Author's Note and General Warning: The boys are at a festival playing a game to win a fish. Simple fluff.

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Sora always loved cat's games.

Bitter-batter back and forth, a string, or a leaf, maybe a coursing ripple on a musky pool of muddy muck.

Whatever the muse, he wanted it.

Wanted to touch it.

And catch it.

And bite it.

And subsequently forget about for the absent lint-fleck floating 'bout his scrunched nose.

It was an indisputable passion and persona that inadvertently clicked his body language to a smidge more than adorable.

There wasn't an individual who could seriously deny him any of his most fleeting whims.

And so that is where I find my place; begrudgingly bent at the spine, doubled and semi-thoughtful, exposing the winter-bit hue of my flesh so my Little Boy can have a 'fishy'.

He's trembling at my shoulder: twitching and fiddling with the whimsical 'guddorakku' charm dancing from my lobe, incessantly tugging at my obi.

The quick breathing of his excitement is audible.

Futotta-san ruffles himself; plump golden backside fluttering a jibe in my direction.

I don't back down from challenges.

With a flick, the stunned creature lies gasping on my thin-paper catcher; conquered and presenting his humble body to a kitten-child collapsed in affectionate squeals.

Freckled arms constrict my neck, jarring the fish about his water-bubble as he is passed from Big Brother to Tiny Lover.

His luminescent eyes are wide; pride and ecstasy making him hold the hand of the flaxen-haired other just a little bit tighter; wander just a little bit slower.

A cough and I look down.

"—Love you"

I grin; he smiles.

"Now where's the koubashii-ban stand?"

I laugh.


guddorakku - 'Good Luck'
obi - traditional Japanese belt that holds together a Kimono, though, in Riku's case, his Yukata
Futotta-san - 'Fat-san'; 'Chubby-san'; 'Plump-san'
koubashii-ban - 'Sweet'-'Bun'
"thin-paper catcher" - alot like a wire bubble wand with paper covering it; you use it to "flick" a fish from a big tank. An episode of Sailor Moon S shows a great example of the fish catching game I am trying to portray.

If any of my Japanese is incorrect, I would love it if you informed me.

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