Chapter 3-

The cold wind stung at Lanore's face as she stood on a hilltop, overlooking forests whose trees wore the majestic colors of autumn. She shivered underneath her thick turtleneck sweater. The colors somehow reminded her of home; her real home, the home she wished she would never forget. Her mind then shifted to James. In the months she had known him, he'd been great. He'd helped her out of her sorrow and into new life. Brock hadn't really cared about her, she realized. He thought of her more as a material thing to use when he wanted sex or something. He never really cared about her feelings. James was different entirely. When she was sad, he'd cheer her up, when she laughed, he'd laugh, too. He never treated her badly. He made her feel like a teenager in love; a teenager which she never really was. Her mind shifted again, to when she got here. What if this had never happened, and she was still a 13-year-old back home? She knew some things can't be explained, but she wanted an explanation. She glanced at her watch. She had a few more minutes. She had crept out this morning because she needed time to think, and because it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.

She glanced at her watch again, and decided it was time to leave. She had no regrets, she just wanted to clear her mind. She began the decent down the hill and thought about how things have changed since she arrived, and then even more. Ash and Misty were back to their old selves; Ash on a quest to be a pokémon master, and Misty with her sisters at Cerulean gym. They saw each other occasionally, and never talked about what happened. Professor Oak and Nurse Joy were going out, but no one thought they'd make it. Team Rocket had changed, by a lot. James had quit, and with that, so had Meowth. It was all up to Jessie now. By herself, she knew she would never get Pikachu, but she had nothing else to do. By now Lanore had got to the bottom of the hill and was walking briskly to her car. She got in, turned on the ignition, and drove to the church in silence.

When she had arrived, she got out and walked into the church to the bride's room. She was excited. She knew James wouldn't hurt her the way Brock did. Of course, she was glad Brock had done that; otherwise, she never would've met James. Her bridesmaids were already in there getting Lanore's stuff ready for her. She glanced at the gorgeous dress she was to wear walking down the isle. She smiled and began to get dressed. She could hear some commotion outside; the guests had begun to arrive. For her own safety, Lanore had not invited Brock. At this point, he could've become an ax-murderer. When the dress was on, she marveled once more at its beauty, and she began working one her hair. When she had finished, the bridesmaids all complemented Lanore on how nice she looked, and she said the same to them.

"Ssh," one of the bridesmaids called. They all fell silent. They could hear that the outside commotion had shopped, and the priest was talking. When she heard her que, Lanore silently stepped into the hall for her walk down the isle. The music started playing, and the doors of the church opened. Since Lanore didn't have her parents here, she walked down the isle with one of her friends, and old woman who had been very kind to her. Lanore's eyes met James', and he smiled. She blushed, and he mouthed the words "you look beautiful". Most of the ceremony was a blur until the "I do's"

Priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.
With that James and Lanore embraced, kissed, and turned to the audience, who all cheered.

Lanore and James went on a cruise for their honeymoon, which was a welcome change to the late autumn chill. After that, they bought a house in a nice neighborhood and Lanore looked for a job. In the meantime, though, she was performing as a singer with different organizations for spare change. That is where the fun begins.

Lanore was sitting in her living room reading the newspaper when the doorbell rang. Lanore put the paper down and went to go open the door. A man was standing outside. "Can I help you?" "Yes," the man said, with a slight accent. "Are you Lanore, the one that sang last week at the mall?" "Yes." "Oh, Good. Your friend told me you right songs, too, correct?" "Yes. Sir, you still haven't told me who you are." The man smiled. "I am Antonio Engleberg, from Starlight Records. Lanore, how would you like a record deal?" Lanore stood there stunned. A record deal. Wow. She always wanted to be famous. But other things came first. "Mr. Engleberg, I will need to talk it over with my husband first." "Why of course! Here's my number. Call me when you've made a decision"
With that Mr. Engleberg walked down the path to his car(quite a fancy one no less) and drove away.

"James?" Lanore called. "I'm up here honey," James called from upstairs. Lanore walked up the steps and found James working on his laptop. "Honey, I need to ask you something." "Sure," he replied, turning off the laptop. "That man at the door, Mr Engleberg is his name, he...he owns a record company, and, well...he was wondering if I'd be interested in a record deal." James looked astounded. "And you let him walk away? Lanore, this is what you've always wanted. You didn't need to ask me. Call him up and tell him you'll do it." Lanore smiled and gave James a kiss. "You're the best. Thanks." "No problem, sexy." Lanore gave James the 'later' look.

Lanore went to the phone and dialed. "Hello, Mr. Engleberg?" "Yes." "Um, this is Lanore. You just came to my house..." "Oh yes! Have you made up your mind?" "Yes. I have. I'll do it." "Excellent! This is fantastic! You'll be a big star in no time, Lanore!"

Mr. Engleberg(who allowed Lanore to call him Antonio) had already booked Lanore for a gig the next week. He told her she should start getting some ideas for some songs ready, and to touch-up on her guitar skills. She agreed, and by the enc of the week, she was pumped for her gig. Antonio had actually arranged for a limo to pick her up! "He must really see potential in you," James commented. "Thanks, honey." Lanore couldn't be happier. She had a wonderful husband, a nice house, a record deal, and now a limo!

Lanore got in first, followed by James. But Antonio stopped him. "James, this is a limo for the star." James looked puzzled. "She's my wife" "I know. But this is her limo. You can drive your car instead." "Antonio," Lanore insisted, "c'mon, let him come." But Antonio refused once more, got into the limo, shut the door and drove off, leaving James standing in the street. "Why did you do that?" "Well, dear, you're the star. He knows where we're going. He'll meet us, I'm sure." But Lanore wasn't so sure. She looked out the back window and watched as her beloved husband disappeared from view.