The Mysterious Play

Dragonelf 8: This is insane, I have so many I idea of what I want to write, that's its hard to keep up with all the other stories I have! I'm pathetic. A warning to those that hate when two stories crossover—this is one of them. FMA crosses over with F.Y. Fushigi Yugi. I really suck at titles and summaries if you have a better one, then I'm willing to hear it. This is who's going to be what and who's involved with the story and in what way from FMA.

Edward Elric: Priest of Suzaku.

Alphonse Elric: Priest of Genbu.

Roy Mustang: Priest of Byyako.

Wrath: Priest of Seiryu.

Lust: Helps the Seiryu Celestial Warriors.

Envy: There to torture Ed, but helps Seiryu Celestial Warriors.

Sloth: Helps protect Wrath.

Disclaimer: I'll only say this once I don't own Full Metal Alchemist, nor Fushigi Yugi.

Chapter 1: The Universe of the Four Gods.


Ed could feel each and every muscle in his body tense as he fought on with Wrath, who was determined to get Ed's body this time. Al was taking care of Envy who was trying to get at Ed to kill him, but was stopped each time by Al. Roy was dealing with Sloth and Lust, but was doing a very bad job of it, considering he was fluttering with them as he tried to get rid of them.

Wrath charged at Ed his stone blade arm extended. Ed's own blade clashed with Wrath's as he blocked Wrath's attack.

"Why don't you just give up Ed. And give me the rest of your body!" taunted Wrath as he pushed Ed into the bookcase behind him.

"Darn-it, we'll destroy this library if this keeps up," muttered Ed, as he looked at the book on the floor titled: The Universe of the Four Gods. "But now I'm certain. The book that contains the ingredients for the pure Philosopher's Stone is here!"

What Ed didn't notice as he charged back into battle, was the book that fell to the ground opened up and flipped to the first page on it's own accord. There written in delicately curved hand writing said:

'The tale of priestesses have ended, the tale of the priest must now begin.

Here in lies the tale of the men who attained the power of the Gods. They obtained omnipotent powers and made their wishes come true. The story itself is an incantation. Those who finish reading it shall receive the power. As soon as the page is turned, the story will become the truth and begin.'

The fight went on regardless of the pledges of the book, no one even seemed to notice the strange actions of the book, they were all busy fighting. Finally a very agitated voice erupted form nowhere, stopping everyone in there tracks.


The fighting duos all turned this way and that to see the voice's owner, but there was no one, and before they knew it, four different colored lights burst out of nowhere, sucking everyone in.

A bright red light encircled Ed as he fell lightly in what seemed like and endless space, the sounds of a bird singing filled Ed's ears, but much more beautiful and melodic. Like a flute and streams of water mixed together. (AN/ Sorry can't think a better way to describe it.)

"Ed… Edward… Edward, honey. What's wrong sweetie?"

Ed looked up, there standing in front of him she stood, as if nothing had ever happened, Ed's mom. She walked up to Ed and put her arms around him just like she used to. Ed could hear her speak softly in his ear tears running down his face. "Ed, I'm so proud of you and Al. I'm sorry I couldn't be there when you needed me the most," said Ed's mom tears falling from her cheek onto Ed's shoulder.

"Mom is that really you," asked Ed barely daring to believe it.

"You're being summoned now. You'll make a great Priest of Suzaku I know you will. And Alphonse will be a wonderful Priest of Genbu. I know I can't do much for you, but I'll do my best as well for both of you. I promise," whispered Ed's mom as she began to vanish.

Ed jerked around to see his mother one last time, reaching out his hand he tried catch hers. Even though he was falling he tried to run to her.

"NO DON'T GO!" cried Ed as he lunged forward and grabbed the hand.

But when he looked up, his mom wasn't there; it was Alphonse, in flesh and blood. A strange silver light surrounded him, and a strange creature stood behind him, tortuous, encircled by a snake. Ed then looked at himself, his arm and leg was now flesh and blood, and there standing behind him stood the phoenix, with its bright red and gold plumage.

"Welcome my Priest," greeted the huge bird.


"Your majesty, there is a boy sleeping on the holy statue of Suzaku," said a man bowing before another man, who had his face clouded in shadow.

Ed mysteriously slept as he hung on the giant bird statue, his red coat stuck on the statues beak; his snoring, exceptionally loud as the guards prodded him with the blunt end of their spears. Ed swayed back and forth in the air completely oblivious to his surroundings.

