Sampson Effect 17

Heero sighed softly. "This is nice. What are we going to do if we catch a fish?"

Duo jiggled his line and gazed at the sky. "Eat it? Sounds like a plan to me."

"No gear. Unless you can manage to pull a frying pan out of thin air."

"Nope. Can't do that. But there's some clay over there. Ever had fish baked in clay?"

Heero rolled his head back and forth on the ground. "No. Show me how to do it. If we ever catch a fish, that is."

They went back to contemplating nothing, which Duo said was good for the mind, Heero agreed. He hadn't felt this relaxed in years.

It turned out that they didn't catch any fish. Duo noted that he hadn't really thought there were any in that particular stream. Heero demanded to know why Duo hadn't said something earlier and Duo just smirked at him, saying, "well, you were so positive that there would be and I, poor slave that I am, wasn't about to argue with you." Heero took his revenge for that particular piece of idiocy by tickling Duo until he begged for mercy between bouts of giggles.

"Now what do we do? It's late enough that we're not going to be able to hunt for anything and our supplies are really low. There's enough for a light supper, maybe."

Duo pointed at a small rise in the near distance. "There's an inn over there. It's small but very nice. The owners know me as a soldier. We can go there. We'll have to show gold first, so don't be all pissy with them. They've been shafted enough that they're cautious but they'll set us a bath and the food is good and plentiful, the beds are clean too. What do you think?"

Heero nodded. "Sounds nice. How's the stable?"

"Clean, neat, well setup. There's a man there all night. Can we go?"

The inn turned out to be all that Duo said it was. The innkeeper insisted on seeing their money in advance and thanked Heero for going ahead and paying then and there. He called his wife and daughter to set up the bath in their room and the stableman, who turned out to be his brother, to take the horses.

Both men took their saddle bags off the horses and watched as the groom led them away, giving each horse a small chunk of carrot as a treat. They turned to the innkeep and he showed them the way to their room. Before he shut the door he smiled at them. "Don't worry that you might keep someone awake tonight. We sleep in the other end of the inn. Good-night."

He closed the door, leaving them to the delights of a hot bath, a good fire and a meal of broken meats, cheese, fruit and wine. Heero noticed that there was a large kettle on the hob obviously put there to warm the tub but it would also provide them with water for tea.

Heero dug in his bag and brought out a bar of soap. Duo wrinkled his nose but Heero bopped him gently on the arm. "Stop that. Wufei made it. It won't be as good as shampoo but it's better than what the inn could supply. And it smells nice. Some kind of herb."

Duo accepted the bar and carried it to the tub, smelling it as he went. Heero was right, it was nice, clean and crisp. It was also obviously meant for all over washing. He shrugged. It wouldn't hurt to wash his hair in it a few times. Since Heero said that they were only four days hard ride from the capitol he wasn't going to say much.

Heero stripped off his clothing and tossed it in a chair. It was filthy and he was going to put on clean in the morning. Duo followed suit and settled in the tub in front of Heero happily settling against his chest.

"Mmmmm. Nice. . . put your leg on the side of the tub."

Heero raised his leg and put his heel on the edge of the tub for Duo to wash. Duo washed Heero's leg, up to the groin making Heero whimper softly. When he was told to switch legs, he had a little trouble which made Duo snicker.

They switched places which made it possible for Duo to wash Heero's back then his hair. When Duo leaned back in the tub Heero returned the favors gently lathering the long slender legs and feet and doing a little 'exploring'.

Duo groaned and mumbled, "Better wash my hair before we go any farther. It's nasty. Please?"

Heero laughed softly, he would never have thought that that filthy nearly bald slave would turn out to be such a water dog. Not that he minded, one of his pleasures was tending Duo's hair.

So Heero washed Duo's hair, they climbed out of the tub and dressed in short robes provided by the inn. Heero settled on a short stool and positioned Duo between his feet. He spent the next twenty minutes combing Duo's hair dry. When he braided it, he thought he was going to have to do some coaxing to get Duo 'in the mood', instead he found himself tackled to the floor.

"You done? I hope so because I'm going to screw you silly. I'm so horny I could explode. I've been patient. I've been good. I've even avoided embarrassing you in Relena's court. Now I'm done."

Heero just lay on the hearth rug, eyes wide, and waited to see what Duo would do next. He didn't have long to wait.

Duo calmly opened his robe and gave Heero his most seductive look. Heero's brain immediately turned to mush. Every spare drop of blood went south.

Duo smirked as he opened Heero's robe. "Well, well, what have we here? Looks like you need a warm compress to reduce the swelling a bit."

