Love Comes In Many Ways

I've been planning this fanfic for sometime. It'll introduce three new characters. One of which I've been meaning to put into my fanfics for a long, long time. I hope you all like it, I worked hard on planning it.


This fic contains some ShadowOC pairings. If you don't like that kind of pairing then leave now. If you do, then read on, dear readers.

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The metal doors of the base slid open with a hiss. Three figures shrouded in dark cloaks walked silently through the metal hallway, passing a robot or two along the way. The figures walked through another set of sliding metal doors to find themselves in a big throne-like room. On the far side of the room sat Eggman in his big, metallic chair. Sitting on one of the arm rests of the chair was Sly. Both watched as the figures stepped into the room and stopped a few steps before Eggman.

"Identify yourselves." Eggman said in a commanding way.

The figure standing somewhat forward from the other two cast back her hood revealing a magenta hedgehog with long, purple dipped quills. Her forehead was adorned with six small bangs that hung over her eyes a little—all six purple dipped as well. Her eyes were a light brown.

"I am Shatami." She said blankly.

Once she revealed herself the other two figures cast back their hoods as well. The first one, a rat with black tipped ears, gray fur, three long, black tipped bangs hanging from his forehead over his eyes and yellow eyes, stepped forward a step and said,

"My name is Riff."

Following him the second one, a bafox (bat/fox crossbreed) with golden yellow fur on his head, six spiked bangs, three of which stuck out every which way and the other three hanging down over his eyes, rested on his forehead. His ears were brown and golden yellow dipped. His eyes were aqua.

"I am Raphael, though I like to be called Raph." He said impassively.

All three wore black masks over the part of their faces which held their eyes.

Eggman and Sly studied them with a curious eye.

"You three are the Thieves of Avager?" He asked once again casting his eyes over all of them.

They said nothing but nodded their response. Eggman nodded as well in response to this knowledge and looked down from where he sat to Shatami.

"Are you the leader?" Eggman asked watching her for a response.

"Yes, I am." She said, "Why do you need our assistance?"

Eggman smiled, he had been waiting for that question.

"I'm so very glad you asked that, my dear," He said getting up from his chair, Sly hopping onto his shoulder, "Follow me and I will show you just what it is I need you to do."

As he said this he walked over to one of the many doors in the large room. The three thieves followed him closely. After Eggman punched in a code the door slid open with a hiss and he walked through it, followed by Shatami, Riff, and Raph.

Meanwhile in Station Square

"Sonic look out!" Amy shouted over to Sonic who was lying in a beach chair, completely oblivious to the volley ball that was heading right for him.

The blue hedgehog raised his sunglasses to see what Amy was shouting about but it was too late, the volley ball hit him square in the face, knocking him over into the Emerald Beach sand.

Shadow, who was sitting on a concrete wall near the back of the beach where the stairs that led up to the city sidewalk met with the sands of the beach, chuckled lightly at seeing Sonic's face imbedded into the sand.

"You know Sonic," he laughed, "Your face looks good when it's buried in sand."

Sonic raised his head up, shaking his head wildly to get the sand out of his quills and wiping his face off. He glared over at Shadow.

"Would you like to see it from my point of view?" He said a little threateningly.

Before they could start a scuffle Rouge, who was dressed in a purple bikini walked in between them, holding her hands out to face them both.

"Now, now you two don't go starting a fight. We don't need anyone sent to the hospital." She said rather motherly.

Sonic and Shadow knew better than to get on her bad side so mumbling they said,

"Sorry Rouge…" and turned away from each other.

Sonic returned to his original position in his beach chair and inspected his sunglasses for damage. Amy came running over, volley ball in hand panting and with a semi-look of panic on her face. She was dressed in a one piece volley ball outfit which doubled as a swim suite.

"Sonic, are you ok!" She asked frantically, examining his face closely for any signs of injury.

He lightly pushed her away somewhat and smiled his trademark smile.

"I'm fine Amy, thanks. Really I'm ok." He said when he saw her 'I-don't-believe-you' look on her face.

Shadow watched from his post.

They were all there, not for any special reason just to have fun. It had been Sonic's idea for everyone to get together at the beach to hang out and catch up. Of course, Shadow had been dragged here by Sonic whether he wanted to come or not. Even though he was surrounded by his friends he still felt as if he was……out of place. He and Sonic had made amends for what had happened in the recent years after the ARK incident. Shadow just couldn't place his finger on it. He didn't know what the emptiness in his heart was. He had fulfilled Maria's promise and he had friends now. Why would he feel so out of place among his own friends?

Sighing he looked up and looked around at his friends who were doing their various tasks. Cream had abandoned her and Amy's game of volleyball and was now making a sand castle with Tails. Knuckles and Rouge were both off to the side sun bathing and from the looks of it talking about something though he couldn't hear what. Sonic and Amy had left their previous posts and were now walking along the shoreline collecting seashells from the looks of it.

Suddenly, it hit him. He knew what it was he was missing. He remembered the feeling when Maria used to be alive. Love. The thing he was missing, the thing that made him feel so out of place among his friends was love. He frowned. Love wasn't something he was entirely knowledgeable with. What little he remembered of Maria was broken memories, the promise he made to her before she died, and a faint memory of the feeling he had once known but would never know again.

He started to hop off the wall he had been sitting on when suddenly everything around him became shrouded in smoke. Before he knew what was happening everything became black. The last thing he remembered was the feeling of being dragged away by two people. Everything else became a blur.

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