Chapter Fifteen: The End of the Road...or is it?

"You!" shouted Vlad.

"That's right, its me and I'm here to help my friends and family." said Jazz.

"What can you do, I have the remote." said Vlad.

Jazz was reluctate to attack because Vlad had the power to end Danny, Sam, and Alicia's lives. She did not know what to do.

"See, I have the upper hand." said Vlad.

It was then that Alex noticed there was a chandelier with a hole in the center directly over Vlad. Summoning some of his powers he untied the cord holding it up. Vlad, who was distracted by Jazz, did not notice it falling on him. The chandelier caught Vlad and trapped his arms, this caused the control to fly out of his hands. The control flew out and landed in Jazz's hand.

"Give me that back!" shouted Vlad as he broke free, he raced over to where Jazz was, but she threw it to Tucker.

"Here Tucker, catch!" said Jazz.

"You little whelp, give that to me this instant!" said Vlad as hen attacked Tucker.

"Hey Mister Fenton, heads up." said Tucker as he threw it to Jack.

Thus begins another round in the best game in the world, keep away from Vlad. Now to our humble announcers, Rob Phantom and Ember. We cut to them in a announcer booth, much like the one you see at football games.

"Thank you narrator guy, it's a beautiful day for America's favorite pastime, keep the control away from the creepy billionaire." said Rob.

"I thought baseball was America's pastime?" said Ember.

"Well, yeah...but enough about that lets watch the action." said Rob.

"Jack fades back looking for a opening, he sees Danny open across the room and sends a long ball his way." said Rob.

"Danny catches the remote, but oh no! Vlad is on him like fleas on a dog, Danny maneges to throw the control to Maddie before he is tackled." said Ember.

"Maddie reaches up and snags the remote in mid-flight, but Vlad is coming up fast, Maddie throws it to Valerie before she is grabbed by Vlad." said Rob.

"Wait, Maddie looks a little perturbed, like something happened just now. Wait, I think Vlad just copped a feel on Maddie in that last play." said Ember.

"From the replay we I can see your right, Vlad did cop a feel, and Maddie looks none to happy about it." said Rob.

"She pulls back her fist and, Oh, that had to hurt, a right hook to the jaw." said Ember.

"That was beautiful, lets see that on slow motion instant replay." said Rob.

In the slow motion we can see in detail Vlad's reaction to the punch.

"That'll be sore in the mourning, looks like Vlad has a bit of a glass jaw there." said Rob.

"Right you are Rob, now back to the game." said Ember.

"Vlad quickly gathers his bearings and shoots off to attack Valerie. She looks around for a opening and see Alex near the lab table. She throws a forward pass to him." said Rob.

"Vlad tries to intercept but he is tackled by Jack and smashed against the wall." said Ember.

"Lets see that in slow motion." said Rob.

We see Vlad being crushed by the massive form of Jack, who pulls back to reveal Vlad smashed into the wall, leaving a Vlad shaped indent.

"That was a great play, Alex has the remote and looks for a opening, he better find it quick because here comes Vlad. He sees Sam near the destroyed evil making machine and throws to her." said Ember.

"She jumps up to receive it, but look at that the Fright Knight knocks it out of the air with his sword! Its bounce around the room like a...thing that bounces." said Rob.

The control bounced around the room, with everybody trying to get it. No one can get it and finally it ends up smashing on ground. The second this happened the collars came off of Danny, Sam, and Alicia.

"Holy cow! This is it folks, its all over but Vlad crying and screaming now." said Rob.

Danny and the girls realized what had happened, and a evil smile crossed their faces.

"Uh oh." said Vlad.

This is where the real battle began, because now the good guys had Danny on their side. Sam and Alicia quickly grabbed some weapons, because they didn't want to risk exposure by using their powers. So Vlad now had a large group of really ticked off ghost hunters facing him.

"You think you've won, well think again." said Vlad.

Vlad fired at the group and the battle began again. The group began to battle in the already wreaked lab. There were laser blasts flying everywhere as each side tried to defeat the other. No one seemed to be winning at this point, then the Fright Knight tried to hit Alicia with his sword.

"Look out!" shouted Alex.

Alex knocked Alicia and himself out of the way, and the sword missed them by inches. They rolled across the floor and landed with Alex on top of Alicia.

"You saved me." said Alicia.

"Yeah, I guess I did." said Alex.

You remember earlier when I said that magic users can feel a connection to their true love, but they have to realize it first?

