Chapter 3: Limdo the Merciless Wind Slasher.


Al looked up; he had fallen into sleeping state while he was caring for Limdo. Al lifted his helmet and look to Limdo's bed. Limdo was no loner there instead was a messy bed.

"Your awake."

Al looked up to see Limdo standing near the table, a large cup of water in his hand. The bandages were slightly red form the blood seeping into his bandages, but he generally looked fine, and the bleeding had stopped.

"Thanks to you my fever is down," said Limdo, "I'm now strong enough to get around on my own."

"I'm glad to see that your doing fine, I was really worried for a second," replied Al hearing the content clank of his armor.

"Your not form here are you?" asked Limdo, "Is this your first time in Bei-jai?"

Al looked up at the man puzzled 'Bei-jai? Maybe that's a region in the east in the Xing country,' thought Al.

"I guess you could say that," answered Al, watching the man eat some rice. "I have a question about yesterday?"

"Yes," said Limdo signaling for Al to continue.

"What's a Genbu?" asked Al innocently.

Limdo did a complete face fault. A small nosebleed went down as he yelled at Al.


"Well I'm new here," countered Al holding his hands up apologetically. Limdo sighed heavily and clamed down.

"Forget it," said Limdo as he sat down, "Genbu is the god of Bei-jai. Prophecy says that when this country is on the brink of destruction. The priest of Genbu would appear, and gather his seven celestial warrior, and be granted three wishes. Everyone regards this as an omen of doom. A priest that brings Bei-jai's doom, along with his warriors."

Al could hear the growl in Limdo's voice as he mentioned the prophecy. It was apparent that he hated it.

"But last night, you said that you were a celestial warrior," stated Al, "And I haven't seen you do anything bad!"

Limdo's eye widened in surprise and fear as he stared at Al. Limdo instantly stood up but after a moment his feature calmed down.

"So I told you did I? Well I guess it doesn't matter now, I'm leaving the country so it really doesn't matter," stated Limdo as he walked out of the room.

"Wait?" cried Al as he ran after the man.

"How do I get back home?!"

"Not my problem."

"How can you be so cold?!"

"Easy you take the crap life gives you and realize no one cares. Beside we'll never meet again," said Limdo as he walked away.

Suddenly he stopped and jumped back lightly bumping into Al just as and arrow shot out in front of them form the entrance below.


Al looked down to see a boy no older than 18 hold a bow tightly in his hand. The boy had pitch-black hair under a fur cylinder hat, white fur collared the neck of his heavy brown coat, a sack of arrows was on his back, and his dark eyes were focused on Limdo.

"It is you! Limdo, The Merciless Wind Slasher!" cried the boy as he notched another arrow.

Al kneeled next to Limdo prepared to knock away an arrow, if necessary. The people below began to panic and cry out in fear as Al heard what Limdo muttered and the people scream.

"Opps… Came out as a guy," muttered Limdo.




Al's eye's widened in surprise as he slowly turned to Limdo. 'What?' thought Al, 'He's a murderer?' Limdo looked up at Al. A smile darkened his features.

"Want to be victim number 1001?" joked Limdo darkly.

"I think you'd find that very difficult," replied Al coolly.

Limdo's eye widened in surprise, as he watched Al. 'Why isn't he scared of me? Most people would be scared out of their wits end,' thought Limdo but his attention was once again focused on the boy with the bow.

"It was strange of you to surrender without a fight. The constables should've known better than to leave you to demons!!" cried that boy, "But this is great. Now, I can get 100 Tael for your head!"

The boy released the arrow and Al prepared to knock it out of the way but before he could a small hand grabbed his and he flew over to a huge lantern that was in the center of the room. Limdo once again turned into a girl the wind floated the two safely.

"Hold on tight," ordered Limdo in a high-pitched voice.

With a slicing movement Limdo sliced the rope that held the lantern up. People below ran around in a panic confusion. Blocking the way for the bounty hunter. As quickly and silently as possible Al and Limdo landed at the front door and ran outside to escape in the confusion. Arrows flung at Limdo, whom turned back into a guy. Limdo whirled around knocking the arrows away with the chains form his handcuffs. Sweat dripped off his chin as he stumbled to the ground.

"LIMDO!" cried Al as he went to the man to helped him up.

"Ugh! Darn! I turned back to a guy," muttered Limdo weakly.

"You still haven't recovered form your fever!" said Al trying to help him up.


