Love Comes In Many Ways

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Eggman's Base, 10:05 AM

Shatami, Riff, and Raph walked through the metal doors and into the big room Eggman was in. They were there to discuss the next part of the plan they were required to do.

"Ah good, you three are finally here." Eggmanstated turning to them.

He pressed a button on a control box on one side of the room and a large, metal table lifted from somewhere in the floor into the center of the room. Eggman approached the table as did the three ninja thieves.

There were lots of things on the table, a cup of pencils and pens sat in a corner, another corner had some huge pieces of paper, and in the center of the table between Shatami and Eggman was a piece of paper with drawings on it. Riff stood to Shatami's right and Raph to her left so they could get a look at the paper too.

Eggman smoothed the paper out so they could look at it more properly, making sure the drawings and captions were facing them so they could read and see everything right.

"This is my latest invention," he said pointing to an image in the center of the paper. It looked like another one of his robots, only the drawing had some cool attachments on it. "I call it 'Nightcrawler'. It is designed to hunt down anyone that I put the DNA of into it. Once the DNA is placed inside its Sensory Unit the robot will hunt down the one person who matches that DNA."

"So what do you need us for?" Raph asked examining the drawings.

"I need you three to go to Angel Island. Bring me all seven Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald too," Eggman ordered. "They're the source of power I need to make the robot fully operational."

Riff got a worried look on his face.

"What will we do about the Echidna?" He asked knowing what Knuckles was capable of if someone tried to take the Master Emerald from him.

"Smokescreen if you have to. At least Shatami will be there to make sure you get the right thing." The evil doctor said.

At this Riff and Raph lowered their eyes a bit to look at the floor in embarrassment at their past mistake.

Shatami shook her head a bit in exasperation then asked,

"When should we strike?" She asked.

Eggman raised one of his big gloved hands to his chin and stroked it, deeply in thought. After a moment he finally responded,

"With any luck, Knuckles would have left the island to aid searching for Shadow. That or he could be asleep, if he is do your best not to wake him—you three ARE ninjas after all." He said turning away from the group.

As he turned away the table retracted back into the floor and the hole was then covered up again by the floor.

"Do you understand your mission?" He asked looking at them out of the corner of his eye.

They nodded in unison.

"Good, now go."

With that the three ninja thieves turned and walked out of the room, leaving Eggman in his solitude.

As they walked down the hall Shatami couldn't help but think something wasn't right.

How could that thing run on Chaos energy? It had no slots for the emeralds to even go in. That robot didn't seem the type that would need to be hooked up to a bigger machine, either. Something is not right here…, she thought to herself.

Determined to voice her opinion she walked up to Riff to walk beside him, Raph was trailing a little behind them.

"Hey, Riff, did you notice anything wrong with that robot design?" She asked waiting for the rat to respond.

Riff thought for a second then responded,

"Just that it won't work like all his other robot designs?" He guessed.

"No, well….besides that one. I mean about how it needs Chaos energy to operate. I didn't see any slots on the thing that suggested the emeralds would go in there, let alone the Master Emerald."

"The robot could need to be hooked up to a machine. Maybe the emeralds are supposed to go in there."

"But that's just it, that robot design didn't look like it needed to be hooked up to anything. If it needed a bigger machine to be hooked up to it'd have some kind of charge things sticking out of it for wires to go in. I'm telling you, Riff, something's not right." She insisted.

Riff shook his head.

"You're right but there's nothing we can really do about it. If we disobey Eggman we'll be back at square one. All we can do is just get him his emeralds."

Shatami sighed in defeat. Riff was right. If they disobeyed Eggman he'd kick them out and they'd be on the look for work again.

So they continued to walk, all three in complete silence until they found themselves outside the base. Since the base was surrounded by water and mountains they used a boat that Eggman had put there for them to use and traveled to the main land, where they continued their trek to Angel Island.

With Sonic and the Gang, same day, 12:30 PM

Shadow had been missing now for two whole weeks and the gang was getting worried. With no word from Eggman of any plans yet they decided to branch out and search on foot for Shadow. They were determined to find their dark friend.

Sonic had zipped around the city and the Mystic Ruins in search of his once-rival. Finding no sign of him he returned to the beach.

"I'm bored as all heck, Shadow can't be found anywhere, that means there's only one thing to do…" the blue hedgehog said to himself.

Finding a small patch of grass just before the sand started he laid down and placed his hands behind his head, avoiding his quills. Sighing he relaxed under the warmth of the May sun.

