A/N: The first part if this you will probably remember. It's chapter 5, but edited and longer. Like 1,000 words longer...co keep reading.

Author: Kayla
Pairing/Character: Dick/Veronica, Meg, Logan, Duncan, Troy, Mac, Beaver, Luke
Word Count: 2,100ish
Rating: R (for language)
Summary: Dick, Veronica, Logan, Duncan, Meg, Troy, Beaver, Mac, and Luke head to TJ. An AU…Veronica wasn't raped. Dick/Veronica. Set after Shelly Pomroy's end of the year party.
Spoilers: Through 1x22
Warnings: Umm…none.


"Just say you're staying at my place," Veronica said.

"I don't know, Veronica. I mean, who's all going anyway?" Meg asked.

"Well, as of today, Logan, Dick, Luke, Troy, Beaver, and his new girlfriend, but Dick just keeps asking more people…so I'm not even sure."

"Beaver has a girlfriend?" Meg asked, somewhat surprised.

"Apparently, the names Mac. I think they call her that because she's good with computers," Veronica informed her.

"Well, I have to check with my parents first, but I'm in."

"Good," Veronica said as Dick, Luke and Logan walked towards their table.

"Do not be mistaken my man, the deal was closed back in VIP," Logan said with a cocky grin as he and Luke sat across from Meg and Veronica. Dick sat next to Veronica.

"What are you guys talking about?" Meg asked.

"Our last trip to TJ. Me, Logan and Troy went down there a few weeks ago," Luke answered.

"So, I was thinking," Logan started.

"Should I alert the media?" Veronica asked.

"New day, same jokes. You need new material V," Logan said.

"Anyway, as I was saying, we should invite D."

"D as in Duncan? The guy wants to castrate me? Hell no, Logan," Dick cried.

Logan snorted. "Nah, I'll talk to him. It'll be like a peace offering."


"You can't be serious," Duncan said as he shut his locker.

"Oh but I am DK. When are you going to stop being pissed at them anyway? I'm pretty sure they're not breaking up anytime soon."

Logan and Duncan continued their way down the hall towards eighth period Chemistry.

"I'm not pissed, it's just sudden, that's all," Duncan reasoned.

"So prove it," Logan challenged. "Come to TJ with us."

"Don't you think it would be weird?"

"Nah, man, you're going."


"What the fuck is taking them so long," Logan asked, irritated.

"Do I really need to spell it out for you?"

"No, Meg, I choose to believe Veronica is really helping him finish his packing," Logan said as he took a seat in the Casablanca's sitting room.

"Me too," Luke called from the sofa.

Duncan sighed and continued to stare at the painting of the wall.

"Maybe we should yell 'fire' or something," Beaver suggested, as he wrapped his arm around Mac's shoulder.

"Maybe," Troy said. "But I'm not sure Dick would notice." Luke snickered while Duncan's discomfort seemed to increase. As Logan rolled his eyes, Veronica and Dick walked into the living room with Dick's bag.

"Sorry, I couldn't find my trunks," Dick lied, smirk firmly on his face.

"I'm sure that was what you were doing," Luke mocked. "Now let's go."


"So, there are five rooms. My dad said we could use whatever, just don't go in his room, or his office, or his gym. So that leaves us with four bedrooms to use," Logan said.

"You know, I wonder. Why the hell did you not tell us about this place when we were out here, like two weeks ago?" Troy questioned as he looked around the front room.

Logan just laughed and he showed the group the rest of the house.

"So, who's rooming with who?" Dick asked.

"Mac and Beav, you and V, D and Troy can room, and me and Luke," Logan answered.

"And that leaves me where?" Meg asked

"Shit, well, okay, you can room with me and Luke," Logan said.

"Hah, wow, Meg, that would suck," Veronica, joked.

"Very funny Mars," Logan said.


Once the nine settled into their rooms, they went to the back of the house. It was around eight and everyone seemed to enjoying themselves. Dick and Luke were making mixed drinks. Logan and Troy were playing pool volleyball in the shallow end while Duncan lounged on a float at the deep end. Veronica, Mac, and Meg were relaxing in the hot tub as Beaver came from inside with more alcohol.

