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My Tutor is My Crush!

Chapter 1 The Exams, Horrors! (For Ron anyway)

In the Gryffindor common room Harry was waiting for Ron so they could walk together to breakfast and meet up with Hermione. 'What could be keeping him?' Harry thought to himself, and then silently laughed 'oh yeah exams are today, he such a nervous wreck.'

Just then Ron showed up looking very nervous he had never taken a few exams for "7th years" as he calls them for these exams were the first exams of the year for the 7th years and well everyone is nervous but not as much as Ron is. He is a pretty smart wizard, just has problems pronouncing the words and has a problem being brave.

"Hey Harry! Let's go now." Ron said as cheerfully as he could,

"Quit the acting Ron, I can still tell your really nervous. Come on it won't be that bad."

"Are you sure? These are 7th year exams you know!"

"Yes Ron because we ARE 7th years, I'm sure you'll do fine, now I'm starving Hermione has probably already eaten because we've taken so long now we don't want to be late for out exams now do we?"

"You're right Harry, I need as much time on those exams as possible."

They started running to breakfast, and they found Hermione still eating.

"What took you so long?" and then she remembered how nervous Ron gets "Oh never mind."

"That's alright Hermione." Said Ron

" So, umm how was it in the girls dormitories?" asked Ron,

"Um Ron, the usual- except lots of the bathrooms were either being cleaned or well were broken so we had to use the girls bathroom on the third floor- with Moaning Myrtle. She really doesn't know how to respect other girls privacy." She lowered her eyebrows in anger, now Ron wished he didn't ask that question and glad he was a boy so he could never use that bathroom at least unless Hermione and Harry have crazy plans that he just follows about in.

Hermione left breakfast early so she could get a good seat for the exams – a seat farther away so no one cheats off of her (that has happened before)

"Ron what were you doing asking such a stupid question?" Harry whispered to Ron while leaving breakfast.

"I don't know! I just wanted t say something!" Ron whispered back

" Come on or we won't get a good seat."

"Alright maybe somewhere closer to Hermione?"

"Not happening Ron!" knowing Ron may cheat if he's desperate – IF he's desperate.

"Take your seats children!" called Professor McGonagall " I'm am going to give your first exam which is on Potions, I hoped you studied well. When you have finished your exam check your answers and please set them here and it will be sent directly to grading so you can get your exam results faster, and then sit quietly until everyone has finished, and then you will have a quick break then we will start the next exam. Ready? Open the exam and begin!"

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