Alex and Alicia began to move there faces closer together.

Well I think that moment of realization is about to happen

They closed their eyes and puckered their lips. Time seemed to stand still, then their lips meet. It felt like fireworks were going off around them, which was kind of true. This was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to them, and it was the most beautiful moment a person could ever have, the moment when they found the one. The universe could have ended right then and there and they would not have noticed, they were lost to everything but each other. (AN: Ain't love a beautiful thing.)

"Wow." was all that they could say at first, then Alicia spoke.

"I guess I was right, you are the one." said Alicia.

"As was I." said Alex, as they kissed again.

"Hey you two, are you ok?" said Danny, who could not directly see them.

"Yeah, we're fine." said Alex.

"Good, we need some help here." said Danny as he fired at Vlad.

"We'll talk about this later, right now we got a villain to fight." said Alicia.

"Right, lets go." said Alex as they rejoined the fight.

By this point Vlad was having second thoughts about standing to fight. He needed a way out of this. He deicided to try one last ditch effort, he signaled the Fright Knight to use a massive wave of energy to knock the good guys down. The Fright Knight obeyed and our heros were knocked back.

While they were dazed and confused Vlad powered up a very powerful blast, enough to kill a person several times over. He looked for a person to use it on that they would run to help, giving him time to escape. He spotted Sam starting to get up and decided to use it on her. He fired the blast at her.

Danny saw the blast headed directly toward Sam.

"Noooo!" screamed Danny as he dived toward Sam.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion, with the blast heading for Sam. Sam noticed it coming and prepared for the end, but then something happened. Danny jumped in front of her and the blast hit him. Danny was knocked back into Sam and they hit the wall. As they slide down he turned back into Danny Fenton.

"Danny!" came a shout from several throats at once, and everyone ran over to him.

Sam quickly got up to see if he was all right, but there was no pulse.

"No! Danny, speak to me. Speak to me!" screamed Sam, crying and holding the lifeless form of Danny to her.

"No, it can't be." said Jazz, who also started to cry.

everyone else started to cry as well, even the normally happy Jack was crying his eyes out. Vlad decided this was a good time to vacate the premises, and he and the Fright Knight were quickly gone. A gloomy atmosphere fell over the room as the ghost fighters mourned the loss of Danny.

"I can't believe it, my baby is gone!" wailed Maddie as she cried into Jacks shoulder.

"Don't worry, we'll make Vlad pay for what he's done." said Jack.

"I can't believe it, Danny's gone forever." said Valerie, who was crying.

Then Alicia got a idea, a crazy idea. But aren't the crazy ones the ones that always work?

"He isn't gone yet." said Alicia.

"What? What are you talking about?" said Sam.

"There may be a way to bring him back." said Alicia.

"You aren't thinking of using a...resurrection spell, are you?" said Alex.

"Yes I am." said Alicia.

"Are you crazy! Using a resurrection spell might kill you!" said Alex.

"That's a risk I'm willing to take." said Alicia.

"Well if your going ahead with this you'll need mine and Sam's help." said Alex.

"Why do we need to help?" said Sam.

"Because a resurrection spell takes a lot of energy, and it will take all three of us to attempt it." said Alex.

"If it will bering back Danny then I say lets do it." said Sam.

"Uh kids, what are you talking about?" said Jack.

"Mr. And Mrs. Fenton, I'm afriad I told a little white lie to you. I told you I was a normal human when in fact I'm a sorceress, and Alex is a wizard, and Sam is a sorceress too." said Alicia.

"What! You mean you have magic powers." said Maddie.

"Yes." said Alicia as she did a simple spell to show them.

"Wow, that is so cool, but why did you lie about that?" said Jack.

"Because most people don't have a good view on magic users." said Alicia.

"So this resurrection spell you talked about. It can bring back Danny?" said Maddie.

"Yes I believe it will." said Alicia.

"Then do it, if Danny trusted you enough to be his friend then we trust you too." said Jack.

"Good, now help me lay Danny's body out and we can begin." said Alicia.

While they prepared to attempt the spell, a certain ghost kid was waking up to find himself in a strange place. Danny woke up to see that somehow he had gotten into the Ghost Zone.

"What the heck happened, one minute I was fighting Vlad, the next I'm here." thought Danny.

"Well look what the grim reaper dragged in." said a voice from behind him.

Danny turned around to see that Ember was standing right behind him.

"What are you doing here?" said Danny.

"I technically live here, and so do" said Ember.

