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Chapter 15: The End

When school resumed, everything seemed right, the sun was out, you could say love was in the air and Ron finally retook those exams and got an O. They are now in care of Magical creatures and Hagrid is showing the 7th years Smarty.

"This 'ear is Smarty, does anyone know what she it? Mr. Weasley?"

"She is a baby Anan, one of the smartest creatures in the world."

"Very good, would anyone want to take a little test with her to prove it?" A few hands went up. First Draco went up, Smarty beat him, and many others, Hermione tied with Smarty, then finally it was Ron's turn. When Hagrid went to take a look at the answers

"Oi, Ron, your score is higher than Smarty's" gasps were heard


"Both of the scores were perfect but Smarty forgot extra credit in her answers, but she is a baby so she only does what's required."

"Ron! Extra credit you remembered that!" cried Hermione in delight, hugging him.

"Yeah, I didn't know it would come THAT handy"

"It always does." Soon it was graduation time

"When I call your name you will come up here and receive your diploma which gives you the ability to use magic outside of school and permission to apparate etc." Said Professor McGonagall "Hermione Granger" Hermione gladly walked up and received her things and stood at the beginning of the line they were to make.

"Neville Longbottom"

"Harry Potter"

"Ronald Weasley" Ron happily skipped up to the platform and took his diploma and stood next to Harry and Hermione.

"Draco Malfoy" Draco barely passed and trudged to the platform. There were many others.

"Now we will have a few speeches, from the three students who have gone through a lot this year and I think they would like to share with us, may I present first up, Harry Potter" The school applauded.

"Thank you, this year, I have to say was the best most shocking life-threatening year I have ever had. There were good moments and bad ones. I had my girlfriend Ginny, but I think it all started when the first 7th year exams came up. My best friend failed them, and my other best friend Hermione was appointed his tutor. Me and Ginny kind of eavesdropped one time, and well, we noticed a connection between them so we decided to play matchmaker, by giving them advice like when I told Ron to ask her out. Which worked successfully, then on their first date to make sure everything went right we followed them, ("You what?" said Ron) and I believe I will have some explaining to do after this. (crowd chuckles) well, all of a sudden Hermione got sick, and we did not know what it was, but it came from a glass of pumpkin juice, which did have a whole bottle of pepper in it but also, it had a dangerous potion, that when the right amount will kill a person instantly but Hermione did not drink enough for it to kill her- yet, I would give you more details on this potion but I'm afraid that it is strictly confidential and will not be told to anyone. But do you know who was behind this? Voldemort, yes, it is fine to say his name he's dead anyway. Well, when the potion was starting to take effect, to kill Hermione, we had an encounter with him, his plan was to kill Ron and Hermione to get to me, because all three of us were required to kill him. Well, Hermione was laying weak and dying and I thought Ron was already dead because Voldemort used an unforgivable on him, but thankfully Ron used the only shield that can stop the curse that was recently discovered. He then snuck up and stunned him, and Hermione made a temporary antidote so we killed him together, I admit it we used and unforgivable but we won't go to Azkaban and we had to stay for awhile in the hospital wing and Hermione was given a permanent antidote Professor Slughorn, a retired potions master who gladly put it together for her made. And now here we are free of him, the one who destroyed everything in his path. And that was what happened this year, for me and that's what I wanted to share with you so it all makes sense, thank you." More applause, now it was Hermione's turn,

"Hi, pretty much what happened to me was the same as Harry's story over there. But I can tell you one thing, that pumpkin juice tasted like, well pepper and vomit at the same time, yuck, and I did not enjoy the hospital wing visits either. Do you really know how many times I had to rush Harry Ron and even myself to the Hospital Wing? To many to count. But I did discover one thing, what it really feels like to be in love. Love, what do you think it feels like? Well, it is something like this, when you see that person, you feel like your about to get really sick, your excited and nervous and jumpy and feel horrible at the same time, and when this person kisses you it brings a shocking feeling down your spine and you start hearing the Halleluiah Chorus, and hear fireworks. And you feel like you're at home when you are in this persons arms. And you soon realize that you are in love, the best feeling in the whole world, so powerful it will stop any source of evil. Thank you" More applause and McGonagall shedding a few tears, now it was Ron's turn.

"Hi, um I'm pretty speechless actually, but I do want to talk about someone. When I failed my tests, she was there to help me, with an encouraging smile, always made sure I did it myself, with the tiniest hints every once in awhile, and she's pretty and easy to talk to, that was a hard time for me this year but as I got to know her even more than I did then I started to feel things about her, and I felt like crud when I was around her but I was also happy, which Hermione just gave you a lecture about. And when I saw her dying over in the sidelines during the final battle, I was so worried and troubled I felt like crying when I got to talk to her which might have been for the last time which thankfully it isn't and well, I'm just glad we are all here and I finally passed my tests and now just to let you know Hermione, can you meet me at the burrow, next Saturday around 6:00? Thanks, there is something really important I want to tell you so anyway that just about closes it so I'm going to go now, thanks for listening to me babble!" even more applause and McGonagall still crying. The next day they took the train back to Kings Cross for the last time.

"This is it" said Harry

"Yeah, I wish it would last forever" said Hermione

"On the bright side we can still see each other often" said Ron

"Yeah, I'll see you Saturday Ron"

"Yeah, Harry, you can live with us at the burrow you know"

"Really? Oh no I couldn't"

"It's no problem I already talked to Mum we got plenty of room since all my brothers have moved out and plus Ginny's still going to stay there too."

"Thanks Ron,"

"Plus I'm not moving out yet anyway."

"Bye, for awhile anyway" said Harry

"Yes" said Hermione moving to hug her best friends

"Bye" said Ron

"This really was the best year after all," Thought the trio as they apparated to their homes now officially adults living in the world.

The End

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