Prelude to "All that Heaven Allows Series"

by: Isabelle

-Disclaimer: Spike, Buffy, Angelus and Mr. Travers are owned by Josh Weddon and the WB. All other characters are mine. Poem is excerpt from September 1, 1939 by W.H. Auden.

-Summary: Buffy and Spike get kidnaped by an underground demon society to be sold for profit in an Auction. As the plot thickens so does thier relationship.

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"Uncertain and Afraid

As the clever hopes expire

Of a low dishonest decade:

Waves of anger and fear

Circulate over the bright

And darkened lands of the earth"

taken from: "September 1, 1939" by W.H. Auden


(June 27, @ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil )

"Sabah al-hayr!" the man in the black Armani suit said as he entered the conference room.

The twelve pair of eyes watched him carefully, with suspicion and anticipation. He strolled confidently into the room and sat on the large wine leather chair at the head of the long table. He turned to them with a confident smile on his face, a smile that made them shudder at his malignant capabilities.

All stayed quiet waiting to hear the reason they had all been called. He crossed his legs at the knee, like an educated and rich man would and propped his elbows on the arms of the chair, bringing his hands together in a self-assured grasp. All the while keeping the smile on his face and studying the personalities before him. He knew that although not the eldest in the room, he was the most powerful, and richest for that matter.

"I know you are all wondering why you have been called here." he said slowly with his Russian accent.

He waited.

No one answered.

It was expected.

"Lets get straight to business then."

His secretary came up behind him and respectfully gave him a control remote. He pressed a button pointing at the other end of the table.

A screen was lowered for the viewing pleasure of all in the room.

"I want to do something different this time." he said amused with himself.

All eyes were still focused on him, he had not given them permission to do other wise.

"As you all know and are aware of, the Auction is coming up soon." he said pointing towards the screen that had produced an image of an enclosed coliseum.

All eyes went to the screen, he had given them permission to do so.

"This time we will hold the Auction in Luxor, Egypt." he smiled. "A little town away from human civilization, most property and businesses owned by the ancient bloodline of Habu."

He clicked the button again bringing another picture to the site, it was a close up of an ancient temple.

"This is the Medinet, owned by the Habu family, it will held."

There were several skeptics in the room, they all knew the ancient bloodline of Habu, and the ones that knew about it did not trust the demon family.

"Pardon my intrusion, Moa Kapitan." a voice said.

All eyes fleeted towards the voice. The young man who was probably in his late twenties, and very confident about himself.

Roderick, at the end of the table smiled inwardly. The boy had courage, he thought to himself.

"Speak" he said.

He stood up slowly but surely, he knew that any show of intimidation would be frowned upon. "Sire, I thought Hadi Habu died last year, Moa Kapitan." He sat down looking directly at Roderick.

"Yes, of course, Lawrence." Roderick said smiling at the courage the young demon had.

Just like his father . He thought.

"Hadi Habu, died last year, and his title is being carried by the 'Twins of the Prophecy', Kamilah and Sethos Habu." he said ignoring the small gasps that went throughout the room as The Twins of Prophecy was mentioned.

They all knew the prophecy, and they were all afraid. This was predicted to happen once in a millennia, and this was the first mention of the birth of the twin demons.

"Their birth and livelihood has been kepted a secret for twenty years now." he continued, amused with himself and the power he had over these 'powerful' people. "Sethos is now the righteous prince of the region, and he will be our host for the Auction. The lovely Princess Kamilah will be our hostess." he said looking squarely at all the inhabitants of the room.

There was silence.

"Well, without further disruptions I will continue with he matter at hand."

He rose the control to the screen and clicked the button again to reveal a picture of an old man, maybe in his eighties. His eyes were dark with knowledge and wisdom. There was a peace around him that captivated the viewer. He was a wiseman.

"Qaletaqa," Roderick said studying the picture. "The wise man of the east, presumed dead for ten years now, but found alive hiding in the mountains of Kunklun in China." he said "He should fetch a good price, a couple of millions maybe."

There were several nods in the table and some small smiles with desire of the possession of the old man.

He clicked the button again and a picture of two men, all dressed in black appeared. They looked around the same age, 30's, one had thick straigth black hair that he had grown down to his waist and it was neatly combed back and wrapped at the nape of his neck. The other had curly brown hair that blended with his darker long beard. There were several gasp at the recognition of the two immortals.

"Khalid and Jabari." he said. "The immortal Arabic warriors, both almost three hundred years old, both being collected as we speak. "

Some faces paled, many wanted to warn Roderick that there was no way to kill immortals, unless the killer was immortal, but they realized Roderick had no intention of killing any of his prisoners, profit was the name of the game and this pair was going to bring a hefty amount.

Roderick waited to see if anyone would comment on the immortal prospects and was satisfied when his authority was not challenged.

Good, they finally accepted who the Master is . He thought. I'll deal with Lawrence later .

He clicked through various others, some were demons of rarity, others were humans that held high political power, others were royalty, others were outlaws.

The moment had come to show the 'special' pair that would be Auctioned together. This was to be the central attraction of the entire event that lasted for weeks.

