When Ennis woke up he felt the weight of Jack's head resting on his chest and he smiled. He inhaled deeply and thought about how good it felt to wake up and breathe in that sweetened smell of Jack's hair.

He rubbed Jack's back with his hands, it was just one of those things he gotten used to doing when they'd fall asleep and wakeup late in the afternoon and he had to ride out, and then later in the mornings when they'd go "fishing".

He hadn't meant to wake him by this, but Jack had also gotten used to it and to be woken by it

"Let's just stay another day" Jack murmured, he had also gotten used to pleading this every time. It was more of a reflex really.

Ennis gave a warm smile at the look of hopefulness on Jack's face

"I aint going nowhere, Jack" Ennis spoke; his voice was still low and softened with sleep.

Jack opened his eyes and propped himself up to look at Ennis. He smiled wide, eyes almost literally shinning as he stared.

"What?" Ennis asked smiling back, almost laughing at the sheer joy of having Jack there being weird and Jack-like, knowing by the shine in his eyes that he was probably having one of his crazy ideas.

Jack just chuckled and gave Ennis the most breath taking kiss they had ever shared.

"I'm just real happy you're here, friend" Jack said after their lips parted.

They stared at each other for a long while, just enjoying the overwhelming euphoria they both felt, their hearts beat fast and Jack was blushing a nice shade of red.

Ennis couldn't take it anymore, he was never the kind to deal with emotion of any kind all that well.

"Shit . . . Jack, I…"

"I know"

". . . a whole lot, a lot more than anyone and anything I ever knew"

"I know, me too, maybe too fucking much"

They both had tears in their eyes, but they weren't crying, and for the first time ever, Ennis wasn't trying to hide his. Instead he was smiling.

Jack chuckled again and Ennis chuckled too at the sound of it. Soon they both started laughing, not even sure why, but they did until they couldn't breathe anymore.

When they finally stopped laughing they kissed and smiled more, they must have spend about half an hour just kissing

"Hmmm, I'm hungry"

"You've got anythin to eat?"

"Don't think so, someone stopped by and somehow I forgot to do everythang, and I was planning on hunting yesterday"
"Well. . .then I reckon that someone should hang with you in case you forget again"