Heero couldn't help his whimper. When Duo got like this it was more than his sanity was worth to resist. He bit at his lip as Duo sucked him into the warm, wet wonder that was his mouth.

Heero managed not to thrust he knew Duo didn't like it, instead he clenched his fingers into fists and pressed them into the rug. Duo sucked gently waiting for the signal. Heero clenched his fingers in the pile of the rug, crumpling the heavy canvas and wool like thin linen. He jerked his hips up, grunting softly. Duo let him thrust for a second then pinned Heero's hips down with both hands. Heero yelped in frustration but allowed Duo his way. If he resisted, Duo would just finish off and that wouldn't be nearly as good.

Duo eased Heero into a lust filled haze, making him pliant. All Heero could do was pant and moan. Duo used all the tricks he'd been forced to learn, giving Heero no quarter, playing his body like a fine instrument. Between his own need and Duo's ministrations Heero was lost. Lost in a delightful haze, waiting for something.

That something was Duo rolling them over and inviting Heero into the warmth of his body. Heero eased himself down on Duo's chest, propped himself up on one arm and dipped his fingers into the small bowl of oil set on the hearth to warm before they entered the bath. Duo groaned, lifting his legs to allow Heero access to his secrets. Heero gently prepared Duo for his loving, moving his fingers in his body, whispering his love. Duo whimpered and squirmed, coaxing Heero to hurry.

Heero didn't hurry, instead he took his time, opening Duo to his entrance. Duo blinked his eyes open and watched Heero's face for a second then he turned his gaze down between his open legs, watching Heero's fingers enter his body. It was one of the most erotic sights on earth. Heero watched too wondering how this beautiful man could allow him this liberty and thanking every god and goddess he knew of that he would.

Duo growled, "In me now. Heero . . . please . . . I can't wait. I need you."

Heero slid back flat on Duo and supported his weight on his elbows, cradling Duo head in his hands. He pushed gently against the door to heaven and it opened easily allowing him to slip into the depths of Duo's body. Duo accepted the intrusion with a sigh.

Heero moved slowly until Duo opened completely then he increased the tempo and depth of his thrusts until they were both sweating and moaning. Duo clutched at Heero's shoulders. "I'm ready. I'm . . . afraid I can't wait. Heero! Oh! Oh!" Duo's body clenched around Heero's, leaving him voiceless in the throws of stiffened and then pumped twice. He sighed and eased himself down onto Duo. Duo gently rolled them over until they lay side by side, facing each other.

Heero started to rise, but Duo held him down. "It's all right. Here." Duo scrabbled at his side and found the damp towel he'd left on the floor. He started to wipe Heero off but Heero took the towel and used it to clean Duo carefully. Then he gave himself a quick swipe.

Duo snorted and remarked, "That's not much of a cleaning job. If I wasn't so relaxed, I'd do better for you."

Heero tucked the towel under Duo and tugged him into a hug. "No, you won't. I'm going to lie here for a while then we're going to go to bed. I want to get up early."

Duo grumbled. "Why? We aren't expected anywhere for at least four days. You said it's only two the way we're traveling."

"Morning wake up sex."

Duo snickered. "Greedy bastard."

Heero sucked on Duo's neck for a moment, leaving a strawberry red love bite. "Not. My parents were married, I'll have you to know."

Duo rose slowing dragging a snickering Heero after. "Come on then. Bed. I'm not going to want to wake up for you if we don't bed down now."

They stumbled to the bed and fell into it. They were asleep almost before Heero managed to pull the covers up.

"Wake up. The sun's almost at highest. We've slept most of the day away."

Heero poked Duo gently in the belly. Duo just moaned and rolled over. Pulling the pillow over his head he grumbled, "Where's my morning snuggles."

Heero laughed. "You slept through them. Me too. Come on. I'm hungry."

Duo rolled out of bed and sighed. "We'll never get home at this rate."

"Home? You called my palace home. You really meant it?"

Duo nodded. "Of course I do. I'll move the temple there. All I have to do is find a suitable place."

Heero thought as he dressed. "Well, there's an abandoned temple to some minor god or other. You can have that. No one has worshiped there in my memory."

"Fine. I'll look it over. It'll do until I can have something better constructed."

Heero shrugged. "Whatever you like. Let's go."

Then wandered down stairs to find breakfast, which turned out to be cold meat and cheese. They were way too late for anything else.

After eating they went to the stables and got their horses, tossing their saddle bags onto the skirts, they rode into the bright day. Looking forward to arriving home.

The end.