The clanking of horses, and clicking of guns greeted Al and Limdo's ear. The two looked up to see swarms of men on horses, carrying primitive guns surrounded them on all sides. The man in the led stood out in front of the other men.

"We might have been foolish to leave your fate in the hand of demons! But trust me you won't be so lucky we're executing you on the spot." Barked the man he then turned to Al "You man in armor! If you're his alley than you will be executed to! If not I suggest you step away."

"What?" whispered Al in confusion turning to Limdo.

Limdo looked frustrated as he watched the man.

"Darn it! I can't get the mark to appear," hissed Limdo, "I can't use my powers."

Limdo then turned to the confused Al his face warmed up a bit as he watched Al a slight smile twisted his lips.

"You said your names Al right?" asked Limdo.

"Yes," replied Al.

"You better move. If you get hurt then your brother will be sad," said Limdo as he urged Al to move away.

"ah," breathed Al, as his red orbs for eyes grew wide.

Limdo was right Ed would be sad if Al got hurt in any way shape or form. But what was there to hurt him he was a suit of armor now. Limdo didn't know that; in fact Limdo was a merciless killer why was he helping Al? Perhaps he was a lamb wearing wolves clothing. Whatever it was Al didn't move in fact he stood in front of Limdo protectively.


Everything seemed to go in slow motion as the bullets came closer to Al. Al waited for them to come and hit him. This doesn't make any sense why was this happen!? Nothing was making sense any more. Al couldn't take it.

"STOP IT!!!!!!!" yelled Al in frustration.

Everyone in the area turned their heads away form the spectacle as silver glowed bright off of Al blinding everyone temporarily Al looked down at his hand in surprise, he was glowing. Limdo watched Al in amazement; the boy was actually glowing a silver light. Warm hands and a blanket wrapped themselves around Limdo as the light started to fade.

"Master Limdo, now our chance!" whispered a voice urgently.

"Soren!" muttered Limdo in relief.

Limdo and the man named Soren left. Al looked out at the street everyone's face was still turned away even though the light had faded away. Al turned away to look and see if Limdo was safe, but he was gone.

"What's this?" cried Al in shock, "Hey! Where'd you go!? Limdo!"

Al could feel a hand suddenly grab his, forcing Al to look at whom it belongs to. There stood the boy form earlier that was shooting the arrows.

"I've got you. Limdo's ally," yelled the boy, "How dare you help him escape! You're coming with me!"

"What!?" cried Al in confusion.


Limdo could feel the cloak be on his shoulder to protect him form the cold. He could see his brother Soren hang behind him his hands on both Limdo's shoulders adjusting the cloak to cover Limdo.

"Are you alright Master Limdo?" asked Soren.

"Yes Soren… I'm sorry I'm late," replied Limdo.

"Who was that man? I saw a silver light… that man is not of this world," muttered Soren.

"Boy actually, his names Al, but I really don't know," answered Limdo.

"Is that boy the priest of Gen--" began Soren but was cut off by Limdo.

"No," said Limdo sharply, "He screwed up my plans, though the fever was real. I let them capture me and make it seem like I was dead so I could leave the country."

"But master Limdo, if the priest of Genbu has appeared, as prophecy foretells, you will undoutable be lead down the path of your destiny as your other name, as Uruki the celestial warrior of Genbu."

"Soren," hissed Limdo turning to the man in anger.

Soren had taken down his cloak revealing his face for Limdo. Chocolate brown eyes watched Limdo, on one side of his face was strains of hair the could be seen as bangs but the other side didn't have bangs it was slicked back into a ponytail, his hair color black.

"I will never use that name! I don't care about protecting some dumb priest, or summoning Genbu that would even let this country fall in the first place!"

"But…" began Soren again cut off.

"I do the bidding of a man form another world," said Limdo as he leaded on Soren, "You're the only one I can trust Soren. My only destiny is to kill my father as foretold."

"Then let us be on our way Master Limdo," answered Soren, "This is the first step towards your destiny."

The two walked a ways and climbed onto two horses that were hidden form sight. Already they set off to a new, safer place than Bei-jai. Limdo could not help but wonder about Al. He was the only one, besides Soren, that treated him like a real person, the only one that wasn't scared of him that hadn't known him for long. Not even Limdo's father could achieve that. 'Was Al really… the Priest of Genbu,' thought Limdo as he rode on.