Summary: It's hard to imagine things ever coming up when you're down, and vice verse. That's what Kagome Higurashi told herself years ago. Now she's stuck on the bottom, once again. Even though she has to tell herself that things will get better, she highly doubts that they can. The best things to her have been jerked away, once again, and dangled above her head to taunt her.

Rated M for death, depressing material, and foul language...

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Best of Us
Chapter 1: Catching Up

A lot of things have happened in the past. It seems like yesterday that I was in pain. It seems just like yesterday that I was being abused and raped by my mother's boyfriend. Just yesterday, it feels like my brother was stripped from me and his life was taken away from me.

And it feels like forever ago that I was able to get help for it. Forever ago, I was able to smile again, and even speak like there was never a bad thing in my life. And I was able to move out of my club and move into my husband's home.

So much has happened in the past seven years. I'm in my early thirties. I just turned 33 a few weeks ago.

Anyway, things have been going great. The rennovations I wanted to make on my club were made. Most of them were paid for from the fundraiser that the clubbers donated to. I didn't have enough money to pay for a large hospital bill, and they raised the money, and extra.

My club is so successful now. Sango hasn't come back to work, and Miroku is getting paid almost forty dollars an hour. He and Sango have two children. Boys. Sango says that they can get to be a handful, but she loves them. She loves them enough to be a stay-at-home mom.

I'm a stay-at-home mom too, but not all the time. I go to the club on occassion to show people my daughter. Otherwise, I'm mainly living off of a fifth of the club's profits (we make a hell of a lot nowadays), and Inuaysha's money.

My daughter's name is Kaylee. Inuyasha thought of it. At the time when I managed to push her out, I was too tired to even think of names. Inuyasha came up with her name and I just agreed. That's all I could manage to do.

So, she's six. She just started in school recently. It's so lonely now that she goes to school and Inuyasha has towork during the day. So, I have to entertain myself. Most of the time, I look up recipes and practice them. I haven't been a good cook in the beginning, so I'm always willing to sharpen my skills.

I guess I could start going back to the club during the day. Just to mosey around and be friends with everyone again. Either that, or I can go visit Sango. I think I'll visit Sango today, just since she msut be getting lonely.

Lonely or pissed, I don't know. Those boys of hers are a handful. Having two kids is draininer her energy... Speaking of two kids, I'm on my way with the second. Inuyasha probably knows it by now, since he has that sense of smell. But, I haven't said anything yet.

I figured that, until I start gainin weight, nothing needs to be said. He'll try to stay home and care for me all day, and I don't want him ditching is patients. He ditched them in the beginning, when I was pregnant. Then he did it again when I let it slip that Kaylee was too hard for me to take care of.

Since I've been one of his patients, I know that it's horrible to skip out on them. Especially since he takes in the worst of the cases. Like my case, for example. People who are abused the way I was, or suffering as much as I was, those are the people he takes in. He takes in the people that other therapists quit on.

I think it's noble of him. Especially since some of his clients will turn out to be wonderful women. Most of them are women. The ones who are men, well... They just intimidate me. I guess I'm not used to the idea of men needing therapy. They always seem so tough on the outside. I think it's a facade, though.

So, I'll go visit Sango. I think I'll make her some desert so she'll have something to cheer her up. She's told me that, if the youngest boy weren't there all day, she'd be whining to get back into work. I won't let her, since I think that she shouldnt' have to worry about it. Besides, I've given Miroku plenty of money for his talents (and his talents are growing very fast). So, she doesn't need to be working.

I guess I just want her to have the perfect life. Since I can't have it anymore, she should. THat's probably a bad thing, and I'm sure Inuyasha will agree. It's not good to try to force your wishes on someone else. But, what if it's a good wish? Doesn't that make it any better?

Wait, I've seen this stuff on Dr. Phil, I think. The parents think it's okay, but it's not. They end up having to be on a talk show just because they didn't realize how much it tore their kids apart. Crap. I hope I'm not doing that to Sango. I hate the idea of forcing my happy endings on her.

But, she does deserve them. Even though I wanted them, I didn't deserve them. I wasn't even good enough to stay a virgin for my husband. Even though Inuyasha constantly tells me that it's not my fault, it still tears me up inside. He'll never be able to understand that.

Giving someone something as special as your virginity... Well, it's only for those you love. I feel so horrible because I couldn't fight Naraku off of me when he took it. And now that he took it from me, Inuyasha will never be the one to have that connection with me.

Listen to me babble. I think hormones are already starting to outnumber my blood. It's hard for me to even notice when it happens. Luckily, I think I've caught it at just the right timing. I wouldn't want Sango to deal with me when I'm like this. Although, even though it's a pain (Inuyasha told me that), I think she'll understand. Well, I know she'll understand more than Inuyasha did.

After I had Kaylee, we were talking. He mentioned how, when I'm hormonal, that I'm annoying. Even though he loves me, he told me that he tried to keep from pushing any buttons, because he didn't want me to overreact. A romantic thing would have made me cry so much, he'd freak out.

Maybe I'm just over-hormonal. I think that having a girl in you, rather than a boy, makes it worse. Because then your body has to create their girly hormones too!

I shouldn't get involved with scientific things. That's not a good combination at all. Well, I guess I should be cooking for Sango. I should probably make sure she's home, too. Sometimes she leaves just to drive around. Scares Miroku and I half to death. I'm sure I'd be less frightened if I had more of a harness on my emotions.

So, what else has changed? I guess I should mention Naraku. As much as I don't like to think about him, I have to all the time. The doors are locked in something that is demon proof...

I guess I forgot to mention that I have powers. Sango defined them as priestess powers. Demons have some type of dark tint to their powers. Priestess powers have a light tint to them. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, I have to set up priestess things to keep me safe. The doors, windows, everything is locked up with these powers I have. I don't know how to control them, but Sango knows enuogh to help me with that...

Anyway, only human blood can touch them without being affected. Since Inuyasha is half demon, he feels a twinge of pain when he touches them, but not much. It's like that static feeling when you touch the carpet after rubbing your hand on something... I'm making no sense, I'm sure.

The static feeling I'm talking about, well... Whenever I get in or out of cars, I get shocked by it. I have to be careful now, since it's been happening so often. It's annoying, most of the time. I'd rather ride a bike than get in cars because of that.

What was I saying about Naraku? Oh yah, I remember! Even though I don't want to think about him, I should. Naraku wasn't charged for nearly raping me. He wasn't charged for beating and raping me in the past, either. He's running loose, and I'm scared. He hasn't come around for six years. That surprises me, since he seemed pretty set on me being his property.

I don't belong to anyone. My heart belongs to Inuyasha, and that's all he owns. I'm independant, despite what Naraku may think. I also have a loving half demon to protect me, so he has to be careful.

I found out that Inuyasha changes into a demon when you piss him off enough. He won't hurt me or Kaylee, but he'll protect us. If someone threatens us and he's already in a foul mood, he'll change. The only way for me to get him to change back is to fake crying.

I'm sure he knows I'm not crying, but he rushes over to my aid. Then he changes back as he tries to figure out what caused it.

That happened in the store, once. He was really upset over what he learned at work. So, he came with me to the store, and some guy whistled at me. Naturally, he would have glared and nothing more. It made him snap (I'm sure he was thinking abuot Naraku), and he almost killed the guy. That's when I faked crying.

All in all, I guess life is going pretty good. I get nervous about Naraku on some days, but not too often anymore. I guess that my fear is just a fabrication of my mind. I mean, he did do some horrible things to me, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to recover entirely... So, things in life are perfect for the time being!

I still can't help but feel like they won't be this way for long...

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