He laid there for a while until…

"Delivery from Dr. Eggman!" came a high pitched little voice.

Sonic opened one of his eyes half way and, to his annoyance, saw none other than Bokkun.

"Not again…" Sonic said annoyed.

"Yes again!" Chimed Bokkun as he got a small yellow TV out of his backpack and placed it on Sonic's stomach. He pressed a button on it and a picture of Eggman's face appeared on the screen. Bokkun flew away.

"Good evening, Sonic! I just thought you and your little friends would like to know that your friend Shadow is with me. He's being treated VERY nicely." At this the screen switched from that of Eggman to a screen that showed Shadow tied up trying to escape.

The screen went back to Eggman.

"You and your little friends have exactly forty-eight hours to come rescue your friend. If you don't, well…let's just say it's not going to be very pretty. This message will now self destruct in ten seconds!"

With that the screen went black and Sonic just sat there boredly. It was then that he realized the last thing the message said.

"Oh…crap…" He uttered to himself.

He moved to try to toss the TV away but he only just managed to lift it up into the air before it exploded in his face, showering soot all over him.

He coughed to get some of the soot out of his mouth and nose. Standing up he shook himself to make the rest of the soot fall off.

"Better go tell the others." He said to himself and zipped off toward the city where they all had agreed to meet later.

Later on, with Sonic and the others, around 2:05 PM

"That's what Egghead said." Sonic concluded.

They were at Rouge's house, Sonic had just finished telling them all that had happened and about Eggman's delivery message from Bokkun. Knuckles wasn't with them because he had to watch over the Master Emerald.

They all considered what Sonic had just told them.

"If Eggman's got Shadow we should go save him." Rouge suggested.

Her house was a big mansion, being a Government Agent had its perks she had to admit. The group was in the living room of her mansion. Tails, Cream, Cheese, and Amy were sitting on the big, comfy couch with Tails on one end and Amy on the other, Cream and Cheese between them. Rouge sat on the big comfortable chair that looked as if it were fit for a princess, maybe even a queen. Sonic got the rocking chair.

"As much as I agree with Rouge, we have to assume that it probably is a trap." Tails stated.

"But what if he wasn't lying? What if Eggman really-" Amy started but was cut off by Sonic.

"Egghead's too cowardly to actually do that. Especially since Shadow was created by his grandfather. I suggest we think of a plan and then set into action before our time to get there is up."

"How will you know where Eggman's base is?" Cream asked innocently.

"It's always in the same place." The others stated together.

"Ok, so, let's think of a plan. We only have two days to think of one." Tails stated placing his hand to his chin in thought.

The others mimicked him and started to think of a plan.

Angel Island, same freakin' day, 2:45 PM

Knuckles was stretched out in front of the Master Emerald. He had been gone from it too long for his comfort so he was planning to make up those duty hours. The cool breeze blew the various greenery on the vast island to and fro. Eventually the red echidna dozed off to sleep, the Master Emerald's light radiating soft and strong.

Meanwhile, in the trees on the out skirts of the jungle surrounding the altar, three pairs of eyes watched the dozing echidna and the bulky emerald that shimmered brilliantly in the sun's light next to him.

"Man, that thing is huge, how are we supposed to move it silently enough to not wake him up?" One of the figures asked.

"Simple, Riff, you two lift and carry it while I direct you." Another voice stated.

"But why Raph and I? There's no way two people can lift THAT, especially when one of those people has the strength of a girl!" Riff exclaimed, making sure to keep his voice down so as not to wake the echidna who was just a few feet away from them on the ground.

"Hey! I do not have the strength of a girl!" Raph exclaimed obviously offended.

"You'll both have the strength of kittens if you two don't shut up!" Shatami shouted in a whisper-like tone.

"Sorry…" Riff and Raph muttered under their breaths.

They were all sitting on separate branches of a tall tree, each of them gazing through the foliage of the trees that protected them from sight. Shatami was the highest up, Riff was below her, and Raph was beneath them.

Raph took a moment to look through his section of shrubbery and examined the scene before them.

"Hmmm perhaps we could use a smokescreen?" He suggested looking up from his branch at the other two.

"No, we don't want a repeat of the LAST time you suggested that." Riff scowled.

"Well, in any case we have to get it one way or another. We shouldn't make the good doctor wait too long." Shatami said looking through her section of leaves trying to think of a plan.

