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Title: Looking for Salvation
Chapters: 1

Ch. 1 Unaware and Unprepared

"Where are we?" Was the first thing Harry heard when he regained consciousness. Blinking open his eyes, he noticed that everything was slightly blurry and there was something digging into his cheek bone.

Groaning with the effort to push himself up, Harry grimaced with pain from his scraped palms. It seemed as if he had tried to protect his face from the rough ground when they landed in this rocky and barren landscape.

'Wait... They?' Finally managing to prop himself up, he focused blurred eyes to his companion that had spoken earlier. All he could see was a blond blob standing a few feet away from him.

Cursing his eyesight, Harry quickly reached up to rub them, only to encounter his glasses. 'Why can't I see if I have my glasses on?' he thought to himself, as he started to pull them off. When he did, he gasped out loud, startling the other person.

Staring around in wonder, Harry Potter quickly rubbed his eyes, put his glasses on, squinted, then with an awed look on his face, pulled them off again.

"What are you doing?" Asked a slightly amused voice.

Startled, but not deterred from his exploration, Harry did this a couple more times before he was satisfied that he was definitely NOT going crazy.

Letting his glasses fall from nerveless fingers, the emerald eyed boy looked dazed and turned to the voice. "I can see," he said faintly.

The other person chuckled. "Really? And here I thought you were blind from birth."

Harry ignored the mocking tone. "No, I can see without my glasses! I mean... I've always had glasses! How can I see so well?! I mean -" Closing his mouth abruptly, he finally focused his green eyes on his companion, seeing him for the first time. "MALFOY?!"

And he was right. There stood Draco Malfoy. Evil-sod extraordinaire. The bane of his existence. Most annoying git at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Sporting a bloody lip, a bruised jaw, and a cut on his upper arm, Malfoy still looked unruffled and held himself with his usual aristocratic air. He held his wand in one hand, while the other pressed itself against his still bleeding arm, and his eyes darted around as if expecting an attack.

"Yes, its me. Draco Malfoy, sexiest bloke at Hogwarts, at your service," Draco drawled, not noticing Harry's slightly flabbergasted look as he continued to scan the vicinity.

"What are YOU doing here?" Harry asked, becoming aware of his various aches and pains. Wincing slightly, he tried to stand, only managing to find out that he had a twisted ankle. Hissing in pain, he ignored his nemesis for a moment, and quickly looked himself over. After a few moments, he was pleased to see that he wasn't bleeding anywhere and that he only sported a few bruises, the twisted ankle, and scraped palms. Feeling eyes on him, he looked up to come face to face with his companion. Pursing his lips in irritation, he was about to lash out when he caught the concerned glint in the gray eyes.

While Harry was occupied, Draco had finished with his initial observations, and watched as the emerald eyed boy finished his inspection. Noting the injured palms and twisted ankle, Draco frantically thought of any spells that could heal them. He did not want to stay out in the open any longer than necessary - since he was still unsure of where they were or how they got there - and he wasn't cold-hearted enough to leave his classmate behind. Lost in thought, Draco didn't notice that he had leaned in to look closer at the injuries until his gray eyes were filled with emerald green.

"Know any spells to fix those up, Potter?" Asked Draco quickly.

Surprised, but knowing that they had to find shelter before it got dark, Harry ignored his earlier misgivings and quickly wracked his brain for any useful spells. "I know one... Uhh... I think it starts with an 'e', I just can't remember what it was... My head feels all muddled," he said, thinking as hard as he could. If he could just remember what it was!

"An 'e' you say? Hm..." Draco tapped his wand against his lip, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. "Oh!" he exclaimed, then with a flourish, pointed his wand at Harry's ankle and said, "Episkey!"

The swelling went down immediately, as did the bruising, and relief from the stabbing pain coursed up Harry's leg. Sighing in relief, he smiled brightly at his enemy. 'Well, maybe not an enemy anymore.' Harry thought, smirking inwardly. After presenting his palms to be fixed, he started patting his hands over his robes, standing up to check his pockets.

"What are you doing?"

Looking up with a resigned expression on his face, Harry sighed. "Just my luck. My wands gone!" He put his hands on his hips and absently blew his bangs out of his face.

Noticing the silence, he quickly looked to Draco and saw how pale he had become. "You ok there, mate?" Harry said, scanning the blond for injuries.

"Ok? Ok?! You bloody don't have a WAND Potter! How can you be OK?!" Draco said, irritation, worry, and fear making his cheeks go red. "What are you going to do?! You can't defend yourself without a wand Harry! What would you do if I'm not there?! You can't do spells?! What if-"

He was cut off mid-rant when he noticed Harry's amused green eyes. Shaking his head and lightly closing his eyes, Harry Potter started snickering and finally gave into full blow laughter.

Draco did NOT look amused, and crossed his arms in a huff as he waited for the other boy to calm down. Glaring spitefully, he did not know why his companion thought it was so funny. Irritated, but patient, he waited till the laughter stopped and raised his eyebrow.

Finally calming down, The-Boy-Who-Lived wiped tears from his eyes and smiled brightly at the other boy, completely disregarding the mocking eyebrow and the icy cold glare.

"I think I liked you as an enemy," Harry mused to himself. Sighing in resignation, he lifted his right hand and willed a ball of light to hover above his palm. Catching Draco's incredulous expression, he smirked and said, "That answer your question?"

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