"Just because chickens aren't blue doesn't mean that the chocolate doesn't explode when you sprinkle mountains on the flowers," Kon said blithely.

Tim blinked. He couldn't make heads or tails of that statement. Arms or legs, either. Tentaclesor antennae,even… Robin's eyes squinched half-shut behind the Starlite lenses of his mask, and he sighed in resignation. "All right, you win," he grumbled. Tim should have known that any contest that Kon suggested would be skewed in his favor – but how he was he to know that 'State the most incomprehensible thing you can think of' would end up with him losing?

Obviously, he'd miscalculated with his own incomprehensible statement. He'd expected that when he'd given a point by point account of the latest treatise on particle physics, Kon's eyes would have glazed over, his brain would have imploded, and he would have conceded defeat without even taking his turn. Kon had plainly been listening to his and Impulse's scientific ramblings far more than Tim had given his boyfriend credit for to have stayed awake through the last ten minutes and retained enough mental coherency – or, in this case, perhaps mental incoherency was a good thing – to give his previous statement.

Kon pumped his fist in the air in the All-American sign for triumph. "Awright!"

"I'll take care of leashing Bart when we announce our relationship at the next Titans meeting," Tim continued, giving in none-too-gracefully.

Busy nodding enthusiastically – and thanking whatever Kryptonian deities watched over Supers – Kon almost missed it when Tim added, "But you have to take care of holding back Cissie and Cassie when they decided to glomp us with congratulations." He grinned sharply, teeth appearing to hold a razor's edge with the manic gleam in his eyes. "And if Susie decides to have a fight with either of you over me, you'll have to deal with her, as well. After all, I'll have my…hands…full with Imp."

Kon gulped. He got the feeling that this was what was referred to as a pyrrhic victory.

Or maybe just an incomprehensible loss.