Revised to remove all material breaking the rule on chatting in the story. Note: at the end of the chapter when I'm talking, I am not talking to a actual person, but a fictional character from the show. This is added to be entertainment, and to provide a little comedy in serious or sad chapters. I apologize for breaking a rule and hope this rewrite will be up to the rules for Phantom: Hello Danny Phantom fans, here I am again with another story.

Ember: And it's me, Ember.

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Ember: So it's like real life?

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Summery: For this story I am years older then I am in reality, so it would be a alternate universe of my life. I have a family with a 14 year old daughter. One day we move to Amity Park and she attends Casper High. There she meets Danny and his friends and she finds out his secret. But she also has a secret to hide, and not the one you're thinking of. Instead of being a halfa she is a witch, the magical kind. Watch as she has adventures with team Phantom, and it is not going to be a Mary Sue. Where's the fun in having everything go right?

Rob: So here it is, enjoy.

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The Life and Times of Alicia Szivos

This is the story of my life, so hold on it's going to be a bumpy ride. My name is Alicia Szivos, just your average teenager, well, except for one thing, but that comes later. I'm 14 years old, with black hair with a pony tail in the back and green eyes, I like to wear dark clothing, but I wear colors some times, mostly I wear t-shirts with rock symbols on it, and a red shirt with black plaid stripes on it. I like to wear red and white sneakers, and I wear bracelets on my wrists.

As for my personality, I would call myself a sort of rebellious person, I don't take well to authority. Mom says I got it from dad, not that that's a bad thing. I also try to do the right thing, even when I mess up. I also like to have fun, but I can be serious when I want to be. I also have problems with being a little klutzy, but we'll talk about that some more later.

as for the rest of my family, I guess I'll start with my dad. My dad's name is Robert Szivos and he is about 40 years old and a lawyer. He has brown hair and brown eyes, and he mostly wear business suits. He is the kind of guy who is fun loving, but serious when he needs to be. Mom also says I got that from dad. He spends a lot of time at work, but he is very loving when he is around. He is always around when I need a person to listen to.

Next is my little brother, the smart kid of the family. His name is Ben Szivos and is about 12 years old and is considered a boy genius. He has dads brown hair, but moms green eyes, he likes to wear a blue button shirt and cargo pants all the time. He is in fact a total genius, and he takes every chance he gets to tell me. He is really annoying and an little know it all, and he always tries to test his inventions on me. But despite being a really pain, he still is my brother and I love him.

And last but not least is my mom, Sarah Morgan Szivos. She is about 38 years old and she works as a doctor. She has black hair and green eyes, just like me. She mostly wears her doctors outfit, but some times she wears a normal dress. She is very smart too, and Ben says he got his smarts from her. She is the most responsible member of our family, and the one who has to keep use in line. She is always the one telling me to keep my rebelliousness down. But I know she just is telling me this for my own good. She is also the reason for my secret.

Now don't tell anyone, but me and my mom, we are witches. As in the magical, flying on broom sticks, casting spells, kind. I know, I was shocked too, but it is true. I found out on my twelfth birthday about my families heritage, that they had been using magic for years to combat the forces of evil. As the first born female child, it is my duty to carry on the tradition of my family. I may not always do it right, like when I cause things to explode, or miscast a spell, but I always try.

Recently my dad decided that he had had enough of being a big time lawyer in New York City. He decide he wanted to start a nice small practice in a nice small town. The town is called Amity Park, and according to the brochure, it is a "nice place to live." but I have heard rumors that it is haunted by ghosts. It is said that ghosts attack the town all the time, which is in line with what my mom taught me about them. But there is one ghost that is a puzzle.

There is a ghost who lives in this town who doesn't attack humans, in fact he protects them from other ghosts. I've heard his name is inviso-bill, but some say he likes to be called Danny Phantom. He is a real mystery in the magic community, most of us don't know what to make of him. But personally I think that he must be good if he protects all those people. Dad says that it is all a hoax, but since he knows about mom and me being witches, you'd think he would be a little more open minded, oh well, that's dad's for you.

"Are we there yet?" I said to Dad.

"Not yet princess, but we'll be there soon." said Robert.

"I hope so, I can't wait to get out my inventions and start working on them." said Ben.

"Ok, sweetie, but don't play with any plutonium, you remember what happened last time?" said Sarah.

"It wasn't my fault that the meatloaf mutated, it was Alicia and her stupid potions." said Ben.

"It was not and you know it you little weasel." said Alicia.

"Oh yeah, what about the toaster?" said Ben.

"Hey, anyone could have turned it into a raccoon." said Alicia.

"That's enough you two, I know you both have special abilities, but please stop fighting over who did what." said Robert.

"Yes dad." said Alicia and Ben.

"Misguided sorceress." whispered Ben.

"Crackpot scientist." whispered Alicia.

"Stop it you two, we're almost to our new home." said Sarah.

