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Rum Lane, London, England

Katrina's head jerked to the side, the force of the blow causing her to stumble back a pace. Her jaw was then roughly grabbed and jerked so that she was looking straight into a livid, ruddy face.

"I asked ye a question, wench!" the face reeking of alcohol bellowed at her.

"But, Papa." Katrina began, Resisting the urge to gag from the stench.

"Don't sass me, girl!" He roared back. "I said, 'Where be the money!' And ye better not lie to me Trina!"

"But I don't have anymore!" Katrina cried in frustration. This happened every time her father came for more money for his drinking binges. The local taverns didn't allow him tabs anymore.

"I said not to lie!" This time the backhand spun Katrina, sending her hurtling to the ground, her blond hair falling all about her face. Tears of pain pricked Katrina's eyes but she blinked them back and stayed down, deciding to accept defeat.

"Stupid little useless bitch." Her father kicked her in the side Katrina remained motionless. She had learned that to show any emotion would only result in more yelling and beatings.

Getting no reaction from Katrina, her father snarled and turned on his heel, storming to the door.

Katrina listened to her father's footsteps retreat to the door of her one room shack, the rickety door creaking on its hinges signaled his departure. She waited a few more moments, once certain he wasn't coming back, she pushed herself into a sitting position, finally allowing herself to gasp at the pain in her side. Slowly she crawled to the small pile of hay in the corner of her room that served as a sorry excuse for a bed and fell into a restless sleep.

That had been a week ago. The swellings over her eye and on her cheek were nearly gone. Her side was still tender when she stretched the wrong way though.

And now he was back.

"Ye be lyin' again Trina! I know ye make more than a handful of coppers in a week. Even id ye do work at a "respectable" tavern!"

"But business was so slow that they had to close the Blue Crow." Katrina protested.

"what did I say about sassin' me, girl! I can't get more than a couple o' me whiskeys with what ye make! Ye be as worthless as yer whore of a mother!" Suddenly he gave a smirk. "I've fed ye and clothed ye enough, and its time I get me share. But I will do one more thing for me little girl. Ye need a job, and I know just the place. They just happen to need a gal of yer… serving abilities."

Suddenly Katrina's wrist was in his iron grip and she was being pulled along the street.

"Papa, wait-stop!" Katrina pulled and twisted, trying to escape the viselike grip. He ignored her, stopping only when they reached a scared door on the side of a slightly rundown two story building.

The door opened to his firm knock "I am here to see Madam." He stated confidently.

The buxom girl who answered the door eyed him boldly, giving only a glance to the stunned Katrina standing mute by his side, her wrist still being held prisoner.

"Right this way monsieur." The girl led the way, Saucily swaying her hips. "in here." She motioned to the open double doors.

"Ah, Warren, you have made yourself all to rare lately." A cool accented voice came from a woman of indeterniment age sitting on a sofa sipping tea. "and who is you lovely friend?" she raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"This, Madame, be Trina, the gal I were tellin' ye 'bout. To be sure, an untouched beauty if there ever was one." He pushed Katrina towards the woman.

"Hmm, yes, she does have potential, lovely hair, and those eyes! I do not believe I have ever seen such color. And you say she is untouched. Unusual. How old?"

"14 Madame." Katrina's father replied before she could open her mouth. She was nearly 17, but then her father had never been good with dates, not that he seemed to care to begin with.

"Unusual indeed." Madam replied. "She is above the age that I like to start my girls. But such a lovely mamselle will be, I am sure, widely accepted by my patrons. Fleur?" Madame barely rose her voice

"Yes Madame?" a dark haired girl of about 20 was almost instantly at the doorway.

"This is Trina, she will be staying with us. I trust you will see her to a room and help her get ready for to night, as it will be her fist working here. Oh, and I want you to be sure to bring out those eyes."

"Of course, Madame" the girl dropped a short curtsy and grabbed the shocked Katrina's hand, pulling her along before she could protest.

Katrina soon learned that Fleur was of an animated and talkative nature. "My, but your dress eez worn. But that eez no problem. I have just, oh watch that step, eet eez loose, as I was saying, I have just de thing. I can't wait to see you in eet! Eet will be lovely! And you must let me do your hair! Eet would look so good in curls. Oh, and I think a bit of rice powder would be just de thing for those fading bruises." She barely paused her chattering for a breath. "Your complexion is so pretty I could never get mine just so."

Fleur stopped abruptly at a door "Here we are! This ees my room, you can have de one three doors down, on the same side of the hall. "Now, come, sit." Fleur directed Katrina to a chair in front of a small vanity. "Now, lets see what we can do about these bruises while de curling tongs are heating, hmm? Have you ever used any cosmetics, Trina? No? Oh, this will be fun! But you cannot see til I am finished!" Fleur flung a sheet over the vanity's mirror.

"Now where did I… oh, here eet eez, Now, close your eyes. Wouldn't want to get anything in your eyes. Good, now hold on…" powder "almost done…" kohl " just a bit longer…" shadow "there! And finally, a bit of dye." Fleur wiped a damp cloth across Katrina's lips. "Parfait! Now for your hair. Hold still these tongs can burn!"

Katrina took Fluer's words to heart and stayed torturously still for half an hour while Flier curled and primped "Ah, belle! And now for de piece de la resistance!" Fleur bounded to a wardrobe placed against the far wall and pulled out a striking bright peacock blue dress trimmed in black.

"Hmm, we should have put this on first, but I think I can loosen de laces in de back enough so you can just step in to eet and not mess you hair. " after much rearranging of the black back laces and a few tugs, Katrina was in the dress. Fleur stepped back to admire her handiwork.

"Ah eez parfait! The dress nearly matches your eyes, see for yourself." Fleur yanked the sheet off the mirror with finesse "Voila! Eez belle, no?"

Katrina could only stare, that was her looking back from the mirror? She couldn't believe it. She looked good. Fleur was right, she looked beautiful. She looked… like a hussy.

"I can't wear this!" Katrina exclaimed'

"Mon Deiu! Why ever not?" Fleur was confused

"I look cheap! Like a…a…"

"A whore?" Fleur finished "Trina, Madame's is the most successful copulatory establishment in London!"

"I'm sorry..?"

Fleur gave an exasperated sigh "This is Madame's, famous for good alcohol… and pleasurable company."