"Let's play a game," Logan called from the pool.

"What game?" Meg questioned.

"Spin the bottle," Luke said as he sat down near the pool with an empty bottle in hand.

"You're not serious," Veronica said, disbelievingly. "What are we? Back in eighth grade?"

"Way to kill the mood Veronica," Logan complained.

"Come on, it'll be fun," Dick pleaded.

Meg, Troy, Mac, Duncan, Beaver, Logan, Veronica and Dick joined Luke on by the side of the pool to sit in a circle.

"We need rules," Dick continued. "If a guy gets a guy, it's off. If a girl gets a girl, its like on!" Dick said with a grin.

"What? Wait—no. You guys can't get off with nothing and make us make out," Meg said.

"Yeah, not gonna happen. If a guy gets a guy, there will be a kiss. Just a peck though, same with girls, and those are the rules," Veronica said, matter-of-factly.

"Let the games begin," Troy declared.

Luke set the bottle down. "I'll start."

His spin landed on Dick.

"No fucking way. No, I am not kissing Dick," Luke shrieked.

"Yeah, you kind of are," Veronica said as she chuckled. "Rules are rules, boys."

"Let's just get this over with," Dick said as he climbed towards Luke.

With his eyes shut tightly, Dick leaned in and kissed Luke as fast as he could. He sat back in his seat and immediately kissed Veronica. He slide his tongue into her mouth and tried to maneuver her onto his lap. Veronica broke from his embrace.

"Dick, what the hell?" she asked.

The others stared intently.

"Due, I was just getting the gay off," Dick informed her.

They all laughed.

"Meg's up," Troy said.

Meg spun the bottle and it landed on Logan. Logan smirked and crawled towards her and his hands. Logan's lips met hers in a simple kiss until he deepened it. Logan's hand went to the back of her neck and pulled her closer as she let out a gasp. When they finally broke, they were gasping for air.

"Hot damn," Luke said. "Is it wrong for me to think that's hot?"

"Hell no," Logan said. "It was."

Meg blushed slightly while the others laughed.

"Troy, its you," Beaver spoke.

Troy's spin landed on Mac. He shrugged, grinning as began moving towards her. Beaver looked slightly uncomfortable while Mac looked unsure. Dick snorted at the awkward kiss but it was soon forgotten.

"Logan, its your spin," Duncan said.

"Wow, Duncan, I was beginning to think you had lost the ability to speak," Logan snarked and he begin the spin.

Logan's spin landed on Meg.

"Round two," Logan said as he leaned in. Meg smiled and brought his lips to hers. Their kiss quickly became elevated. Logan took Meg by the waist and sat her on his lap, her legs falling of either side of him. Meg's hands played in his hair as his tongue played in her mouth. Meg broke the kiss after Beaver muttered some comment about a room.

"Duncan's up," Dick said.

Duncan spin of the bottle landed on Veronica. Everyone sat quietly, looking from Duncan to Veronica nervously.

"Umm," Duncan stammered. "Maybe we should just stop, it's getting late, ya know?"

"No can do, D, rules are rules," Logan said.

'What are the rules for kissing your sister?' Duncan thought.

Duncan looked hesitant. He seemed to be playing through his options when Veronica leaned in towards his lips.

"I'm feeling really special tonight," Veronica said into his ear as she laughed. "Not only did you manage to break up with me without a word, you've also managed to be a prick. It's a simple game, Duncan, but you don't get that. All you get is yourself."

Veronica composed herself and she got up calmly and retreated to the house, Dick trailing behind. Everyone looked to the house and then to Duncan.

"What'd she say?" Logan asked.

"It doesn't matter," Duncan said.

"This is fucked," Luke said as he went into the house, Beaver, Mac, Troy, and Meg followed.


Troy pressed his ear closer to the door and shoved Meg over.

"I can't hear," he said.

Luke looked at Troy and laughed. "Dude, we could totally hear if you would shut up."

"He's such an ass," Veronica said, from inside her and Dick's room.

"Hey, don't let him get to you."

"Whatever, I don't care anymore…I need a drink," Veronica opened the door of their room. Meg, Troy, and Luke shifted from the area of the door and tried to act ordinary.

