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Title: Looking for Salvation
Chapters: 6

Ch. 6 Working Together

The day settled into night, as the threesome settled down by the fire. After eating their fill of the unusual, but filling, fare that Amethyst had provided from her scavenging, Draco Malfoy settled back onto his elbows and locked eyes with his classmate. "I know that you know that I have the magical site. I noticed when I was putting up the wards that you 'saw' my magic," he cut his eyes to their guide, "I also know that you noticed too, but it wasn't with anything like the sight. How did you know?"

Smiling indulgently, Amethyst crossed her arms and leaned back against the log that was behind her. "I am an Elemental," she said, as if that explained everything. Seeing both boys looking confused, she sighed and uncrossed her arms. "As an elemental, we are sensitive to all kinds of magic. Wards, spells, enchantments, everything. Since we 'feel' with our elements – me with the wind – I could 'feel' the currents of magic," she explained.

Nodding faintly, Harry looked over at the blond. "I have magical sight, but it's not as strong as yours. I was still developing it since I found out I had it at the start of the school year. The castle almost bloody blinded me," he chuckled grimly. "At Hogwarts, my glasses had a kind of enchantment that allowed me to turn the sight on and off until I could control it better. Since I came here, I've found the control I needed, but I still don't understand it all. Dumbledore was teaching me when he could, but since it's still early in the school year, I've only had a few lessons," he shrugged.

Mulling it over in his head, Draco really looked at Potter. "I could see that. Your magical aura is... How do I say this? Settled, I guess you could say, around your eyes more. When you first develop the site, your magic is agitated with the new ability and floods your eyes too much. Now that you're here," he waved his hand around them, "it seems to have reached a good balance."

Grinning, and inwardly awed at his classmates control of the ability, he decided to risk it and ask the question that had been bugging him since earlier. "When did you develop your sight? It seems that you've got total mastery of it."

Shrugging, Draco sat up and stared into the fire. "Ever since I was about three years old, I started 'seeing' things. Auras, enchantments, etc. When I touched someone, I could feel their power levels and if I 'looked' hard enough, I could sense their abilities. Since my father," he snorted elegantly, "didn't touch people too often, I thought that it was normal, and learned to avoid human contact. When I was about five years old, I accidentally let it slip to my godfather and he told me all about it; how to control it, what everything meant, etc. He also told me to never tell anyone, especially my father. The only people that know I have it, is my godfather, the Headmaster, and now you two, since I think we shouldn't keep our abilities secret in case we need it for survival here," he said, flicking his eyes to his companions, to let them know he was serious. "This summer, I noticed that my 'sight' was getting a little out of control, so I went to the Headmaster - that's when he found out, by the way – and I had to learn even more control since I was hitting my magical maturity. Now I have total control, at least I should hope so," he finished in a near-silent mutter.

Chuckling, Harry just nodded and tilted his head back to look at the stars. "I came into my second magical maturity at the end of the school year last year. They say it was stress and a big magical backlash that forced my magic to 'grow', I guess you could say," he said grimly, his eyes shadowed. "According to Remus – or Professor Lupin – and Dumbledore, I had my first magical maturity when I was one and a half years old." Hearing a gasp, he looked at Draco and saw his eyes widening in horror. "Yes, the first time was when I was attacked by Voldemort. The second was after the Tri-wizard tournament. I destroyed half of the hospital wing in a magical backlash after one of my nightmares," he laughed hollowly. "When the Headmaster found out that I had too much power a one year old should have, he had to place a block on me. When I came to Hogwarts, he enchanted my wand to slowly break down the block so I would have power, but not too much at once. Unfortunately, in great times of stress the 'cracks' in the block just grew bigger and unstable. That's why I had trouble with little magic, like wingardium leviosa as first, but learned the Patronus charm so easily in the third year. When Voldemort used my blood in that ritual last year and we dueled, my blocks vanished, but because they were held back for so long and because of the magical stress I was under, it pretty much triggered another magical maturity," Harry sighed. "Now I have all of my power at my disposal, and that's why I have so many weapons on me. All the physical training helped me control my power more, and it seems like all my life I've been under this invisible weight. Now that the blocks are gone, I feel," Harry paused, "free, I guess."

Rubbing the back of his neck, Harry paused again to get his thoughts in order. "Now you know about my weapons and my power. The other abilities that I have are what I've learned over the summer in training and what I've learned over the years but never knew were so important. I pretty much have photographic memory, because growing up at the Dursley's I learned to do everything by memory and to do it right the first time, or I would get a beating. I only do average at school because when I was younger and I had better grades then my cousin Dudley, I would get a beating, so I got the habit of doing worse than my cousin ingrained in me. I also am developing my magical sight, which you already know, and I've got Auror training from Mad-Eye Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt over the summer. I learned dagger fighting – almost to get my mastery - , Occlumency, potions, martial arts, and stealth from Severus," he cut his eyes to Draco, who was looking wide-eyed, "Yes Draco, from your godfather. We came to a truce after the Tri-wizard tournament, and he came to my house periodically over the summer to train me," Harry looked back towards the fire, and thought for a moment. "I learned wandless and silent spellcasting, warding – albeit only with a wand so far – and dueling from Dumbledore. I was halfway through my training to become an animagus from my godfather, but unfortunately I only got through learning to transfigure my body parts to animal ones, and I still don't know what my form is. I also was supposed to start learning sword and rapier fighting from Severus, but never had a chance."

