Days Gone By--Are They Really Gone?

Summery: What would happen if Harry Potter went back in time? Not to be a student but to teach? This story is going to be about Harry, at 19, going back in time to his parents 7th year and teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA). What secrets would be found out? Find out all this and more.

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Days Gone By—Are They Really Gone?

Chapter 1: Information Followed by Heavy Precipitation


     I don't know why Dumbledore called me to meet him today except it has something to do with teaching. I think I will turn whatever it is down. Nineteen is too young to teach, at least I think so, but I might be wrong. Plus I have had too many experiences with the dark arts; I don't want to teach people about it. Not now, not after I just defeated Voldemort. It amazes me that people still can't say his name, even after he is gone. Oh the way to his office never changes.

     I just passed a mirror. It still amazes me that I am not that black haired, midget with glasses any more. I still have black hair except it is cut short, real short, to make it look spiky. I don't even have to put gel in it to make it look that way. As for how will I hide my scar, I found a spell that can conceal certain, what's the word? —Ah yes, facial disfigurations. Hence the use it on my scar and now people wonder who I am. It certainly cuts down on publicity. I usually wear contacts (bless muggle technology) now, but I have a pair of rimless, oval glasses that I wear at my flat in London.

     But I have defiantly changed on the midget part. (Thank goodness) I am now only a few inches shorter then Ron, and you know how tall he is. They tell me that I am the same height as my dad, and that I look identical to him except for my eyes. I wish I could tell if that were true. The weirdest thing is that girls are staring at me. It is getting freaky. I am single right now and I plan to stay that way for a little bit longer, but the girls don't seem to realize that. But being single isn't the case for Ron. Ron and Hermione are getting married when they turn 21. With the fights they have had about the wedding, I am wondering if they will just get eloped.

      Harry reached the stone gargoyle and realized that Dumbledore had not given him the password.

      "Damn," he said hitting himself on the head, "Er--Chocolate Frogs. Licorice Wand. You know, I am beginning to think you don't like me. Er—Sugar Quill! Fizzing Whizbee!"

      It opened.

      "Finally," he muttered.

      Dumbledore was waiting for him with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his lips. "Hello Harry. How are you doing this fine morning?"

      "Hello Professor. Did you know that you forgot to give me the password? Other than that I am fine. You?"

     "I did?" He asked pretending to look shocked, "Oh dear, I am sorry. I hope I will make it up to you with my news. And Harry please call me Albus. It is my name."

     Harry grinned and then looked at Dumbledore closely. One might say that Harry had the same type of piercing gaze as Dumbledore, which is why he doesn't feel uncomfortable with him. "Alright then, Albus it is. Now what is that news? You have even got me wondering."

    Dumbledore's face took on a serious edge when he started talking, but he still had that twinkle in his eye. "Harry I find you more than capable to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, but alas, we already have a teacher for it." Harry looked confused and was about to say something when Dumbledore raised his hand, "Please let me continue. As I was saying we already have a teacher for it now, but not in the year 1978--the year that your mother and father were in their seventh year. Now I have been thinking about this for a long time. What if you went back and taught the class? There wouldn't be any publicity on your part and you could get to know your parents."

      Harry was shocked. That wasn't the type of job he had thought of when he said he would refuse.  He looked at Dumbledore with a grin and said, "When can I start?"

     "We need to send you back as soon as possible. Pretty much everyone including your friends will think you went into hiding from the remaining Death Eaters. You will need to bring everything you need with you. You will go tonight, if that is okay with you?" He paused for a moment to let Harry answer.

     "That is fine sir. But how am I going to get there and back? Also what would I teach them?" Harry asked once he had realized that it was happening that night.

     "I am glad you asked that Harry. You will be going by a special time turner called Point History. It enables you to a certain point in this school's history. As for what you are going to teach why don't you teach what you know? That is all I have to say for right now. Do you have any questions before you go to get ready?"

     Harry thought a minute, " Sir, if I look like my dad how am I going to go back without people questioning me about why I look like him? And what will I be called? I don't reckon that I can go back and say, 'Hi. I am Lily Evan's and James Potter's son Harry Potter from 21 years in the future and I would like to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts'."

      "Those are good questions, Harry. I don't have answers for all of those questions, but I have do have answers for some. You will be called Harry Larson, you are 19 years old, and you went to school in Ireland. Your parents are dead, and you don't have any pictures of them nor do you know their names.  Voldemort burned down your school the year before and you lost your records. Okay?" Harry nodded.

     "That reminds me. You are not to change history. You cannot tell them your real name or where you are from. Not even who you are.  Do you understand? This is really important. You are not to change history. You need to promise me that you will not slip up," Dumbledore said looking so serious and sad that Harry couldn't say no.

      "I understand and I promise you that I will not change history. And If I do it was not on purpose. May I leave to pack now?"

      "Yes you may Harry. Thank you for promising," and with that said Harry left.

     Once Harry was outside the Hogwart's gates he apparated to his flat. He shook himself off because it had been raining so hard. He packed everything he thought he needed into his truck plus the invisibility cloak and the Marauder's Map ("never know what I might run into") and brought Hedwig, his owl. He didn't want to say goodbye to his friends, but he didn't want them to worry. So he left a note saying that he was going into hiding for a year and not to worry about him. He went to get some of his money from the bank. It was now time to go.

    "Last time here in this time for a while," Harry said to Hedwig, "Let's hope we have a good year."

     They then apparated to the Hogwart's gates, and with a glare at the stone gargoyle, they walked into Dumbledore's office. No one was there so he sat down and Fawkes sat down on his lap.

     "Hello Fawkes. I am worried about this, what if I mess up and tell them something or I am a terrible teacher?" Harry said with a sigh.

     He hadn't noticed that Dumbledore had walked in until he said, "Harry you will be a wonderful teacher. You have enough knowledge in your head that it will become useless unless you teach it. And you need to teach it. Ready to go?"

     "Yes. Is there anything I need to know before I go?" said Harry reassure by what Dumbledore had said.

     "I had almost forgotten.  This will deposit you by the lake, so be careful. Remember to have fun and get to know your students," He said smiling.

    "Now take the Point History and turn it 21 times toward you to go back in time. In order to go forward in time turn it away from you 21 times. Do not lose it. It is the only one in existence. Remember don't change history and have fun!" and with that said Harry disappeared. And at the same time Harry disappeared a lightning bolt struck outside Dumbledore's window.


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