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A strand of her own purple hair was the first thing that Raven saw when she woke up that morning. She, like most people, did not wake up right away and thus had to blink several times before she could get her eyes open completely. Her vision was fuzzy and blurred, obscured even further by her own violet hair.

Softly stretching her pale gray arm upwards, she moved the rebellious strand of hair out of her line of sight and tucked it back behind her ear where it belonged. Raven's vision improved almost immediately, allowing her to see around the room more clearly. No lamps were on and the only light was provided by a few rays of sunlight that had skipped in underneath the dark curtains that covered the large window next to the bed Raven found herself in.

Raven realized almost immediately that she was not indeed in her own bed, or even in her own room. The room she found herself in was brighter and greener, with many piles of messy clothes dotting the landscape. A somewhat pungent odor hung about the room, but around the bed area it smelt mostly alright. The window on the side of the room was much larger than Raven's own and was built next to the bed, which she noticed was actually a bunk bed and not her soft, queen-sized with the dark sheets.

Turning over, Raven saw who lay next to her and everything from the previous night came flooding back to her. For she was not in her own room, nor in her own bed, and neither was she alone. For she was most obviously in the room of a certain green teammate. And it was he who lay beside her.

Beast Boy was snoring softly, his mouth wide open and his sharp nose pointed up towards the ceiling. A small snot bubble was inflating and deflating out of his nose as he breathed in and out with calm intakes of air. He was dressed in not but his boxers and an undershirt. His arm was draped around Raven, his green hand resting lightly on the area of her waist and hip. The other one was spread outwards on the opposite side.

Raven's arm, the one she had used to move her hair, had been resting on Beast Boy's chest. Her head, which had now moved up and was looking at the green teen, had rested on his shoulder, near his neck and chest. The tiny, little hairs on her skin began to rise up as Raven brushed her bare leg against Beast Boy's, resulting in a sudden case of goose bumps. Raven shivered lightly, but felt comfortable.

She had come in late at night, Raven remembered, looking for consolation. She had not been able to sleep or find rest or comfort. And so Raven had risen in only her purple nightgown and walked to Beast Boy's room, entering it without even opening her door. She had nudged her green boyfriend (for that is what he was nowadays, her lover) and he had slowly woken up. Her had looked up at her with his weary emerald eyes, a small smile twitching at the sides of his mouth.

"Can't sleep?" he had asked.

Raven had shaken her head. "Can I sleep with you?"

"Always," Beast Boy had responded, smiling.

Raven had then settled down next to Beast Boy, snuggling up against him. After a kiss, the two had become comfortable and held each other until both had drifted off into deep slumber. Even in sleep, Raven found as she woke up, they had remained in each other's arms.

Raven looked up and across the room to see Beast Boy's clock, the one with the monkey and the cymbals that clashed whenever the alarm went off. Raven saw that the clock read 2:00, which she knew from experience actually meant 8:45. Beast Boy's clock was always off . . . he mistreated it so very much. It was just something Raven had learned, something she had gotten used to.

I could get up, Raven thought to herself. I do have a lot to do today, I should probably get an early start.

But then she looked over at Beast Boy, her boyfriend. She saw his tiny little snot bubble, breathing in and out. She watched his chest rise and fall in rhythm with his breaths. She felt his strong, green arm around her waist and his own warm breath upon her face. She felt his body next to hers.

And Raven smiled.

The purple haired sorceress leaned back down, allowing her head to rest on Beast Boy's chest. She placed her hand on his shoulder and snuggled her entire body closer to him, so that she was almost on top of him. His breath was warm on her and she could hear his heart smoothly beating in perfect time. She smiled again and closed her eyes.

A little extra sleep never hurt anyone, she realized, especially when I can wake up to him . . .

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