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-Point of View and flashbacks (flashbacks will all be in Normal Point of view)-

Name: War. Looks: A very unusual Pikmin who has red eyes devil like wings and horns on his head. Reason for joining: He has one goal and that is to bring war and hatred to all Pikmin. Bio: a very intelligent Pikmin who hates any thing that has to do with happiness and loves destruction. Color: Dark Red. Gender: Male.

Name: Reneborb. Looks: A scarred Orange Bulborb. Bio/Reason for joining: Reneborb used to obey the grand Emperor Bulblax but after a failed attack, Reneborb rebelled. He fled the Bulborbs and joined the White Pikmin. Gender: Male.

War Appears


Current and I decided to travel together, then all of the sudden there was a flash of light and we both blacked out, when we woke up we saw something that surprised us, there were the two of us, except younger, and the Ancient Pikmin standing nearby, all of them glowing.

"Ok boys! Let's continue your training!" The Ancient Pikmin said.

"Yes dad!" The younger versions of us said as they began sparring.

"This makes no sense! I never met you until now!" I said to Current. "I've never even met the Ancient Pikmin!"

"I know, I believe we are the Ancient Pikmin's children, but I'm sure I've never met him and just met you." Current said as another flash of light came and we were back in the Throne Room.

"Current! Poiser! Are you ok?" The king asked.

"Yes sir." Current said as we told him what happened.

"I see." The king said. "You must have existed before the Ancient Pikmin created the stones, I wonder why he would make you become babies without memories though."

"I don't know, but we have to find the other children." I said.

"Where is the other White child?" The king asked. I looked down sadly.

"What's wrong?" Current asked.

"My brother Poizocki was kidnapped a few years ago, and my adopted father was killed at the same time." I told them.

"Who did that?" The king asked.

"A bunch of Red Pikmin, but most of them are dead, I don't know who killed them because I blacked out right before it happened." I told them.

"Hm, well this is a problem, we'll have to find Poizocki as we go along." The queen said.

"Yeah, but nothing is getting done waiting here. Ready to go Current?" I asked.

"I'm ready." Current said as the two of us walked out of the castle with the Yellow Pikmin army following us. We continued on for many hours. Suddenly a Red Pikmin with red eyes, devil like wings, and horns on his head appeared in front of us.

"Who are you?" I asked, I got the feeling this Pikmin wasn't on our side.

"I am War, I'm here to destroy you Poiser, one of the White Children of the Ancient Pikmin, but I never expected to find the Blue Child with you." The Red Pikmin said.

"War!" I said in surprise.

"Do you know of him?" Current asked.

"Yeah, his sister Peace is in my army." I explained. "She warned me about him."

"So, she's still being a goody-two-shoes like always, no matter, I'll kill her once I kill you." War said, then he looked at me. "You really do look like your brother."

"You know Poizocki?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes, I was the one who had him kidnapped." War explained. "I figured if I kidnapped him I could stop you from ending this war, since you need all of the children, but sadly, he escaped soon after being captured and has been on the run ever since, that brat ruins my plans whenever he has the chance."

"And you're telling us this why?" Current asked. "Isn't it stupid for the villain to tell his plot to the heroes?"

"I'm telling you because you won't live long enough to make a difference!" War explained. "I've learned my lesson, if I want to keep this war going on, then I need to kill some of the children of the Ancient Pikmin!" He charged at us, but all of the sudden a scarred Orange Bulborb came out of nowhere and roared, the Orange Bulborb attacked War.

"Ok, now that was unexpected." I said.

"Yeah, let's get out of here before they set their sights on us." Current replied.

"You fool of a Bulborb!" War shouted. "Do you intend to break the agreement betweenyour leader and me?"

"Doesn't matter." The Orange Bulborb replied. "I no longer work for that fool, I want to help the Pikmin now."

"What!" War shouted. "That's crazy!"

"Should we trust him?" Current asked.

"Yeah, he just helped us out, I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt." I replied. "We should still keep our eyes on him though."

"Good idea." Current said.

"What's your name?" I asked the Orange Bulborb.

"My name is Reneborb. I'll explain the details later, but for now, we have to take this guy down." The Orange Bulborb said.

"Darn you!" War screamed angrily. "I'll get you for this!" He used his wings to fly away.

"Now why did you help us?" I asked Reneborb.

"I used to obey the grand Emperor Bulblax but after a failed attack, I rebelled." Reneborb said. "I fled the otherBulborbs andnow wish to join the White Pikmin army. I always hated fighting against Pikmin, they only defended themselves from us for the most part, and now, since that failed attack, I don't feel safe with the Creature tribe."

"Well, we are more powerful now." I said. "We'll have to keep an eye on you Reneborb, since you're a member of the Creature tribe, but consider yourself a part of my army." We continued on our way.

End of Chapter

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