So I've recently indulged in a new Anime and now I really want to start a fiction about it. Unfortunately that goes against my new rule of one story at a time. So now I am more motivated for writing this story!

Now comes the part where you help me. I need ideas and I need them fast! I'd offer you a virtual cookie, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. All I can really do is offer you a small role in my story.

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The hardest part of that morning came first. The process of peeling heavy black eyelashes from pale skin was painful, the dried tears acting like an adhesive. Then came the mild annoyance of efforts being in vain as Yuki managed to get his eyes open, only to snap them shut again. It seemed only then that the light was noticeable and the shield of his eyelid was nothing.

Moving was hard, thinking was harder. Miserable attempts to get up only left him more and more annoyed. A random attempt to get up lead his eyesight to the alarm clock sitting on his night table- An alarm clock set and ready to wake him up in an hour.

He flopped down stiffly and groaned as he did. His head was fogged which caused his thoughts to come blindly and slowly. In random spurts he wondered why he had awoken so early. He was Yuki, known as the only Sohma who couldn't handle mornings and he was the first one to open his eyes that morning.

Next he wondered why he was so sore. Simply moping about couldn't cause such pain. Why was he even moping about? Was this mad depression that grabbed dumbly at every single person in the house simply a bad omen? In a way it unnerved him to think about, it caused him to stiffen even more and it threatened to make him burst.

He couldn't just spit out the thought like he wanted to, it tumbled around in his head, even trying to escape out of his mouth, leaving a horrid taste in his mouth. It felt like he hit the nail on the head. Dead center.

But if he happened to be right, what could be so awful to cause such raw emotion before it even occurred? Images of friends and family lingered in his brain, stamping names and faces on the tissue, and then kicking at his skull as a reminder that they wouldn't go. The faces twisted in horrible demonic expressions until not even the beautiful saintly Tohru was a relief.

With a headache and upset stomach, Sohma Yuki once again fell asleep.

A faint ringing rescued her from the demons hot at her heals and she sat upright with a sharp intake of breath. Beads of sweat that accumulated in the chase finally rolled down her temples and her bangs clumped horribly, sticking to odd places of her soft skin.

The ringing continued for a minute longer before she finally decided to reach over and turn off her alarm before she managed to awaken any other housemate before they were ready.

Then she stopped, and starred blankly at the clock surface. It wasn't set like she thought it was. Now that she took time to rethink that notion she realized the ringing was too faded and distant to really be coming from an object almost directly beside her.

She swung her sock-free feet over the side of her pink and glorious bed and slipped from the covers. The floor was cold and it was hard but she didn't recoil and jump back into the blankets like she wanted. Keeping a steady breathing pattern she slipped out of her room and followed the source of the noise to Yuki's bedroom.

Tohru was amazed that she managed to make no sound, sneaking stealthily into the boys' room and turning his alarm clock off. After that she managed a moment to smile lovingly down at him. His hair fanned out on his pillow, making a perfect pattern with well-blended colors. His eyelashes fell lightly against his skin and the colors were exact opposites.

The girl managed to stay quiet while admiring his beauty, even while clearing her throat. She was sure that she didn't look as angelic as he did, the boy perfect like snow. She didn't allow herself a moment longer to stare down at the boy and hastily left his room and slipped into the shower.

Yet as the water washed the sweat off of her body the image of Yuki was with her, swarming all around her head. 'Perhaps,' she wondered idly 'I love him.' But a smile reached her race and she shook her head regardless.

'But this feeling, is it unlike love?' For some reason she took comfort in Yuki. Everything about him at that moment helped chase away the mysterious sadness that clogged her eyes with tears.

'What is love?'

Perhaps she would never know. The thought of started a physical relationship didn't come often. It didn't seem critical at this moment, anyways…

She finished her shower with a deliberate slowness before racing into her room clad only in a strawberry printed towel and got herself ready for they day. She almost regretted taking such a long shower because now she didn't have time to tie her hair in braids.

The morning continued normally as Tohru woke Yuki up, and left him to get ready and make breakfast.

Shigure had smiled all morning, chattering away happily while munching on his breakfast. Kyo shouted, normally as Yuki threw a well-backed up insult. Just like normal, Shigure watched the teens off to school waving his hand and wishing them a good day, telling them to come back safely.

But as his eyes lingered too long on the retreating figures, another unexplained tear lead his voice into saying, "I love you."

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