"In that case, I say we just go down there, grab the gem, sleep bomb the echidna if he wakes up, and get our butts out of here and back to the base." Riff suggested smacking his fist into the open palm of his other hand.

"I agree with Riff's plan." Raph added.

Shatami frowned.

"Fine, we'll go with that plan, Riff, but if it fails it's your head that will be delivered on a platter, not mine." Shatami stated coolly, hopping off the branch she was positioned on and landing silently on the lush ground underneath them.

"What about me?" Raph asked jumping off his branch and landing next to Shatami.

"I honestly don't think Eggman would want your head unless you screwed up again like last time." Riff stated jumping off his own branch and landing on the other side of Shatami.

Raph pouted at that comment but the others paid no heed to it.

"Alright, guys, time to make a swift and silent robbery. Remember, SILENT!" She harshly whispered the last part glancing at Raph who put on a look of 'What-did-I-do!'

The trio silently and quickly snuck out of the bushes and plastered themselves against the smooth, cool grey stone face of the back of the altar. Swiftly they climbed up the back using loose stones as foot and hand holds. If they grew tired they would stop and rest in the channel where water once overflowed the banks.

Eventually, the trio reached the top. They stared in awe at the emerald, captivated by its beauty.

"Wow, this thing's even more beautiful up close." Riff whispered in awe.

"Yeah," agreed Raph, equally in awe. "Kinda makes it worthwhile to take it."

Shatami was silent. She had to admit, it was beautiful but her mind was more focused on their job at hand, and getting back to a certain black and red hedgehog.

"Come on, guys, the echidna could wake up any moment, let's get a move on!" She exclaimed, making sure to keep her voice down to a whisper.

The rat and bafox nodded their agreement and set to work.

Riff went to one side of the emerald and Raph went to the side opposite.

"One…two…three!" mouthed Riff and on 'three' the duo lifted the copious emerald up, both equally surprised at it lightness.

Slowly they started to move past Knuckles, careful of their footing. Shatami supervised from the other side of the Emerald Stand, glancing towards Knuckles every few seconds to make sure he wasn't stirring.

All was going well until Raph's foot accidentally knocked up against Knuckles' foot.

The two thieves that held the emerald froze in place staring at the echidna to see what he would do. Neither of them seemed to breathe.

Knuckles stirred ever so slightly, and then his eyes slowly started to open.

As his eyes began to adjust from sleep he noticed the two figures looming over him with something they were supporting.

"Hmmm……WHAT! Who are you! Get your hands off my emerald!" He shouted jumping up suddenly and getting into a fighting stance.

Shatami cursed under her breath and jumped in front of the hot headed echidna.

"Your sadly mistaken, echidna, for this emerald is now ours." She said coolly which only succeeded in making Knuckles' even angrier.

"Put…my…emerald…down!" He whispered almost deadly and angrily through clenched teeth.

"Make us!" Riff challenged handing the emerald over to Raph who moved down the altar steps ever so slightly.

Knuckles noticed this though and got even angrier if it was possible.

"Don't even think about it, thief!" He yelled and moved to punch the bafox but was stopped by a solid kick to his stomach from Riff.

He recoiled onto the ground, temporarily paralyzed from the wind being knocked out of him.

"Run! While he's still down!" Shatami shouted running past them and down a few altar steps. Riff got the message and grabbed the emerald and ran after Shatami. Raph followed soon after but by that time Knuckles had recovered.

"Oh no you don't! You're not getting away that easily!" He hollered and pursued the three ninja thieves.

All the while the trio ran for their lives, Riff clutching the bulky emerald as tightly as possible so he didn't drop it.

They were almost all the way back to the plane they had used when Raph tripped and fell over, Knuckles growing closer and closer to them.

"Raph!" Shatami called trying to go back to help him but Riff caught her arm with his free hand and pulled her forward.

"There's nothing we can do, it's not going to help if all of us are caught. We'll come back for him." Riff assured.

Shatami looked back at their friend who was by now being held up by his collar by a very pissed echidna. She knew what Riff said was true and didn't protest as they continued their run back to the plane.

Eventually they made it back to the plan Eggman had allowed them to borrow. They placed the giant emerald in the seat that would have been where Raph sat and quickly fled the scene after strapping themselves in. The sounds of a raging echidna and the echoing screams of their friend could be heard emitting from the island that was becoming a dot in the distance as they flew away, but there was nothing neither of them could do.

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