Summary: What if the kiss at Shelly's party lead to more? Dick and Veronica have a secret.

Pairing: DickVeronica (DiVe, He he)

A/N: This is totally experimental. I was sitting in English, completely bored and this thought came to me…Veronica and Dick…hah, how crazy? Crazy enough to write about perhaps. So I did. Try to be open-minded to it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Slight AU. Veronica is drugged the night of Shelly's party but is still slightly aware when her and Dick kissed. The next morning, she finds herself in the guest bedroom but she was NOT raped. This story takes place the night after the party. Also, Veronica drives a different car, one with tinted windows, Haha.


You could say she left him wanting more. He wasn't sure why. When she kissed him, she was so out of it. She probably wouldn't even remember the next day. But truly, that didn't matter, he'd remember. He does remember. Sure, he was drunk as hell that night, but how could he not remember? When Veronica Mars kisses you, its not so easily forgotten. He assumed that was why he was standing in front of her door right now. Fuck, he didn't know what he was going to say. 'This is the stupidest fucking idea I've ever had' he thought. As he started towards his car, the door opened. Veronica Mars stood in the doorway. Their eyes met and the gaze was held until Veronica looked down at her shoes.

"What are you doing here Dick?" Veronica asked.

"I, uh," He didn't really even why he was there. Sure, there was that whole 'we kissed thing'. And the fact that he couldn't get her off of his mind since. So maybe that was why. He just knew he had to see her. And now that she was standing there looking at him, he had no clue what to say. He had to admit, she looked gorgeous tonight. He loved her long hair. And in that moment, all he wanted to do was push her against the nearest wall. He recalled the night before, at Shelly's party, when she had come on to him, gripping his ass and pushing him to the couch.

He came back to reality and noticed her staring at him, waiting for an answer. All coherent thoughts were lost as Dick pushed Veronica against her door, closing in on her mouth. Veronica responded by grabbing his back and pushing him closer to her. As Dick reached for Veronica's top button, she broke the kiss.

"You hate me," She whispered, not looking in his eyes.

"I hate what you do to me" He replied. Searching her eyes for emotion, he only saw fear. He guessed she was afraid to be hurt again.

"You think I'm a bitch," She said as she disconnected herself from him.

"You think I'm a jackass."

"You are a jackass," She smiled slightly as she replied.

"Your jackass perhaps?" He asked, while grinning. He bent down to capture her mouth but before he could deepen the kiss, she pulled back.

"We can't do this. School, your friends…they hate me."

He settled all her fears with a simple…"They don't have to know"


Beginning of junior year:

Veronica and Dick managed to keep their relationship a secret sophomore year and through the summer. Part of her hated herself for falling for her. Oh yeah, she had fell. Fell hard. But part of her found thrill in their relationship. She could lie and say it hurt her when he was an ass, but it really didn't. It made their nights together all the more obsessive. Obsessive, in a good way. Passionately obsessive. 'It is sheer irony' she once thought to herself. How she was the bitch in public and he was back up to Neptune's biggest jackass, instantly making him an ass by default. In public, they tortured each other. But at night, they pleasured each other.

The night, many months ago, when they shared their first sober kiss, was the night Veronica chopped off all her hair and burned her cotton clothes. She vowed never again to be Veronica Mars: The innocent. She would be Veronica Mars: The bitch or even Veronica Mars: The badass but never The innocent. Never the girl that died with Lilly. Never.

The previous night, Veronica slept with Dick for the first time. She was actually surprised at how long they waited. It had been early December when they shared their first kiss. Now here it was, August. Hell, lets face it. Veronica Mars was alone. She had lost her mother, her best friend, her first love, all her friends, and a part of herself. Dick was all she had left, aside from her dad.

She could dress it up and say that what she had with Dick was perfect, but it was nowhere near that. That's why she loved about it. She was pretty sure that she was falling to hard for Dick. She had almost slipped an 'I love you' out after that had sex. She wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing. But she was almost certain that she was in love with him. Which wasn't an entirely bad thing, she supposed. Dick had said the big three words to her twice now. Each time, she wondered if their situation could get anymore fucked up. It humored her. She wondered how their relationship was still a secret?

She decided to stop all the thoughts as she entered Neptune High. And then she saw him. 'Put your game face on' she thought, 'and get ready to hurl insults.'

She walked to her locker; sure a group of the 09ers were following, ready to attack her. She could care less. That was, unless Dick was with them.

"Well, if it isn't Veronica Mars?" No doubt she recognized that voice. Logan Echolls.

"Logan, to what to I owe this pleasure?"

"Well, its just, I couldn't help but notice, you look like you really don't want to be here Ronnie. Care to join us? Me, Dick and Duncan are going to head to the beach, catch a few waves. Duncan will promise to take his shirt off."

"Logan, how tempting? But really, I would only go to see you take your shirt off."

"Aw, how sweet. You have a crush on me?"

"Logan, don't flatter yourself"

"Oh, I won't, I seem to remember you missing during most lunches last year, coming into 6th period, all hot, hair a little messed up. And this was all after I had seen you exit your car. Who was the lucky guy Veronica?" Shit. He saw them? Veronica visibly tensed up. Her and Dick used to go to her car during lunches occasionally last year.

Dick cut in. "Lucky guy? Come on Logan, you know there's more than one. Shit, and you know she's getting paid. Its like her side job." Veronica smiled and headed to class. At least Logan would never suspect her and Dick.


Later, as she was headed to the bathroom during class, she saw Dick. He went up to her and whispered in her ear.

"Lunch, your car."

And with that, he walked off, leaving a jovial Veronica.