"What are you talking about?" said Danny.

"Isn't it obvious?" said Ember.

"Uh, no?" said Danny.

"Ok, lets try this. What is the last thing you remember before you got here?" said Ember.

"I remember we were fighting Vlad. Then he sent a shot at Sam and I jumped in front of it...then...a ...horrible...pain." said Danny as realization hit him.

"And he finally gets it." said Ember.

"I'm..I'm dead." said Danny in shock.

"Yes you are, and for what its worth I'm sorry Vlad was the one to do you in, he is a real jerk." said Ember.

"But..but I'm to young to die." said Danny.

"That's what I said, but it didn't change anything." said Ember.

"So what now, are you going to beat me up?" said Danny.

"I don't really see much point to it, right now I have to take you to the new arrivals center." said Ember.

"The Ghost Zone has a new arrivals center?" said Danny.

"Yeah it does, and it's a rule that current residents have to take the new arrivals to the center, so lets go." said Ember.

"Oh great, now I have to file out afterlife paper work." said Danny as they flew off.

Meanwhile in the human world Alicia was dircting them in setting up the room for the spell to be cast. They moved the furniture out of the center and drew a circle with a bunch of different shapes and patterns in it. They placed Danny's body in the center of it and lite some candles, which they placed around the circle.

"Are you sure this will work?" said Jazz.

"Honestly, no, but it's the only chance we have." said Alicia.

"Ok, we're ready." said Alex.

"Good, now I want you two to focus your energy into me while I recite the spell. And I want the rest of you to concentrate on memories of Danny, it may help bring him back." said Alicia.

"Right." everybody said, then they got into position.

"Ok here goes." said Alicia.

She knelt down beside Danny and put her hands over his chest. Sam and Alex stood behind her and focused their energy into her. When she felt the energy building up she began to recite the spell.


With that a huge column of blue light engulfed the ring on the floor. The walls shook and a strong wind blew through the room. The spell was actually working.

Meanwhile in the Ghost Zone Danny had just reached the new arrivals center. The second everyone, which oddly enough include some of his enemies, saw him they ran to find a hiding place.

"Ahh! He's come to beat us up!" shouted Technus.

"No he isn't, it seems Vlad punched his ticket for him." said Ember.

"You mean he's dead?" said Spectra.

"Yep, now if you excuse us he has some paper work to fill out." said Ember as she directed him to the clerk.

Along the way he could hear several ghost he recognized and several he didn't.

"Oh great, now what am I going to hunt." said Skulker.

"He seems a lot smaller then people described him." one ghost said to another.

"Jezz, getting killed by Vlad, that's the worst." said Johnny 13.

"I wonder if he's seeing anyone?" said a young girl ghost.

Finally they got to the front of the line.

"Name?" said the bored clerk.

"Uh, Danny Phantom." said Danny.

"Ok, here is the paper work, fill it out." said the clerk as he handed Danny a stack of papers.

Danny filled out paper after paper, after a while he was down to the last paper.

"Ok, just sign that and you'll be officially a resident of the Ghost Zone." said the clerk.

Just as Danny was about to sign the paper, a funny thing began to happen. A blue glow appeared in the center of Danny's chest, and it began to get larger.

"Uh, is this suppose to happen?" said Danny.

"No, its never happened as long as I've been here, this is strange...unless." said the clerk.

"Unless what?" said Danny.

"Unless someone is trying to bring you back to life." said the clerk.

"What, who would be doing that...Alicia." said Danny.

"What, you mean that witch?" said Ember.

"Yeah, I guess she has one more trick up her sleeve." said Danny, as the glow spread over his body.

"Well great, we wasted a bunch of forms over nothing." said the now grumpy clerk.

"If she can bring you back, maybe you can get her to do the same for us." said Ember.

"I'll see what I can do, see ya later." said Danny. As he disappeared.

Danny found himself flying through a vortex of swirling blue light. He could make out that he was leaving the Ghost Zone and being draw back to Vlad's castle. He entered the room and was sucked back into his body.

The second this happened the column of light flickered out and died, and Alicia slumped over.

"Alicia!" shouted Alex as he rushed over to her.

"Is she..." said Tucker.

"No, she's fine, she's just weakened from using all that energy.

"And what about Danny?" said a worried Sam.

"He has a pulse, he's alive again." said Alex.

"That's the most wonderful news I've ever heard." said Sam.

"How long until they wake up?" said Jazz.

