Title Silent Words Of Love Pain And Parting

Rating K+ Tragedy/Angst

a/n i know haku had his back turned to zabuza when he died but please baer with me its all part of the story...thanks enjoy reading and dont forget to leave me a review :)


I watch before my eyes as the child I love die

He ran so quickly to shield me from the attack of my enemy

Using his own body to protect me

I numbed myself quickly

And remarked casually

That once again he has proved useful to me

Good job Haku my tool

Yet inside I feet as if it was my own heart that was bleeding

From the attack the enemy made savagely

I cried inside when I met his eyes full of pain and misery

Which he bore quietly and patiently

Trying to disguise it with his smiles

I stare into his eyes while he stares at mine

One look, one smile

We need not words to speak to one another

Our eyes say what we cannot speak at the presence of others

His eyes speak to me pleadingly


Will you forgive me for failing thee you have been so kind to me?

Your enemies are to strong for me to defeat

So this is the only thing I can do for you

But it will have to do


To which I reply likewise silently

You have done enough more than I could ever ask of you

Just your company by my side to lighten my road of exile is enough for me

It is I who must ask for forgiveness

For using you as my tool to reap glory

Will you forgive me?"

with that he smiled and shook his head ever so slightly


All was done willingly

And this is not enough for me

To repay you for giving my a purpose to live

And for loving me dearly as if I was your own son

Your only friend

Smiling brightly at my surprise

The blood of others I shed mercilessly to bring you glory

Your dream

Now I also shed mine to fulfill that dream

Because that is also my dream

You triumphant

All I leave to you now

It hurts too much you see and now I feel sleepy

Death is beside me

But he must wait for I will not go willingly

No not now

Let him wait some more


Then go

I urged gently

Go to sleep and rest your tired body

What hinders you from leaving?

Is it fear of what your fate shall be?

Do not worry damnation is not what you will meet

I know that the Gods shall pardon thee

O sweet child in Heaven above it will be nothing but sweet serenity

An unknown stubbornness filled his eyes

Telling me that he will not leave

My life and this pain I shall bear

Until you promise me that at the gates of Heaven we shall meet

So we may enter together and spend our eternity with one another


Foolish child I said sadly

That I cannot promise thee

In Heaven there is no place for a demon like me

Let go now of the little life you hold on to

Let go of the pain inside you

Let go of the cold wind that surrounds you

Go to sleep

Please child, do it for the Demon that pleads to thee

Slowly, slowly I saw the light fade form his eyes

And knew that he was finally leaving

Even though it was unwittingly


If they allow me, the Gods above

His eyes hopeful

I will not enter heaven without thee

At thy death I shall come and take thee

And guide thee to a place

Where we can stay for all eternity

It will neither be Heaven nor Hell

But at least we will be together

Then we will be happy


Child can such a thing be?

A demon and a tainted angel

Together for eternity


I do not know was his reply

"But one thing I am certain

I would rather forsake the joys of heaven

And roam the nether world forever if we cannot be together"


Now I saw the life in his eyes

Was nothing but a faint glimmer

Flickering like a fading light

I love you! I cried now

Not caring if my enemy heard me

To which he nodded to

Already too weak to speak

His eyes never left mine

And mine never left his

Even after the end they still gazed at me

Each one basked in the eyes of the other hoping that that moment would never end, hoping that they would never have to say goodbye and part forever

The eyes I stare into are now blank

They no longer speak of love

Of sadness

Of pain

Of parting

They're lifeless now like his body

Now I weep the tears

I have long repressed and concealed

For I did not wish to cause him any more grief at his leaving

Dying I lay at the feet of my enemy

Who was so kind as to lay me beside thee

O child will though come for me?

Will the gods above allow thee?

O sweet child

How I wish to go to where though shall be

But can such things be

Earnestly in my heart I pray it could be

It snows how strange

In a summer eve

Are you crying Haku from above?

Snow falls on your face

Melting to form to what looks like tears

Don't cry Haku

If I cannot join you

If the Gods did not allow you

It is enough for me to lie beside you

Do not mourn sweet child for I love you

And will never forget you my little friend