Chapter 1

Pairings:NarutoXHinata,SasukeXIno,GaaraXSakura,NejiXTen Ten

Summary:Gaara being the cold,rich,and hot guy in school has decided invited some friends over to his house for a small "gathering".Yet things go hay-wire when there's a storm and no one can get out.Wonder what's gonna happen?

Disclaimer:I don't own Naruto..If I did..Sasuke and Gaara would fight for Sakura MUAHAHAHAHAHA!but..I don't own it.




Eyes:VERY light green

Clothes:Just like on the show..without the gourd though.



Eyes:Pastel Green

Clothes:A black sleevless shirt,with a v-neck.Jeans that covered her shoes and wore a Stewie-family guy-wrist thing that said"You Imbecile!"




Clothes:the way he has the in the show




Clothes:Like the Show


Hair:Dark Blue


Clothes:Like the show




Clothes:Like the show

Ten Ten:Age:15



Clothes:Like the show only make her pink shirt,blue




Clothes:Like the show


"Hey Gaara!"yelled a pink hair girl with pastel green eyes.The boy,known as Gaara turned around.

"What is it.."He said frigidly.Gaara has known Sakura his whole life,they are "best friends",yet Gaara never admits it.

"Man..I'm just saying 'hi' that's all"Sakura said smirking.Sakura wasn't the "girly" type she was a girl,yet she hated 'girly things'

"Is that it..."He said as he waked to his next class.

"Jeez..who shoved a stick up your butt Gaara"Sakura said glaring at Gaara for a moment,but when she stared at him she couldn't look away and blushed a little.

Gaara turned to look at her staring at him.He felt a little warm on his cheeks"Why are you looking at me like that"Gaara said looking away.

Sakura also looked away"N-No reason..just class is over there see ya!-"

"-Sakura.."Gaara said grabbing her arm.

"Y-Yeah?"she responded staring at his eyes.

"..We have the same class baka"(Idiot)Gaara said.Sakura thought for a moment and he was right...

"Right..right...I knew that..."Sakura walked beside Gaara receiving glares from girls who adored Gaara.' Ha..he's mine!you allll lose you stupid g-...did I just say Gaara was mine?'Sakura stared at the floor hiding her blush.

As Gaara and Sakura stepped into the class room someone ran right nest to Sakura.

"Neji...just...said..'Hows it going Ten Ten' to me!"yelled Ten Ten.Sakura and Gaara sweatdropped.

"That's..nice..."Sakura said' Ten Ten!you've known him since...kindergarden!we're in 10th!just ask him out!'thought Sakura.

"So how are things with you a Ga-"Sakura covered her mouth and gave her a glare.Gaara stared at the two..' Weird girls...'He thought as he left Sakura and Ten Ten, to sit with Sasuke,Neji,Hinata,and Ino.

"Gaara was right there!"whispered Sakura.Ten Ten stared at her.

"Oops..."Ten Ten said..then both went to sit down.

Gaara was all the way in the back,in the corner with Sakura next to him.Ten Ten sat infront of Gaara,and Neji infront of Sakura,Sasuke infront of Neji and Ino infront of Ten Ten.Hinata was infront of Ten Ten and Naruto was next to her.

"Ok settle down Class-"said the teacher,but Sakura was not listening and decided to steal glances at Gaara.

"What.."Gaara said looking at his book.Sakura stiffened.

"N-...nothing!nothing at all..Gaara..."Sakura saw Ten Ten staring at her and smirking.(Everyone knows she likes Gaara..'xept Gaara)Neji passed a note to Sakura and another 'Private'one to Ten Ten.

' Sakura..just...tell him how you feel already..Ten Ten is getting distracted and she's distracting me!..not..the..way it sounds...


Sakura coughed and stared at Neji.She glanced at Gaara giving Neji the ultimate death glare.

'Did he..give Sakura a note...she's's something important..he must like her...'Gaara kept glaring at Neji and looked over at Sakura writing back.

"Gaara..would you pleases stop staring at Sakura and stare at the board"said the teacher,Kakashi.Everyone turned to look at him,and they snickered.Then the class stopped when Gaara sent death glares to everyone.


Naruto sat next to Hinata,but not toooo close since Neji kept an eye on him.Ten Ten rested her head on Neji when she realized..she rested her head on Neji"MY BAD!"Ten Ten then stared at the table and avoided all eye contact with Neji.

"It's ok"He said looking at her.

"Get.A.Room"Sasuke said smirking at a red Ten Ten and an angered/red Neji.

"Screw You"Ten Ten said.

"I'm glad we all get along"Sakura said staring at the three.Gaara came and sat next to Sakura.

"Hey..I just noticed this..Gaara always sits next to Saku-"before Naruto could finished his sentence his face met with Gaara's fist.

"Baka"everyone said in unison.

"Sasuke!"Ino said diving right next to Sasuke and giving him a kiss on the cheek."Hows it going guys"Ino said to everyone.

"I'm hungry..."Sakura said.Ten Ten agreed.

"It's lunch.Get something to eat."Gaara and Sasuke said.Sakura rested her head on the table.

"I have NO free lunch..those damn-...nevermind.."Sakura rested her head on Gaara.

"Gaara...-yawn-you're actually comfy to sleep on-"Sakura said closing her eyes.

"I feel like a matress..."Gaara said looking at Sakura falling asleep.

"I..thought she said she was hungry.."Neji stared at Sakura earning a glare from Gaara.

"Right..I'm having a 'gathering' at my house just for friends..wanna come"Gaara said feeling the weigh of Sakura as she kept moving and her hand found his hand.Gaara blushed,but tried to keep it on low.

" 'Gathering' sound old-smack on the head by Gaara-"Naruto said."What I meant was..sure I'll go!"He said smiling.Hinata nodded,and Neji HAD to go..he didn't want to leave his cousin alone.Ten Ten HAD to go as well,she needed to flirt more.Sasuke and Ino also agreed.

"W-When?"Hinata asked.

"Tomorrow"Gaara said moving Sakura to rest on Hinata but she fell back and landed on Gaara's lap.

"CRAP!WHAT HAPPENED!"Sakura said.Then she looked and saw Gaara's pants"What in the hell!"she sat up quickly.

"-Cough-Right well tomorrow"Gaara said at them.Sakura stared.

"Tomorrow what?"She asked,

"Gaara's having a 'gathering'"Naruto said mimicking Gaara.

"That..sounded..old fashion.."Sakura said staring at Naruto in confusion.Gaara didn't do anything.

"HEY! you hit me and not her!"Naruto yelled.The Cafeteria became quiet.

"She's a girl..I don't hit girls.."Gaara said glaring at Naruto for his idiocy.

"I'm not a girl!I'm a woman!"Sakura said getting on the table posing with a hand in her hip and the other in the air.Everyone laughed,except Gaara.He just smirked at his friend.

"SIT DOWN SAKURA!"yelled someone.

"Yes Kakashi-sensei!"Sakura said sitting back down next to Gaara."Well..I'll go the the 'Gathering'"Sakura said smiling.


"I'll see you guys later,C'mon Gaara!"Sakura said bye to her friends and dragged Gaara to their next class.Then Gaara found a piece of paper on the floor,and he picked it up and read it..

"This is the note..Neji gave to..."Gaara was shocked what was in it.

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Gaara:..I do not know..what did I find out.

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