"What this? How'd he'd get into the palace," said the captain of the guards.

"I don't know sir. We just found him here like this," answered the guard.

"Well get him out of here. This is sacred ground," ordered The Captain.

"Yes sir!" obeyed the men as they grabbed Ed down and carried the boy to the middle of the city.

Finally the found a nice alley to drop the alchemist, carefully they placed the alchemist down to be inconspicuous. One of the guards looked down worriedly at Ed.

"Do you think he'll be fine?" asked the guard.

"He'll be fine, he got past the castle guard," said the other guard. "Besides he's such a short fellow he'll be fine."

Ed's eyes snapped open at the short comment. Pulses of Anger consumed him; a look of pure death to the men clung to his face as he stood up and faced the men.

"Whom'd you call short," demanded Ed sadistically as he creepily advanced on the man.

"Uh…" the two said in squeaks.

'Bam. Pow. Slam.'

Ed left the alley way the two guards in the back unconious and seriously bashed up. Ed looked a lot more comfortable; like he had a just relieved some major stress. He then finally looked up to see where he was, noticing Al wasn't with him. The streets buzzed with people buying and selling goods, everyone was dress strangely some with silky robes and hats, others with dirty jaded rags made of cotton, their hair made in strange loops and buns, some short, others long but still all done in an unusual fashion. Everything was foreign to Edward, he had never seen anything like it in the world, only a few things he recognized.

"Where am I?" whispered Ed as he walked out into the street. "And where could Al, be?"

A few stared at Ed as he passed by, but Edward ignored them. He was too busy staring at all the unusual things around him, the items on sale, the way the houses were made, the style of clothes and hair, and the people it all was foreign. A strange warm feeling hit Ed and he turned to his right to see a man watching him, the feeling was coming form him. The man worry a austere clothes, which was midnight blue, his hair was dark blue itself and was in a sort of mullet, cropped at the top to normal short messy hair style, but having a part of the bottom trail to his shoulder blades held in a ponytail, with three different ponytail holders held in three different places. Behind his bangs was a red symbol that meant demon, though Ed wasn't sure how he knew. The man was brood and it was easy to tell he was a fighter, and his eyes were a piercing ice blue. The man smiled finished what he was eating, stood up, and walked up to Ed.

"You looked lost, I can help you," asked the man.

"Really. Well then why don't you start by telling me where I am," demanded Ed.

"You don't know were you are? Your in the capital of Hong- Nan," answered the man in surprise.

"Hong- Nan? Never heard of it."

"HUH! How can you not know of Hong- Nan! IT'S THE COUNTRY WERE IN!… Okay, whatever. You still look like you need help," said the man brushing aside Ed's weirdness.

"Alright help me look for my younger brother."

"Okay what's he look like?"

"He's a giant suit of armor with the same symbol on his shoulder as the one on the back of my jacket," answered Ed showing the man the symbol.

"Okay, that shouldn't be too hard with that description. What your name any way?" asked the man curiously.

"My names Edward Elric, sometimes called the Full Metal Alchemist," answered Ed.

"Edward Elric? Huh, strange name. My names Tamahome," answered the man.


"Were is the intruder?" asked the emperors advisor as he approached the Captain of the Guard.

"The intruder? The one inside the Suzaku shrine?" asked the Captain.

"Yes, the emperor wishes to see him before he has his public outing. Were is he?"

The guard became very nervous. He knew he was in big trouble from letting the boy go, but he knew the punishment for lying to the emperor's advisors was fifty lashes and would make him a traitor to the empire. The captain bowed his head and shame to the advisor.

"I'm sorry sir, I thought he wandered in by mistake and had my men take him to the city," explained the captain.

"… Search the city for him, make sure he's back before the emperors outing is over. I'll inform his majesty," said the advisor as he left.

The emperor sat inside his couch waiting for his guest and his advisor. 'Could that person be the Priest of Suzaku as the prophecy foretold,' thought the emperor as he rubbed his neck. His advisor ran to the couch.

"I'm sorry your majesty, but the boy has left. He's out in the city as we speak. The guards are out looking for him," said the advisor breathlessly.

"I see. Then I will wait. Now if you don't mind I like to get out of the palace," replied the emperor.

"Yes your majesty," bowed the advisor.

'I hate being cooped up here,' thought the emperor as he boarded his carriage and was carried off.

"You sure your brother is here, Edward," complained Tamahome.

