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Second(and last) chapter. Hope y'all enjoy it.

He's too emotional. His eyes betray too much. He's getting too angry. Doesn't he know that anger is a weakness? And anyway, revenge is a dish best served cold. How can he reveal so much, without losing his confidence in victory? Why does that ability make me slightly nervous? Revealing emotions, it's a weakness. It holds you back. It causes you to make rash choices, and not think about the consequences. So why is he playing so well, when he shows all his feelings?

That accusation was a definate slap in the face. Me, steal? I don't think so. Never in my life have I stolen something. Never! If I wasn't the best, if I didn't come up with my own ideas, how could I have defeated "him"? I bow my head, making sure my fringe shields my eyes. I need to get my emotions under control. I can't show him what I'm feeling.

His voice assults my ears, gloating about how he's finally exposed me. But it's not true. If he's only here because of a desire to best me, if he only did all this because I did it first, because I got to a meeting first with the same idea, then he deserves nothing. If he's just a jealous boy, who got where he was by sucking up, fueled only by a childish grudge, then his business was obviously going to hit bottom.

So I tell him that he knows nothing of real work. Hard work and determination, that's what got me where I was. Although I can't tell him that my business was paid for in blood. I can't tell him that I didn't even have time to smash a picture, unless I knocked it off the table when I collapsed from exhaustion. For the sake of my pride, and in case I sound weak. I can't afford to sound weak, not now, not ever. "His" voice pounds in my head, laughing at me, calling me a faliure for letting a pink-haired brat best me.

But he hasn't bested me yet. And he's not going to. I'm not losing. Not when I've

fought so hard to get where I am. My business, my reputation is not going to be ruined because some pink-haired bastard wants to prove something that isn't true. So prepare yourself, Siegfried, to lose.

No more tricks, no more saves, it ends here.