It was true, we were just passing the sign welcoming us to the town. On the sign it said "Amity Park: A Nice Place to Live."

"They really push the nice place to live junk." Alicia thought to herself.

They started to go into the town, passing many of the landmarks. The passed Casper high school, they passed the park, they passed the Nasty Burger.

"Ew, who would call a place Nasty Burger?" said Alicia.

"Oh I'm sure it's better then it sounds, at least I hope so." said Robert.

Finally they came to the street they were going to live on. It was your average street, except for one house. The house directly next to thiers was, to put it nicely, the strangest house they had ever seen. The main part of the house looked nice, but on the roof their was some kind of huge flying saucer type thing. In front of the house was a big neon sign that said Fenton Works.

"Now there's a very unusual looking house." said Robert.

"I wonder who lives there, could it be space aliens?" said Ben, getting excited.

"I think I've heard of these people. There suppose to be ghost hunters or some other nonsense like that." said Robert.

"Cool, I would really like to meet them." said Alicia.

"Well looks like you'll get your chance, I think that's them welcoming us." said Sarah.

Outside of the new house were several people. The two grown ups were wearing jump suits, the man wearing orange and the women wearing blue. There were five kids also outside with them, one was a teenage girl with orange hair tied with a hair band. The next was another girl, she had black hair with a small topknot, she wore black and looked a little goth. The next was a bark skinned boy with a red beret, who seemed to fiddling with some electronic devise. The next was a dark skinned girl with bark hair. And last was a boy with black hair and blue eyes.

The Szivos families car pulled up to their new home, and they went to greet the neighbors. The big man in the jumpsuit gave them all a big bear hug and a loud but friendly welcome.

"Welcome to our neighborhood, I, Jack Fenton, have the honor of welcoming you to our town!" bellowed Jack.

"Uh, it's nice to meet you Jack." said Robert as he worked his way out of the hug.

"I would like you to meet my lovely wife, Maddie." said Jack.

"Hello, it's great to meet you!" said Maddie.

"Thank you, it's great to meet you too." said Sarah.

"Yeah, uh, what is that thing on your roof?" asked Robert.

"That's the Fenton Ops Center, it has all sorts of weapons to defend against ghosts." said Jack.

"Really, that's very...interesting." said Robert.

"Would you like to hear about our ghost hunting?" said Jack.

"Uh, I guess so." said Sarah.

"Good, it all started when I was born in a log cabin..." said Jack as he started to blather on about ghosts.

Jazz decided to walk over and at least save the kids from Jack's ghost lecture.

"You might want to come over here, dad tends to ramble on for awhile." said Jazz.

"Uh, sure, by the way, I'm Alicia Szivos and this is my brother, Ben." said Alicia.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Jazz Fenton, and this is my brother Danny. Standing next to him is his girlfriend, Sam Manson. The guy next to her playing with the PDA is Tucker Foley, and next to him is our friend and Tucker's girlfriend, Valerie Grey." said Jazz. (AN: Yes, I am continuing the romances started in the Ghost Scepter and Vlad Strikes Back. Also, if Vlad shows up, I may bring back the hurt Vlad lever. We can hear the faint sound of Vlad screaming Nooooo!)

"Nice to meet you all." said Alicia as she shook their hands.

"So, not to sound rude, but what is up with your parents?" said Alicia.

"Their a little obsessed with ghosts." said Danny.

"A little, they have a basement full of weapons to fight ghosts." said Tucker.

"Yeah, who else do you know who do a victory dance when they invent a new ghost weapon." said Valerie.

"Yeah, Mr. Fenton shaking his booty is really disturbing." said Sam with a shutter.

"Well, other then that, they are completely normal." said Danny.

"Oh, I almost forgot, I have a jell-O mold to welcome you to the neighborhood." said Maddie.

"Uh, thank you, is it suppose to be glowing?" said Sarah, then it started to growl.

"Oh no, an ectoplasmic contamination, Maddie! Code red! Containment needed!" said Jack as he knocked the jell-O out of Sarah's hand and tackled her and Robert to the ground. Then Maddie covered it with a containment dome and a blast was heard underneath it.

"Good work Maddie, now hand me the Fenton Vacuum to clean this up." said Jack as he cleaned up the leftover ash.

"Uh Sarah, I think I'm starting to believe that stuff about ghosts and this town you told me." said Robert.

"See, I told you I was right." said Sarah.

Meanwhile Jazz had covered her face in embarrassment at her parents. Danny decided to apologize to Alicia.

"Sorry about that, my parents can get a little weird sometimes." said Danny.

"Don't worry, I've seen weirder things in New York then this." said Alicia.

"You come from New York City, what's it like?" said Tucker.

"Oh, it's not anything special, just a city like any other." said Alicia.

"Yeah, if you don't count the fact it's the perfect place for trolls, gremlins and other mythical creatures who just like to torment humans to hide." Alicia thought to herself.