Amethyst, who was sitting silently and partially forgotten at the moment, listening in awe. She knew some things from hearing it from her honorary uncle, Albus, but Danu, Anshar, and Zephyrus! Did this boy not get a break? Shaking her head, she decided to speak up. "Well, now that we know your abilities Harry, I'll tell you mine," she said, and settled down more comfortably. "As an Elemental, I guide the winds. Since I am only 20 years old, I am still in the middle of my training, but came to pick you two up because they thought that if they sent Neheb," here she snorted with laughter, "that you two would more than likely run the other way or attack him." Seeing their confusion, she giggled. "Neheb is the fighting trainer and a fire elemental. Nice - once you get to know him - but a very hard taskmaster and doesn't like most people, or slackers. Who did Albus say he reminded him of? ...A Professor Snape I think it was," she said thoughtfully. Seeing the two boys roll their eyes and grin, she laughed. "Yes, well, they thought that since I was top of my class and since I was close with Albus, I'll come pick you up. I have full control of my elemental ability, since we come into our powers when we are still quite young, but am learning marital arts, sword fighting, dagger fighting, horseback riding, tracking, archery, and sorcery - or for you two - wandless magic. Not many people have wands here, since it is used more as a focus than an actual weapon. We learn a type of wandless magic learning to use our elements, so we find that we don't need them. It also allows us to hide among the immerens – or non-magical people - better since we don't need to wave a stick around. I am the top in my class for archery, dagger fighting, tracking and sorcery, since I learned the last from Uncle Albus whenever he visited me... And since I used to steal his wand often," she said proudly, ignoring the grins and chuckling from the two boys. "Here, on Asagin, we start our training at 18, and finish whenever our trainers say were finished. That could be in a couple of years, or a decade. Once I master the other fields, I'll 'graduate'. I am also learning the animagus transformation, although here it's called 'the vertozdier' or beast-change."

"But why is it mandatory to learn all of that?" asked Draco suddenly. "I mean, in the British Isles, it's important to have a lot of skills since we're in the middle of a war. What about here?"

Amethyst smiled. "Well, there is no war here right now, but we found that it is always good to be prepared for the worst. Remember where you landed? The Plain of War? Well, according to legends, it is said that there was a massive battle there that ended the last war on this planet. Nobody knows the reason, or the sides, or the outcome. All we know is that the people were unprepared, unawares, and millions died. It is said that on the Autumn Solstice, or Samhain, when the veil between the dead and the living is thin, the Plain is filled with the ghosts of the warriors. Not understanding that the war was long over, they rise up during that one time of the year and keep fighting their battles," Amethyst said, her voice sad and quiet. "There are stories of how people made their way to the Plain during Samhain, and could hear bloodthirsty battles being fought, with no one in sight. Now, it is tradition to be trained in everything that could mean survival in a war, so we are never caught unawares again. Of course, there are people that are not fighters, and they get most of their training in healing and strategy. Those people make up most of the population, but we still have quite a lot of fighters, since it is in our blood."

Draco and Harry were quiet, absorbing all of this information, trying to understand what this place they were unceremoniously dropped in was like. They both wondered if the Wizarding world would still be terrorized by Voldemort now if they had followed the Elementals example and was trained for the worst situation. If people were trained to fight, than this war would've been over before it began. Dispelling the useless thoughts, Harry turned towards Malfoy. "Well, it's your turn. We know your magical sight ability. Anything else?"

Gray eyes clouded in thought, as Draco wondered what to tell them. "Well, I'm fully capable of magical sight. I've been trained in the Dark Arts by my father," he spat the name in disgust, making Harry wonder what that was about, "and I am capable of dagger fighting with my switchblade – which I learned from Severus, and am an intermediate fighter with a sword and a rapier. I am skilled in Occlumency, as a protection from my fathers acquaintances, and I am proficient in martial arts – again which I learned from Severus when I was younger. I know a little bit about wards because it is a necessity when living in Slytherin, since you have to ward your bed and belongings or get pranked or your things stolen. Other than that, I started to learn wandless magic from Dumbledore when I was fine-tuning my magical sight, but only got up to lumos," here he paused. Taking a fortifying breath, Draco turned his gray eyes to Harry. "If you can help me learn wandless magic and anything else you can teach me, I can teach you to control your magical sight and start you learning the sword and rapier in exchange. I think I need to learn as much as possible since we're here anyways."

Grinning delightedly, Harry agreed enthusiastically and shook Malfoy's hand to seal the deal. Turning to Amethyst, he smirked and said, "Well, I'm sure that we're here for a reason anyways, so what a better time to learn right?"

Amethyst laughed and crossed her arms behind her head. "Well, as to the reason why you're here... Have you ever heard of 'The Vicissitudo Sobre Pact'?"


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