Worth the Wait

Ennis packed some things up on the back of his truck; he was setting out for Brokeback Mountain after many years of not going there. He had done so a couple of times after Jack died, but it had gotten to painful to stand.

He didn't know then why he felt it so important to go there now. Maybe, he thought, it was just one of those days when he just missed way too much, but something inside him told him that this wasn't exactly that.

He slowly made is way back to his house, lately it seemed to him that getting from one place to the other took a lot longer than before, even if it was just a few steps away. He didn't know if it was his sorrow finally weighing down on him all that much, or if it was his old age acting up on him more and more.

He walked to his closet and took the shirts he'd kept for so long with him, after all those years he could swear they still smelled like his Jack.

Once in his truck again he set the shirts on the passenger seat next to him and turned to start the engine. But right then, before he could even turn the key he felt something come over him. It was a warm feeling that was quickly ridding him of everything; breath, strength, thoughts. . .

The keys fell from his hand, but instead of trying to reach for them, or the get out and call someone, the last thing he knew before this feeling ridded him of his very life, was that he gathered up enough of his fading strength and took the shirts to hold them up against his chest.

After that everything was black and fuzzy comfort. . .

After several minutes of the most blessed nothingness Ennis had ever known, suddenly he felt a cool breeze hit his face and a strange, firm strength come to his legs. He opened his eyes and his heart started racing at the sight before him. He was standing on a small hill short distance from the river, he was in Brokeback Mountain.

He couldn't help but smile wide, he started walking looking down at his feet to watch where he stepped, it was then he noticed . . . first it was just his shoes and clothes; the ones he wore years ago when he was still young. Then, immediately after, he noticed his hands; tight skin and strong muscles.

He took in a deep huff of air and it seemed like it had never been easier to breathe than just then. As he exhaled it all dawned upon him. The reason why he was there, and he was young and how strange it was that this didn't seem or feel odd to him . . . he had died and wound up at Brokeback.

He kept his calm for a total of two seconds before realization hit him

"JACK!" he shouted as he started running, oh if what he thought was true; then he'd done good in his life.
"JACK!" he kept shouting over and over as he ran with such ease and a lightness that made him feel like a child running towards a fair or something of the like.

When he reached the river he spotted his lover sleeping near their tent, looking young and handsome as the day they met. He had his head propped up on some rocks and his hat resting on his chest.

Ennis ran even faster then, rushing up to kneel beside him then picked him up in his arms.

Jack woke up startled, backing away as a reflex, but then quickly realized who it was. He smiled wide and hugged Ennis as hard as he could. Enniss' arms were so tight around him he thought his ribs were gonna give way from the pressure, but he didn't care.

They didn't say anything, just clung to each other, both trying to hold back their tears.