Roderick smiled anticipating their reactions to the surprise. He stood and walked closer to the screen.

The occupants were stiff with fear, they all knew that the best came first, and the last was the highlight. The last was always the guarantee that the event would either be a success or a failure.

He clicked the button.

Up came a picture of two figures. The first figure was a young man, not too tall, lean and well built, with handsome features, a sharp jaw that represented character, and fiery blond-white hair. He was smoking a cigarette, leaning against a tree looking at the other figure. He was dressed from head to toe in black, a long leather duster covering his figure. He was smirking, as if the world did not amuse him.

The figure with him was a young girl, maybe twenty years of age. She had cascading unnatural blonde hair, sharp green eyes, and a stubborn posture. She was extremely petite, showing off her curvy figure with tight black pants and a low cut blue shirt that enhanced her breast. She was holding a stake in her hand, menacing the man she was standing in front of. She seemed irritated and mad at the look the peroxide blonde was giving her.

"Born William Renthrop, AKA. William the Bloody, AKA. Spike, AKA. Childe of Angelus, the scourge of Europe, AKA. Master Vampire." Roderick said staring intently at the picture. "One of the greatest fighters of the old clans, known as the Slayer of the Slayers. Age: Over two hundred years old."

He turned to face the shocked room.

"One problem, that will not be a problem for long,........about six months ago he was captured by the American government, a branch known as the 'Initiative', and was inserted with a computer chip that prevents him from hurting any human. So with his canines cut, he joined forces with the one and only..." he pointed at the girl "Slayer" he said.

The room gasped audibly at this and low murmurs started to be heard in the room.

Roderick smiled.

The last time a Slayer had been captured was two hundred years ago, and she had escaped before they were able to sell her. It also cost the life of two master vampires and several powerful royals, so the Slayers were never considered for the Auction.

"Don't you think you are playing in dangerous grounds here, Roderick?" a stern voice asked. "The Slayer is protected by the Powers and here on earth, by the Council of Watchers, I am sure even you would not welcome their wrath for a couple of millions."

Roderick waited for Ramona Calderon to finish.

He had expected the demon to protest against the Slayer, and the proper precautions had been taken. He again pressed a different button on the control and the door immediately flew open, and two large guards, who were clearly anything but human, came in and dragged a screaming Calderon out of the room.

The rest of the spectators watched in horror as the four hundred year old Manic demoness was hauled to her execution.

"There now" said Roderick when the doors had shut again and it was silent once more. "Yes, I thought about the council getting a bit pissed off that we would take their jewel, but after some adequate negotiations Buffy Anne Summers was promised for the Auction."

He turned to one of the men who were sitting on the table.

The man had remained silent and unammused by the current happenings.

He looked up at Roderick and nodded. "Yes, of course, her time has come." Quentin Travers said. The council representative kepted a stern face showing his disgust with the rebellious Slayer.

Roderick smiled.

"Excellent, thank you Mr. Travers." he walked back to his leather seat, and got comfortable looking back up at the expectant faces of the men and women. "When I say a party, I guarantee a party." he smiled.

"I suggest all of you hold to your end of the bargain and I am sure things will run their smooth course with due time."

He smiled as the bodies started to stand up. "Lawrence, my boy, come here."

The handsome, dark haired man walked nervously towards Roderick. "Moa Kapitan?" he asked bowing his head slightly in sigh of reverence.

Roderick studied him for a moment. He was definitely handsome, strong set jaw, tall-about 6'2, and clear green eyes that were very much expressive. His shoulders were broad and sculpted underneath his navy silk suit that the Master admired. His hair was smoothly combed back with gel and he was clearly noted to be of Italian decent.

"How old are you now Maltevilla?" he asked studying the man carefully.

"Just turned twenty-six." he said respectfully. He did not fidget, not an inch, no movements, just posing before the coveted power.

"Twenty-six?" Roderick repeated.

Lawrence nodded.

"You have strong character, like your father before you."

He nodded in thanks.

"How"s the family business?" Roderick asked. But not interested at all.

Lawrence held his breath, he knew to get in, one must prove oneself. "Are you really interested, sir?"

Roderick smiled, he liked this boy, he had balls of brass.

"Good show, Maltevilla." he paused "I have a special project for you, do you think you can handle it?" he asked cautiously.

"Whatever pleases, Moa Kapitan." Lawrence said without hesitation. His demon inside rejoicing at the opportunity.

"The Slayer." Roderick said pointing at the still up picture of Buffy and Spike. "She's beautiful, no?"

Lawrence looked at the petite blonde and had to truly agree. The girl was gorgeous and if she wasn't a Slayer he wouldn't have given a second thought of showing his interest.

"Yes, sir, very beautiful."

Roderick smiled as he watched the young man stare at her appreciatively.

"Good." he said and Lawrence looked back at the now standing figure. "What I need for you to do is simple." He said smiling.

Roderick went on to tell the younger man his responsibility.

Lawrence was ecstatic, this was the simplest and most enjoyable assignment Roderick had ever had him do. He would have done it without him even asking.