"Call me Ed. And yes I'm sure, he was with just a little while ago," replied Ed.

"Okay Ed. Tell me how did you two get separated?"

"Well I was fighting with my brother and a college of mine, against three Homunculi by the names of Wrath, Lust, and Sloth. But then we heard this weird voice and we all stopped. A bright red light suddenly appeared and the next thing I know I'm carried away by these strange men placing me in an alleyway," explained Ed.

"A red light? But--?" began Tamahome starring at Ed in a weird way, but was cut off when he heard a shot down the street.

"It's his majesty!"

The two looked down the road to see a carriage those on the street bowing to it. It curtains down leaving its occupant unseen. Ed watch as Tamahome freaked out and went to the side of the road bowing down to the carriage as well. Ed looked curiously at Tamahome and went next to him. Two of the guards noticing him.

"Tamahome, what are you doing?" asked Ed.

"You there, you must before the emperor!" ordered one of the guards.

Ed turned around and glared at the man for giving him an order. He reminded him too much of Mustang. The guard eyes widened when he saw Ed.

"Listen I'm not from around. I'm completely lost, and I'm looking for my younger brother. I'm not in the mood for this," answered Ed, a heavy glare on his face.

"It's the boy form the Suzaku's Shrine! Quickly capture him," ordered one of the guard.

Ed's eyes grew wide as the guard surrounded him, all pointing the blade of here spears at him. After a while Ed scratched his head and stared at the spears in a bored way. 'Ah man. How'd I get into these things, man I wish I was home,' thought closing his eyes to the thought of home. When he opened them again to argue with the guards, his eyes grew wide with shock and fear. He was glowing a bright red and he was becoming transparent.

"ED!" cried Tamahome in shock.

Ed looked to Tamahome for an explanation; the guards had backed off a little. The emperor stood up in shock in his carriage he was watching Ed intently. Ed was in a panic he was fading out faster things around him were beginning to disappear around.


Everything stopped and the things that were disappearing reappeared in front of his eyes. He was now solid again and the red glow was slowly fading away. Tamahome ran up to Ed. Everyone on the street was starring at Ed in astonishment.

"Ed are you okay?" asked Tamahome.

"I'm fine," answered Ed in a shaky voice.

Ed then looked down at his hands both the mechanical and the flesh and blood. 'How did I do that? That wasn't Alchemy,' thought a panic Ed. But he was soon drawn form is thoughts as the guards place the spears at his neck and Tamahome's.

"Take them to the castle dungeon," ordered the Guard.

With Al

After the bright silver light had dispersed Al moved his arms away form his face. A frozen landscape lay before him and snowy wind blew all about him. And he was sure that it was cold. Al then looked all around him for Ed.

"Brother were are you," called Al.

But there was no answer. 'We must've gotten separated when that light came,' thought Al as he stood up. 'I better get out of the snow or I'll rust.'

Looking down Al saw that he was on a mountaintop and a village was lying down below. Trudging threw the snow Al walked down to the village figuring Ed might be down there, his armor clanking as it always did when he walked. After what seem a while Al stumbled into a clearing.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Al looked up to see a woman chained to a stone with a crest of a tortoise with a snake encircling it. The woman was seriously bashed up, blood seeping in her clothes which hung loosely around like they were made for a man, a part of her clothes was open revealing a black symbol on her chest, her bright green eyes, and brown hair the was short near the neck and long and held in a ponytail at the top, reaching to the middle of his back. The symbol meant women, but Al wasn't sure why. Al then walked up to the strange woman filled with curiosity.

"I could ask the same thing, but I'm Alphonse Elric," answered Al.

"Alphonse Elric? Strange name; strange set of armor. Well Alphonse I suggest you leave right now if you want to live," ordered the woman.

"What? Why?" asked Al.

A huge roar came up form behind him and Al quickly turned around. These huge monsters erupted form the ground. The monsters were made of snow completely.

"Are those Kimera's," question Al.

"Kimeras? What are you spouting? Those are demons," said the women in a know it all fashion.

"Demons? Huh, What do they want?"

"Probably to eat us."

"Well that's not nice. They'd have a real hard time with me, you miss on the other hand aren't so lucky," said Al as he got into his fighting stance.

"What are you crazy you can't fight demons bare handed," exclaimed the woman.

"You underestimate me. I'm a lot stronger than I look," replied Al.

