This fic is a what if for Underworld, what if the Counsel hadn't been killed? How would they have judged Selene? What would they have given her as a punishment for becoming tainted by Lycans? And since we know Viktor had already taken his daughters life for the same crime who would argue for Selene's?


Teris Xenite

Selene knelt on the floor before the man that had brought her strength, the one who had given her second life that she could defend others from the monsters that butchered her family. And now because she had broken laws that would have left him to rule over a pile of ashes had they been observed he would take the word of a traitor and a coward over her own. "How could you trust him over me?"

"Because he is not the one who has been tainted by an animal." She swallowed her pain at that accusation and kept her silence. "I love a daughter, but you leave me with no choice. These rules are in place for a good reason...and they are the only reason we have survived this long."

Reminding herself that she knew that there would be consequences she swallowed ready to accept his decisions, surely he would not blame her she had only been trying to protect him and their coven. His next words would fill her eyes with tears and her mouth with the taste of ashes.

"You will not be shown an ounce of leniency. When Amelia arrives, the Council will convene and decide your fate. You have broken the chain and the Covenant! You must be judged!"

Despite the fact that death dealers did not cry tears marked her face as the hunter who would have swept out of her way in evenings past out of deserved fear and deference took her arm and forced her from the room. Kraven vibrated anger and annoyance, and a small bit of panic as he walked by her side to the room that would serve as her prison until her judgment.

"You should've listened to me and stayed out of this. Now you'll be lucky if I can convince the Council to spare your life."

Despite the insult she flung at him he didn't give her the pleasure of rising to the bait as she would have wished, instead he made that cryptic comment about her seeing things his way. Not a very reassuring prospect, although it did help that there was at least someone who would speak for her with the council. It was cold comfort and she wished it wasn't to be Kraven, but beggars could hardly be choosers, and if she was going to get to the bottom of this plot she could not die, not yet.

Outside of the room Erika moved to disrupt the guards allowing Selene to escape, for only then could she take the place that should by right be hers. After all had she not fawned over Kraven, made him feel strong and powerful when Selene had done nothing but cut him down from the moment that Victor named him heir to the coven while he slumbered. Had she not been kind, accommodating and given him all that a man vampire or otherwise could wish for, a warm willing body in his bed at night, an eager hostess hoping to aid his advancement, a sympathetic ear when he was troubled. And still he chose Selene. This would not do at all.

Just as she was began to move from the shadows a strong wrist closed over her fingers. "Do not think to do what you were planning Erika, I owe you much for these past years, but do not think that I would allow that to temper any punishment you would receive for such an offense." Kraven stroked the back of his fingers along her downy cheek before pausing at her chin to tilt it up for a kiss. "Besides dear one there will still be a place for you at my side when the new order rises. Selene will not be my only queen."

"Now go, the council wishes to see you. They wish to know more about Selene's pet."

Erika walked away as he ordered, but not without casting a glance back at him. She would be none too pleased when she discovered his deception, but by then it would be too late. Selene would be his, in a bond held sacred by the highest of their laws. To attempt to break it would be treason, and though she was ambitious and in love Erika had not the fire to risk that kind of punishment. No, that particular type of foolishness was reserved for his Selene.

He smiled as he thought of how she would rebel against Viktor's decision. It would not be the first time that she had been lied to by the old man, but at least this time it served his purposes. It had been decided that Selene was not to know of the counsel's murder as it would have only fueled her will to go discover the Lycan plot. Something that Viktor would not abide.

He had lost one daughter to corruption by Lycan he would not stand to loose Selene as well. He acknowledged that perhaps he had been too lenient with her, and that the use of a more firm hand was needed. And he'd said who better than Kraven to supply that firm hand, stayed from excess cruelty by his feelings for her.

For Victor had known of his feelings for Selene since the moment he turned her, knew that it was not the kindness of his heart that wanted her spared while her family was slaughtered, knew it was not sentiment or desire to regain the past that made him mention the resemblance that the girl bore to Sonja. It was in fact her very resemblance that planted the seed to bring forth another daughter, one who would hate the Lycans so fiercely that she would never turn from his path.

With a grim smile Kraven fingered the collar in his pocket. A moment that he had wished to be sweet, one of the few that he'd desired so since his turning was being tainted by Selene's foolish obsession with that worthless Lycan. But he swallowed his resentment. After all beggars can't be choosers, and he had waited 6oo long years for this moment, Selene would be his this night be it by her will or not. She continuously cast him into the role of the villain, so tonight he mused flexing his hand over the fine collar imagining the weight of it on her neck, tonight he would play one.