On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: A partridge in a pear tree

December 11…

", Ah… Christmas time is sooo in the air." Will Vandom said to herself as she walked to her house the shared with her former guardian friends.

"What should I do for Will this time? " Matt said to his bookbag. "…Why, exactly am I talking to you?" "…" "…Whatever." "…Wait! I know exactly what to do!" "… But will she like it?

December 12…

Yawn, Will sat up only to find out that the telephone was ringing. "H-hello?" "Hi Will." "What is it this time Matt? The last time you called me I was sick." "Geez, Will. That was last time." "What about this time?" "…Just…meet me at the fountain." "Ka…"

The fountain…

"So? What is it Matt?." "…Here, look" "…What? The snow? ..." "What?" "What's that?" Will asked. "Oh that, it's a partridge bird."

"They aren't usually around here...?" Will looked from the small primarily brown bird to her sincere looking boyfriend.


"What's a bird that isn't usually here…doing here?"

Sigh "I asked the biology department and they let me borrow her for this afternoon. He name is Pear. Fitting isn't it?" Matt said, finally looking away from the bird to his girlfriend's astounded face.

"That bird is probably dying out here in the cold!"

"Oh no, she's fine, she's only been a few minutes longer than you."

"Hm… Exactly, what are you up to?"

"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree" Matt sang to the song: The twelve days of Christmas. "Obviously I haven't thought about that." Will laughed. "" I love her smile just as much as I love her.