The Sky was turning a dark Blueish purple, as the day was winding down to night. Starr Drove her Green suv Down the highway, She barely noticed a Sign that said Welcome to New Mexico. She shook her head, and Looked at The Map she had in her right hand. New Mexico? Had she taken a wrong turn? Her cell Rang, and she picked it up

"Hello?" she said as she turned at a green light. There was, a pause, and a staticy sound filled the reciever. Starr frowned

"Hello!" she said again getting annoyed. Suddenly a voice, so low and fuzzy sounding, that She had to Concentrate just to hear it.

"19.…Red" The voice crackled from the other end. Something about the voice gave Starr chills.

"Who is this? What do you mean?" she asked firmly, but a little spooked. There was a small crackle again,

"Watch for…EX Mail" The voice whispered, and then Starr heard a rustle and then a dial tone. Starr sigh shakily and closed her phone shut and tossed it to the other side of the car. What the hell was That about? She pulled over at A motel 7. She was tired. She checked into a room, and took a shower. Once she was done she layed on the bed. Her Phone rang, and she hesitated, before answering

"Hello?" She said cautiously.

"Starr?" A Framilair Voice Said. Starr blinked and sat up straight. It Couldn't be she though

"Who is this?" she asked letting her breath out she had been holding. The Voice on the Other end laughed

"What, you don't know your own brothers voice?"

"Dean! Oh my god" Starr said grinning, she let out a laugh.

"Your surprised to hear from me?" Dean asked sounding hurt

"Well, yes! I mean I havent heard from you in almost 2 years how are you? Hows Sam?"

"Were both are you?"

"I'm good…I have to ask though why are you calling?"

"Just seeing how college is going" Dean said laughing a little

"Oh…well Dean, the thing is I'm not in college."

"Why?….wait you know what never mind that for now…Sam and I need to meet with you"

"Are you guys hunting for Dad too?" Starr ask quietly getting up and going to the Window.

"What?…Wait, you mean you kow hes missing?" Dean ask loudly over the reciever

"Of course I know dean, when I called for weeks and never got an asnwer from you and dad I knew something was up."

"Ok, starr we definetly need to talk where are you?"

"Albania, New Mexico" she replied looking at the map laying on the bed.

"Your kidding! So are we, well were in roswell…listen we'll come to you ok stay there we should be there by tomorrow morning ok"

"Ok, see you then…and hey you guys be careful ok" Starr said remembering the phone call. She deicded it was best not to mentin it for now. She closed her Phone and Sigh. She wanted to go to sleep, but Her nerves were on Edge. What did that phone call mean? Was she in some kind fo danger. Were Sam and Dean? She wanted tp brush it off as a prank phone call, but with all that she had seen, she had her doubts. She finally went to Bed, and fell into a restless sleep.