"Yes, I love the wallpaper too," Troy said.

Veronica rolled her eyes and began walking down the stairs, Dick trailing behind.


Veronica walked to the deck of the house and grabbed a forgotten bottle of Vodka.

"Hi boys," she said to Duncan and Logan, who were still sitting by the pool.

"Veronica Mars," Logan announced. "Are you trying to get drunk?"

"Looks that way," Veronica said as she sat on a nearby beach chair.

"Getting drunk alone? That's kind of alcoholic V. Here, let me help you." He took the bottle from her grasp and gulped the remaining contents.

"To bongs and broken headlights," Logan stated as he raised the empty bottle, referring to the beginning of junior year.

"To bongs and broken headlights," Veronica repeated.


Hours later, an intoxicated Logan pumped his fist in the air.

"Time for another game," he shouted.

Dick giggled a drunken giggle and looked to Logan. "We totally need to play Truth or Dare dude."

"Your brothers completely out," Troy informed Dick from the side of the pool, where Beaver was lying.

"I'll take him to the room," Mac said.

"Oh, be making love. Or playing Dungeons and Dragons. Or both," Dick mocked.

Mac glared at Dick as she woke Beaver and they went to inside.

Luke had been in bed for hours, despite Logan's attempts to keep him partying. Duncan wanted to go to bed earlier, but somehow ended up making conversation with Meg. Logan and Dick continued to mix drinks and grill burgers, insisting the party shouldn't die.

Veronica sat by the pool, dipping her feet in. Music played lightly in the background as she bobbed her head. Troy, who had been lounging on a nearby chair, got up and headed for the sliding doors leading inside.

"Well, I think it's my bedtime," he said to Veronica. "Night."

She got up and walked towards him. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she whispered in his ear, "Don't go."

"Uh, Veronica," Troy stuttered, "What are you doing?"

"I'm telling you not to go," she answered as she began nibbling on his ear. Troy let out a surprised moan that caused Logan and Dick to forget the burgers on the grill on focus on the scene in front of them.

Troy lightly pushed Veronica away and stared at Dick, searching his face for an emotion.

"What the hell, Troy?" Dick asked.

"Dude, she's just ah, um…she's just drunk, Dick," Troy stammered. Looking to Dick one last time, he mumbled an apology and wandered inside.

Dick let out a chuckle and looked to Veronica.

"Baby, I know you're drunk…but Troy? You can so do better," Dick mocked. He was too smashed to be serious.

Logan looked around as if lost. "I think we said we were going to play Truth or Dare. We said that right?" He slurred.

The sun was beginning to rise as the remaining five struggled to keep their eyes open.

"Alright Veronica, truth or dare?" Logan asked.

"Truth," Veronica replied, groggily.

"Are you a virgin?" Logan questioned. He shot a look a Duncan, who appeared to be seven different kinds of uncomfortable.

Veronica hesitated and then replied with a simple no.

"Wait, wait, wait," Logan said, "Who was your first?"

"What is this twenty questions?" She asked. "Meg, truth or dare?"

"Umm, truth," Meg replied as she yawned.

"Are you crushing on D man?" Veronica giggled and grabbed the nearest bottle of alcohol.

Dick snorted and grabbed the bottle from his girlfriend's grasp. Meg let out as nervous laugh as everyone waited for the answer.

"Huh, Veronica?" Meg questioned, as if she didn't understand the question.

"Do. You. Like. Duncan." Veronica annunciated every word. "It's a simple question really."

"Umm, yeah, he's cool," Meg rushed. "Veronica, your turn."

"Me again?" She let out a shocked gasp. "People like me honey," she said to Dick. Yeah, she was beyond drunk. "Truth."

"What are your feelings for Troy?" Meg questioned. Dick's jaw dropped open at the question but he waited for Veronica to answer.

"Sdunno," she slurred. "I mean, you know…Troy, he, yeah, he's like dead sexy, you know. But I mean, I'm with Dick and all, and Troy…I think…" Veronica trailed off. "I think I'm going to be sick."

She jumped out of hot tub and rushed inside to the bathroom. Dick slowly followed behind her.

"That dude is whipped," Logan joked.