"It should be about a hour or so, this took a lot out of both of them." said Alex.

"Well we better get going before Vlad comes back." said Jack.

"Not just yet, there's one thing I want to do first." said Sam.

About 50 minutes later Vlad returned to his castle, and what he saw left him speechless. In the 50 minutes he had been gone they had total turned the whole place upside down. It looked like a convention of pranksters had come through. There was toilet paper covering the whole castle, all the garden work was smashed and cut up. Every room was covered in a assortment of rotten foods, shaving cream, and other stuff he couldn't figure out what it was. Also somehow they had managed to blow up one half of the castle.

"Fright Knight." said Vlad.

"Yes Lord Plasmius?" said the Fright Knight.

"Please hand me my cell phone." said Vlad.

"Here you are my lord." said the Fright Knight. Vlad took the phone and placed a call.

"Hello, is this Real Quick Reconstruction Co.? My name is Vlad Masters and I need you to come and rebuild my castle again. Yes I know you just did that, but it seems another freak tornado hit it, you'll be right over? Good." said Vlad. (AN: I wondered how he explained how his castle got wreaked the last time.)

"Those lousy brats, I will make them pay for this. They have not seen the last of Vlad Masters." said Vlad as he crushed the phone in his hand. (AN: And you've not seen the last of this. Author pulls the hurt Vlad lever.)

Suddenly a huge pile of garbage, old fruit peels, and a green goo of some kind fell on Vlad.

"Fright Knight?" said Vlad.

"Yes Lord Plasmius?" said the Fright Knight.

"Get the garden hose." said Vlad.

"Yes my lord." said the Fright Knight as he ran off.

"I will get you also Rob Phantom." said the garbage covered Vlad. (AN: That's for killing Danny you evil crazed up fruit loop!)

We leave the garbage covered halfa and return to the our heros, who are speeding toward Amity Park. Danny and Alicia were still out cold in the back, and Maddie was driving so they wouldn't get lost again.

"Have they woken up yet?" asked Sam.

"No, they still seem to be..." said Valerie, then they heard a stirring. They looked back and saw Danny and Alicia finally starting to wake up.

"Guys! Come quick, their waking up!" shouted Sam.

Everyone ran back to where Danny and Alicia were, including Maddie who left the speeder on autopilot. The first to wake up was Alicia.

"What happen? Ow my head!" said Alicia as she got up, grabbing her head.

"Alicia! Your alright!" said Alex as he gave her a big hug.

"Yeah I noticed. Wait, how is Danny, did the spell work?" said Alicia.

"Yes it did, in fact he's about to wake up right now." said Jazz.

"Oh thank goodness, I was worried I might have failed." said Alicia.

"Don't worry, you did great my special magic girl." said Alex.

"Thanks my wonderful wizard." said Alicia, as they shared a kiss.

"Uh, did you two get together when we weren't looking?" said Tucker.

"Yeah, we kind of did." said Alicia.

"Quiet everyone, Danny's about to wake up." said Sam.

They all turned their heads to look as Danny began to sit up.

"Ow, it feels like I got run over by the Fenton RV." said Danny.

"Don't worry, you'll feel better later." said Alicia.

"Danny!" yelled Sam as she jumped into his arms.

"I'm glad to see you too." said Danny.

"Oh Danny, I thought you were gone forever." said Sam.

"I will be if you don't stop crushing my chest." said Danny.

"Oh, sorry." said Sam as she loosened her death grip on Danny.

"That's ok, I'm so happy to see you." said Danny as he kissed Sam.

"So Danny, what happened when you died?" said Jack.

"Jack! Danny just had a traumatic experience, he doesn't want to answer questions." said Maddie.

"Its ok, I'll tell you what happened. After I was hit I ended up in the Ghost Zone. There Ember found me and because of some rule she had to take me to the new arrivals center." said Danny.

"The Ghost Zone has a new arrivals center?" everyone said.

"That's what I said, anyway I was brought to this clerk who runs the place and he handed me a bunch of papers. I was just about to finish them when Alicia's spell pulled me back here." said Danny.

"Good thing you didn't finish signing." said Alicia.

"Why?" said Danny.

"Because if you had we would not have been able to bring you back, you would have been officially dead." said Alex.

"Well I'm glad I'm so slow at filling out paper work then." said Danny, then he noticed Alex and Alicia holding hands.

"Uh, did you two get together while I was out?" said Danny.

"Yeah, we did." said Alex as he kissed Alicia.

