Here is my first attempt at some form of a story, about a year after I actually made this account. Mainly about the meeting between Mark and Maureen. Reviews would be awesome, and I'll respond. Thanks in advance. )

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Here Goes- Chapter 1

"Roger!" Mark shouted over the small crowd of people who had filled up what half an hour ago, had been the empty club. "Don't forget about us little people when you grow up to be a big rock star!" Roger smiled from on stage with his guitar in his hands, then waved at the camera Mark had pointed in his direction.

Satisfied with the reply Mark made his way toward the stage, and sat at a table directly in front. Collins was seated to his left, and an empty seat where April was supposed to be, was on his right. "Pretty crowded tonight, you think he'll be alright?" Mark asked Collins, more to calm his own nerves, then out of concern for Rogers. "Him? Nervous? Pffft, calm down Mrs. Davis" he jabbed sarcastically. The only reason he had asked was because of the half a dozen talent searchers seated directly behind them. Mark was starting to feel an unsettling sensation that really should belong to Roger. But Roger was never the worried type, which is why they were friends, so that Mark could be the responsible worry wart for both of them, while Roger did whatever the hell he wanted to. "Mark!" His attention was snapped back up to the stage where the band was nearly set up, and Roger stood with his arm slung nonchalantly across Aprils' shoulders, as if the record deal he could conceivably receive tonight was nothing out of the ordinary. "Mark! Get some of this on film!" Roger shouted to him just before he kissed April.

He didn't need to be told a second time. The camera was on and rolling immediately, he caught the tail end of the kiss, then decided that it was completely uninteresting. "Pan left" he mumbled to himself. The feeling of panic swept over him again as he saw through the eyepiece just how large the crowd was. How could Roger look so confident up there? All eyes on him, nowhere to hide. 'Alright, calm down, he'll be fine, he's done this a thousand times before, nothing new' he told himself.

"I just really hope he doesn't mess this one up" he said out of the side of his mouth unintentionally. "He won't" Collins answered, though Mark was relatively sure he had uttered that last bit too quietly for anyone to hear. Suddenly April was in the chair to his right, her facing glowing as she spoke to the camera that had taken the place of Marks face. "Record deal, here he comes" she pointed toward Roger who was now in the spotlight. 'Perfect intro' Mark thought to himself. 'I'll just edit out the-' But his thoughts were interrupted as Rogers voice rang loudly over the slurred screams coming from the rest of the club.

The majority of the performance went well, that is, up until the part where the crowd got so rowdy that they actually lit some of the bands equipment on fire. It was a downhill spiral from there. Nothing seemed to go right. Once the blaze was put out Rogers vocals became cracked and shaky, the drummer was playing with only one drum stick, and the feedback from the amps became so loud that it completely drowned out the rest of the music.

Mark turned the camera toward his own face so that he could narrate, "And what we have here folks is a little something I like to call 'Rogers Demise.' Virtually all of this will be edited-" Halfway through his seemingly playful mocking toward Roger, a woman's voice echoed throughout the room. Mark glanced up on stage, and then back at Collins who merely shrugged his shoulders, suggesting that he had no idea who she was either. "Hello everyone! Now not that this wasn't a wonderful performance by our very own club regulars Halfway Decent, but the real show will be mine, Maureen Johnson, this Thursday, at the 11th street lot, be there." She began to walk away from the microphone, then as if she had forgotten something, ran back over to it and added "Lets here it for these guys!" She started a small wave of clapping which died out reasonably quickly.

"What a bitch" Mark thought out loud as he watched her make her way off the stage. "She just used Roger's failure as a way to advertise for her own show" he said as he turned toward Collins. "Well, some people will do anything" Collins shrugged as they followed April toward the stage, about to attempt to cheer up Roger, which they knew would not come as an easy feat.