The demons charged forward and Al waited patiently for the first attack so he could retaliate. But before he could the wind pick up around him and the woman. He looked back to see the mark on the woman's chest was glowing silver, and before he knew the wind sliced threw the chains that bound the woman. Hatred shown clearly on her face.

"I don't need protection," yelled the woman as she swung her arms down, causing the wind to vacuum and slice threw the demons.

Al watch as the woman floated to the ground, supported by the wind. 'Amazing was that alchemy? Couldn't be she didn't use a transmutation circle,' thought Al in wonder as the woman approached him.

"Listen I appreciate the help, but I can held things… on… my… own," said the woman as she fell into the snow.

"Oh no! Are you okay miss?" asked Al as he dove onto the ground holding the woman up.

The woman was in a sweat, and her face was slightly red. She seemed to be gasping for air. 'Oh no, she must have a fever,' concluded Al as he lifted the woman up into his arms.

"Let's see there was a village not to far form here. I'll take you there," said Al to the woman.

" It's on the right, then walk straight it'll take you to the village," answered the woman weakly.

Al ran in the directions the woman suggested, and before he knew it he was in the village. All those passing by instantly stopped what they were doing and stared at Al as he walked around looking for a medical facility.

"Don't go to the Doctor. There's a inn over there, I already have the reservations set," said the woman pointing to an inn.

"But it'd better if you went to the doctor, both for your injuries, and fever," complained Al.

"Please no doctor Alphonse Elric," begged the woman.

Al sigh to himself, he knew it'd be better if she saw a doctor but she instead on the inn. So Al walked over inside the inn. The manager at the counter greeted his customers, though he stared an Al in a weird way.

"Welcome I've been expecting you. Your room are upstairs, the first door on the right. Can I get you anything," asked the manger kindly.

"Yes," answered Al before he left. " I need bandages, three towels, and a bucket of water."

Al instantly went up the stairs to the room the woman had previously arranged. It was a small room but very cozy with a single bed in the right hand corner. A table was in the center of the room with chairs surrounding it. Al walked over to the bed and placed the woman in it covering her with blankets. The manager walked into the room and placed all the items Al asked for on the table and quickly left. Al quickly dried himself off with the towel to prevent rusting. After he was down he took the other items and sat next to the woman. His hands were trembling as he held them over the woman; he had to bandage her up. 'Ah man, I can't she a she. But I have to bandage her to help her recover. I got to do this,' thought Al as he unbuttoned the woman's shirt, his eyes clothes to not see anything.

"You're very forward aren't you," said a man's voice close to Al.

Al opened his eyes to see a man laying in the bed where the woman once was, he had the same hair and eyes, and the wounds were the same as the woman, the clothes were the same too, but they looked like they fitted him better. The man looked like he had the same feverishness as the woman, and beside the complete gender difference, the only thing different was the mark on the woman's chest wasn't on this man. Al backed up into the wall in surprise, shock, and confusion.

"WAH! WAH! WAH!" began Al trying to make sense of things. The man lifted himself up a little.

"Came down it's still me," explained the man. "The woman you helped down the mountain. I can be both a man and a woman, though I was originally born a man."

Al looked at the man in unbelief, and the man sighed in exasperation. Al could feel the wind current pick up around him, as he was lifted into the air and floating next to the man. But the man slowly turned into the woman, the symbol on her chest glowed silver. Al was set down I a chair that the wind moved for him.

"See so long as I use my powers I become a woman, but other wise I'm a man," answered the man. "Since I'm a man you, shouldn't have any problems with bandaging me. So can you hurry up, it really hurts."

"Oh right," replied Al as he went to work on the man.

"You cold armor feels nice on these wounds," said the man.

"That's what my brother used to say when he got hurt," answered Al.

"Your brothers, Alphonse Elric?"

"Call me Al. Yes we got separated not too long ago. What's your name anyway?"

"Most people know me as Limdo, but I'm also called the celestial warrior of Genbu, Uruki," answered the man in a dazed state.

With Roy

Roy opened his eyes to a clay ceiling. Confusion riddled his features as he tried to make sense of what just happened. Roy turned his head when he saw movement right beside him. There sitting in a chair was a man with dark tanned skin, his long black hair covering half his face, he wore loose green tunic with white leggings made of cotton that was very breathable. And for good reason it was really hot. The man's head bobbed every once and while as if he was willing himself to stay awake, but was failing miserably. Roy lifted himself off the bed, discovering his shirt and uniform was off, but that was understandable in the heat. Roy moved over to a window that had it's curtain down, slowly he lifted them up and looked out the window. His eye widen at the sight in front of him. He was in a desert village much like Lior, and Ishbal. But the housing were much different, and beyond the village was the harsh environment of the desert sand extending for miles.