"So, I guess you'll be going to Casper High tomorrow?" said Sam.

"Yeah, but first I have to unpack my stuff." said Alicia as she pointed to the boxes of stuff.

"Why don't we help you, it's the least we can do to make up for what dad did." said Jazz.

"Thank you, just start grabbing boxes and follow me." said Alicia as she picked up one of the boxes.

They walked up the stairs and too a room at the end of the hall, on it was a piece of paper with Alicia's name on it.

"Hey, how come your name is on that door?" asked Valerie.

"My mom decided to pick our rooms for us instead of letting us fight over who gets which room." said Alicia.

"Let me guess, you and your little brother don't get along." said Sam.

"You could say that, in fact here comes the little mad scientist right now." said Alicia.

We can see Ben pushing a cart full of scientific equipment and gadgets into his room.

"Whoa, look at all that gear, is he some kind of super genius or something?" said Tucker.

"Why yes he is, and speaking of which there is one thing I need to tell you. If you hear a loud siren coming from our house, quickly run the other way." said Alicia.

"I was just about to say the same thing about our house." said Danny.

"I guess your family is just as weird as ours." said Jazz.

"You don't know the half of it, but you get use to it. Come on lets get these boxes inside." said Alicia as she opened the door.

"You can just start unpacking them if you want." said Alicia as she opened some boxes.

The started to open the boxes and take out the items, the boxes contained the usual assortment of items a teenager would have. It was when Sam opened the box marked books that they noticed something odd.

"Hey, you sure have a lot of books about mythical creatures, are you interested in mythology?" said Sam.

"Uh yes, I am, it's one of my hobbies." said Alicia nervously.

"There sure are a lot here for just a hobby." said Sam, then she noticed a old book at the bottom of the box, she picked it up.

"Hey, neat old book, what's it about?" said Sam.

"Uh, nothing, it's just a old book, and it took me a long time to find it so if you could just put it down so it's not damaged I would really appreciate." said Alicia.

"Ok." said Sam.

Then Alicia noticed Tucker heading toward a box mark Misc.

"No! Don't open that box!" shouted Alicia.

"What, Why?" asked Tucker.

"Uh, because it contains my underwear." said Alicia.

"Oh, sorry." said Tucker as the others giggled.

Soon all the boxes except the mystery one were opened and the items on them put into place.

"Nice room, I see your into rock." said Danny.

"Yeah, I even play the guitar a little, maybe when we have more time I can play for you." said Alicia.

"Your right, it is getting late, come on Danny we have to get home." said Jazz, she then looked out the window to see Jack still talking and Robert and Sarah almost in a coma.

"And it appears we have to save Alicia's parents from dad, see you Alicia!" said Jazz.

"Yeah, see you at school tomorrow." said Danny.

"Maybe we can talk about mythical creatures some time, I'm some what interested in them too." said Sam.

"I would love to, see you later." said Alicia.

"Welcome to Amity Park, hope you like living here." said Valerie as she and Tucker left.

"Good, they left, now I can get my magic stuff out of the box." said Alicia as she opened the mystery box.

Inside was a assortment of potions, ingredients and other magical items. Also in the box was a staff with a crystal on the top, her magic wand.

"Good thing he didn't open this, or they might have found out my secret." said Alicia, then she turned to face the Fenton's home.

"They weren't kidding about them being ghost hunters, that place gives off ghost energy in waves." said Alicia, then she looked puzzled and looked again

"In fact it's much more then I would expect from just some ghost weapons, I better check it out tomorrow." said Alicia.

"But first I better make some potions to combat ghosts, just in case." said Alicia.

She got the ingredients for the potion together, some powdered iron, magnesium, crushed eye of newt, and some powdered ectoplasm. She mixed them together using her spell book, the mixture started to glow green, then it exploded in her face.

"Honey, are you all right!" shouted Sarah up the stairs.

"I'm fine mom, nothing to worry about." said Alicia.

"Hmm, maybe to much ectoplasm." said Alicia as she tried again.

After several hours she had created enough potions and magic gems to use in case a ghost attacked. She then decided to try to find Danny Phantom, she was about to leave when she yawned.

"Maybe I should try to find him tomorrow." said Alicia as she prepared for bed.

Little did she realize that the ghost she was seeking was just right next door, also going to bed. Tomorrow they would meet, but not in the way she had in mind.


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Well friends, Rob Phantom is back with another story, what madness will he unleash upon the world this time? Alicia has arrived in Amity Park, and will soon go to look for Danny Phantom. She has also noticed the huge amount of ghost energy coming from the Fenton's house. Will Alicia find the elusive Phantom? Will she discover the source of the ghost energy? Will the first meeting between ghost boy and witch girl go alright, or will some one crash the party? There's only one way to find out, read the next chapter of the Life and Times of Alicia Szivos.

Ember: I still say she should be my child.

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