy about this."

"The hell they will!" Shego fumed.

Kim only sighed before she shrugged, "This is so not the drama."

She wasn't sure what she was going to do next, Shego and Betty were still her property until the laws were pulled and when they were, well, she'd let them go she supposed. Until then, she'd just keep on doing what she was doing and take care of them, it was no biggie.

Anything else would be tackled when she got to it; after all, she was Kim Possible, the girl that could do anything.

The End . . . . Maybe.