"Oh, your awake."

Roy turned around to see the man in the chair beside the bed had woken up. The man's bright green eye stared at him intently as he smiled at Roy.

"It's good to see you're alright your eminence," said the man bowing to Roy.

"Your eminence? You must have me mistaken for someone else. My station is a colonel," replied Roy, though he liked the treatment.

"No, you are his eminence, the legendary priest of Byyako. Said in legend to have come here form another world."

"I'm not a priest, I'm colonel Roy Mustang, The Flame Alchemist. WAIT DID YOU JUST SAY ANOTHER WORLD?" demanded Roy his attention snapping to the man.

"Yes, I did," answered the man.

Roy's eyes grew wide shock, and he rushed to the window pulling back the curtains revealing the city to the man, whom looked at Roy in worry for his sanity.

"Are you telling that, this place out there is not Lior with a serious housing remodeling!" cried Roy point.

"Lior? No your eminence that is the capital of Xi- Lang," answered the man.

Roy looked at the man in disbelieve he grasp his head and leaning on the wall he sat down, trying to remember what he was doing last before he passed out. The man went to Roy and kneeled down beside him in concern.

"Your eminence?" asked the man.

"Please don't call me that, my name is Roy," answered Roy, recalled. "Let's see I was fighting those homunculus: Sloth, and Lust. The there was a bright gold light and then I'm here in bed."

"Roy, you are the priest of Byyako here to save Xi- Lang for its destruction. This country is begging for your help," said the man seriously. "Please be our priest of legend."

Roy looked up into the man's face. The intensity in his eyes was strong, but it was hopping against all odds that Roy would be the priest. Roy liked that looked it had the same firry spirit he had when he first started out as a state alchemist.

"Alright, what's your name?" asked Roy.

"I am your celestial warrior Tatara," answered the man.

With Wrath.

Wrath walked down the streets of some unknown town he didn't recognize. Every one of the humans stared at the strange way Wrath was dressed. The other Homunculus's were gone, Wrath wasn't sure were they went. He glared this way and that at all the humans despising them even more. 'Where is mama and the others,' said Wrath walking into one of the alleyways.

"Darn Full Metal boy got away," muttered Wrath angrily to himself.

"Well what have we here, such a cute little boy."

Wrath looked up to see three men standing in front of him, four standing directly behind him. Wrath then turned his attention to the men in front a twisted grin on his face.

"Out my way humans," ordered Wrath.

"Hey boss, this kid thinks he's better than us," said one of the men.

"Well we'll just have to teach the brat a lesson. Get him," ordered the boss.

Wrath could feel someone from behind grab him and twist his arms painfully as they smashed his face into the dirt. Wrath could literally feel his arms go numb as he tried desperately to perform alchemy, but his arms were in no position to perform alchemy.

"AAAAHHHHH," screamed Wrath he felt his right arm snap.

"Hey Genko, you like little boys. You have fun with him," said one of the little men.

"Great I was hopping for this," replied the one called Genko.

Wrath looked up to see the man slowly advance. The man had a mad glint in his eye. Wrath began to wriggle more as he tried to get free, the men holding him grew anger and they squeezed on his left leg. A loud crack filled the air as Wrath felt his leg snap too. He could feel the darkness approaching, it was like he was in the gate again. Fear gripped at him as he remembers that horrible place.

"NO! I WON'T GO BACK TO THE DARKNESS!" screamed Wrath.

Bright blue light emanated form his body, forcing the men off of him. The men looked in appalled at the boy the blue light surrounding him and protecting him.

"Get away form him," ordered another man, but Wrath didn't know whom.

It was different form the other men that attacked him, sounding with authority. Wrath looked up to see the men that attacked him die before his very eyes, like something had slice them up form the inside. When it was all done there was only one pair of footsteps heading toward him. Wrath could feel someone turn him around and lift him up and carry him away. Moving his hair just barely to the side to see whom helped him. I was a man wear heavy Blue armor, with dragon claw shoulder guards, a mask and helmet covered most of his head revealing only blonde strands of hair out of his helmet, and bright blue eyes.

"Are you alright, Priest of Seiryu," asked the man.

Wrath didn't know what came over him, he felt so weak. But before he passed out in exhaustion he said one word.


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