"During the time Kyo-kun stayed with us, the changes he experienced were noticeable to everyone. Everyone here knew the Kyo that hated and was hated. Very few knew the Kyo who loved. But the people who did loved him back… that's one of the saddest things about losing him so soon."

The speakers' breath hitched painfully as he tried to hold back his sobs. He bowed his head, hiding his tear filled eyes. The left hand of the man slid to the back of his neck, fingers running through the shorts of his black hair.

He read a few more lines of his speech in his head before closing his brown eyes tightly. Large tears trailed down his pale cheeks and landed on the white papers. The ink blurred from the wetness, but only did he notice as he took another deep breath and opened his eyes.

Raising his head the mourning audience he noticed a girl wearing a black dress that clashed with her bright eyes. She stared at him through the tears in her eyes. And that gave him the encouragement to continue.

He brushed the limp bangs from his eyes. "It didn't seem to matter that we had no pictures of him smiling…" The girl closed her eyes tightly but tears managed to slip through the black confides of her eyelashes. Shigure looked away from her, and down to the tear splattered speech once again.

"But it matters now." The normal singsong tone was replaced with a hoarse, strained voice, his throat raw from the long night of heavy crying. Shigure squeezed his neck now and his head dropped again. This time his sharp brown eyes were shadowed by his bangs.

Around the dark room, others were in the same condition as Shigure. Their colorful eyes downcast with tears slipping down their pale cheeks. The few that held onto composure still didn't look at Shigure. As if they couldn't stand the usual happy man in such a state of depression.

Shigure continued with his strained voice. "I can remember him so vividly. I can almost see him sitting between Tohru-kun and Yuki-kun."

The two jumped slightly, tearful eyes slowly tracing to the area between them. Their eyes met unintentionally, but they didn't blush or look away. They only stared longingly at each other. But though they stared so clearly at each other they saw past the other to a far off image of Kyo.

They didn't notice the rest of the room look at them, also trying to spot Kyo. A depressed smile came to Shigure's lips, his brown eyes closed. "He looks the same as always, but this time he's smiling. He's happy now."

Now everyone had tears in their eyes, a few sobbing into their hands, shoulders heaving as they cried. Yuki blinked and Kyo was gone, replaced by Tohru. He could see in her eyes that she was still watching the redhead. He put his hand on hers, feeling the soft fabric of her black glove and rubbed it. She blinked twice, surprised when she found Yuki watching her painfully. He felt bad for causing her to loose the image. She tried to smile for him, but it contrasted with the tears still in her eyes

Shigure watched the two from his position behind the pulpit decorated in a wreath of flowers and leaves before continuing. He looked out at the large crowd. More people had shown up than he expected. Kyo would've been happy to know people cared more than he thought.

Everyone stared away from him, but waited anxiously for him to speak again. "I can hardly stand when I think about all Kyo went through. Or when I think about how humanity has fallen to carry out an act of murder. How can we do it…?"

He shook his head as a fresh wave of tears assaulted everyone in the room. "I'll never say goodbye. I'm not going to forget him… He's still a member of my family. He's still living at my house…"

At this Tohru broke down completely. She cupped her pale face in her gloved hands and cried freely. The boy beside her rubbed her back while watching her sadly.

"I love you Kyo." Shigure finished before grabbing the paper and slowly walking back to his seat. Yuki stood up while eyes still worriedly cast on Tohru. She raised her head from her hands and nodded at him.

He slowly walked to the pulpit while fixing his tie. He pulled a folded bundle of papers from his jacket pocket and smoothed it out. Until this point, Yuki didn't feel the lump in his throat. Breathing deeply, he swallowed the feeling and looked down at his paper.

"It's kind of hard." He said aloud. He raised his violet eyes to the audience. "It's hard to realize love for someone after their gone. Kyo… Kyo and I hated each other… But now, now that he's gone… What he did for me. I realize I never hated him…" Yuki took a calming breath and watched everyone from his family wallow in mourning.

"I can also remember him clearly. The day it happened… Everything I felt…what was said, what he said… I remember it all. And even when I replay it in my head, over and over… I don't know why someone would do that…."

"The same boy who swore his hatred for me… Protected me with his life."