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Lost Huntress

"You said you could help us!" The older woman screamed as she ran down the stairs. Starr Stopped at the foot of the stairs panting, her shoulder length blonde hair was trying to come out of its pony tail. I will not yell at her, I will not yell at her….just because she's being a bitch…well shit I guess if I had been through what she has I would be grumpy too. She though as she smiled up at the woman and her 10 year old boy.

"Relax ok, I told you This demon will be gone any minute now, I performed the ritual right" she said and bit her lip at least I hope I did. Shit why didn't I pay more attention when dad was teaching me this stuff. I really need dean and sams help. She tried to fake confidence, but she wasn't sure how much longer she could keep this up. Now he was gone, and she had spent the past 5 months trying to find him. I know what he's doing, he's looking for the thing that killed mom Starr though tiredly. It was a wonder she had come to this town. All her dad had left on her cell phone was some coordinates, and they had led her here. She gazed back up at The woman, and Devon her son. Her eye caught something at the Top of the stairs.

"Shit!" she cursed lifting her cross bow. She loaded rock salt into the arrow. She glanced quickly at the woman and her son

"Go outside now! Hurry" she yelled. They quickly ran out into the pouring rain. She shot the arrow into the creature. It screamed and realed back, and soon exploded. She sigh and leaned against the wall. She ran out onto the porch, Tasha, and her son were trembling on the porch. Starr smiled and sqeezed her shoulder.

"It's ok now its gone for good" Tasha nodded

"Thank you for all your help if you hadn't been here……." she trailed off, and looked near tears

"Its ok I'm just glad I needed to use your phone when I did"

"What did you say your name was again dear?"

"Starr Winchester" Tasha smiled and nodded, ushering her son into the house

"Well you take care, hear? In this pouring rain its no safe to driver" Starr laughed

"No problem I'm used to it…anyway I should go good luck" she called as she ran toward her green SUV. Shivering in her thin brown camo long sleeve shirt, she wiped the salt from her hands onto her dark low rise jeans. Starting up her car, she grabbed The jouranl from the passenger seat. It was something her dad had showed her before he disappeared. She was pretty sure Sam and Dean didn't know about it. She sigh as she flipped the pages tryingf to find a reference to the demon she just killed. ok dammit I know its in here somewhere…dean has always been better at this than me she though swallowing. She missed her brothers, and her dad. She started her car, and pulled onto the highway.