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He's so confident. Standing before me, so sure of his own skill. So sure of a victory. His gaze is cold, unwavering and as impenitrible as ice. Nothing like the eyes I saw so long ago. Those wide, slightly confused eyes. He's changed...but then again, so have I.

We've both become business men. We're both the presidents of two major gaming companies. Yet we're as different as night and day. I know my eyes betray emotion, betray my real feelings, but his don't. His show nothing of what he's really thinking. I'm obvious with my feelings towards him. I tell him exactly what I think of him and his thieving ways. And yet he responds in a cool, aloof voice. Like I'm merely an employee, a classmate. No-one of any real importance, not a serious threat.

He stands there, insulting me. I want to prove that I can do anything better than him. I want to beat him. But the bastard appears to be falling on springs. Bouncing back from every blow with a smirk and a trick up his sleeve. Every time, every turn, no matter what I do to gain an advantage, he shoots me down. He stares me down, blue eyes never losing their calm sureness.

Is that all his mouth knows how to do? Smirk? Is his voice made for that aloof tone? Does he know what I had to do to get where I am? Clearly not, so I tell him. I tell him my motivation. I accuse him flat out of being a thief. And for once, emotian besides his usual shows, he bows his head, his chesnut hair shielding his eyes. Have I scored a victory? Have I won? It certanily seems so, and I take the chance to gloat at him. He doesn't flinch.

Instead, he denies my accusation. His voice is still calm, still so very sure. He seems to know he's right. And yet, a new emotion crosses his eyes when he mentions how he got to where he is now. There for a split second, gone as quickly as it came. Was it...pain?

Well what do I care? All that matters is he's exposed, no matter how much he denies it. No matter what I have to do to achieve it. Who cares if he was hurt. So was I! And he did it! So no. I'll not give in to his little show. I'll not lose to him.

Prepare yourself, Herr Kaiba, to lose! No more tricks, no more saves. I'll destroy you once and for all. Here it ends.

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