"Well I'm just so glad your all right." said Sam as she kissed Danny.

"Wow, it sure is getting lovey dovey in here, want to join in?" said Tucker to Valerie.

"You know it." said Valerie as they kissed.

"Uh kids, I hate to interrupt, but you have some explaining to do, starting with the magic powers thing." said Jack.

"Well you see, its like this..." Alicia began.

One long explanation later our heros were on top of the Fenton Works looking at the stars.

"Its beautiful out tonight." said Alicia.

"Yes it is, but not as beautiful as you." said Alex.

"Ah young love, ain't it a beautiful thing." said Danny.

"You can say that again." said Sam.

Tucker and Valerie silently agreed as they held each other.

"Jezz, why don't you guys get a room?" said a voice from behind them.

Our heros turned around to see Ember standing behind them, and behind her were all of their enemies.

"What are you doing here?" said Danny as he transformed.

"We're here about that little bring'em back to life spell your friend has." said Walker, pointing to Alicia.

"Why would you want that?" said Sam.

"We want her to bring us back to life, it sucks being a ghost, especially since you beat us up all the time." said Spectra.

"Uh, well there's sort of a problem with that, I can't bring you back, even if I wanted to." said Alicia.

"What! Why?" said Technus.

"Because of three things. One, you've all been dead to long, the spell only works on the immediately deceased, if Danny had finished those papers in the Ghost Zone it wouldn't have even worked on him. The second is that I need your original bodies to put your souls back in, and my guess is that their six feet under somewhere. And third, I would need a massive amount of energy to bring you all back, even bringing Danny back took the energy from me, Sam, and Alex." said Alicia.

"So there's no way you can do it?" said Skulker.

"There is no way." said Alicia.

"That stinks." said Johnny.

"Hey, don't complain to me, complain to God, he's the one who set up the rules." said Alicia.

"Just great, we come all this way for nothing." said Desiree, then all the ghosts left.

"Well that was weird." said Tucker.

"Yeah, but at least its over." said Danny.

Then they heard a explosion from Alicia's house, specifically Ben's room.

"Benjamin Lawrence Szivos! What have you done!" shouted Sarah.

"Nothing mom, it's only a little bit of damage!" said Ben.

"Alicia, come home! We need you to help clean up!" shouted Robert from the upstairs window facing Danny's house.

"Well it looks like I have to go and clean up another of my brothers messes." said Alicia.

"Wait, we can help you clean up." said Danny.

"You guys don't mind?" said Alicia.

"Nah, what are best friends for?" said Sam.

"You guys are the best." said Alicia, then another explosion came from the Szivos household.

"Ben!" shouted Mr. and Mrs. Szivos.

"Well we better get over there and stop the next one." said Alicia as she and the others raced to her house.

And thus ends the story of the average life of one not so average girl. She has meet some pretty weird events and has faced them all. Also she meet some of the best friends a person could ask for. No one knows what lies ahead for our group of heros, but one thing is for sure. Whatever they may face they will face it together. So ends the story of the Life and Times of Alicia Szivos, who knows what the future holds?


Me: Yahoo! I just completed the longest story I ever wrote! But I feel sort of empty, now that its over I don't know what to do.

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Danny Phantom Faces the Grim Reaper: We all know how Danny beat his evil future self in the Ultimate Enemy, and how that future disappeared. But what if a higher power still thought Danny was a danger to the world. The Angel of Life and Death orders the Grim Reaper to reap the souls of Vlad and Danny to make sure once and for all that Dan Phantom would never be created. The Grim Reaper goes after Vlad first, but he escapes and goes to the Fentons for protection. The Grim Reaper shows up and tries to take their souls, but Sam challenges the Grim Reaper to a game for their souls. Will Sam be able to save Danny, and reluctantly Vlad, by playing one of the most challenging games in the world, Dance Dance Revolution?

The Return of Dan: Once again the halfa we love to hate faces the halfa we love to love. Vlad is once again trying to take over the world. But with the Fenton's and Danny's new magical allies, Alicia Szivos and Alex Gladstone, how can he beat him? With a unfortunate mishap at Clockworks tower, Vlad gains an ally that might help him beat Danny once and for all. That is unless that ally has some plans of his own. It's a action packed race to save the Earth from Armageddon, and in the end two mortal enemies may have to team up to save us all. With appearances by Alicia from the Life and Times of Alicia Szivos, and the Grim Reaper, this may be Danny's greatest adventure yet, or will it be his final defeat?

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