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The hitokiri Battousai crept through the dark alleyways in Kyoto, searching for the one man he was sent to assassinate.

Katsura had given the young killer the usual black envelope. And as usual, it only had one thing in it: a name. A government officials name to be exact.

Not that Himura had anything against the individuals he was told to slay; he didn't even know what they had done. The only crime he knew they were guilty of was being one of the self-righteous fools of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Or at least supporting them.

Himura slipped into the shadows, using them to quickly navigate the streets of Kyoto without the hindrance of being seen. People asked too many questions, and contrary to all the rumors about him being a bloodthirsty demon, he hated meaningless slaughter. He did what his job required and that was all.

He reached the street Katsura had told him the man would be using to exit Kyoto. Katsura had a very competent spy network stationed throughout many prominent cities; he could gather hard-to-find information as fast as Hiko Seijurou could chug a jug of sake.

And that was saying something.

The hitokiri examined the area. It was a desolate dirt road, laden with a variety of trees and plants. He briefly closed his eyes, trying to stake out any hidden kis. Sensing none, he quietly crouched behind a large shrub.

Heaven shall get its justice tonight.

Short, I know. But it is only a prologue. This was a little over a page on paper but my other chapters will be a little over five. And don't worry; it will be more humorous as it goes along! I bought Rurouni Kenshin chapter….21 was it? And Kenshin was making funny faces and junk! So he does have a sense of humor still, even behind all the blood.

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